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Published on August 11, 2012

Author: aneeshattri5


PowerPoint Presentation: Compartive study of effect of print in europe and india PowerPoint Presentation: Impact On Woman in India Women Education – writers started writing about the lives and feelings of women and increased the women’s readers PowerPoint Presentation: Women writers – In the east Bengal in the early nineteenth century rashsundari debi a young married girl wrote her autobiography amar jiban which was published in 1876. PowerPoint Presentation: From the 1860 many Bengal women writers wrote book highlighting the Experiences of women about how women were imprisoned at home Kept in ignorance forced to do hard domestic work and treated unjustisly by menfolk they served PowerPoint Presentation: Women as readers – Lives and feelings of woman began to be written in intense ways. So woman became important as readers . Penny Impact On Woman in europe PowerPoint Presentation: Magazines were especially meant for women , as were manuals teaching proper behaviour and housekeeping. PowerPoint Presentation: Women as Writers – Many women novelists like jane Austin wrote about women novels and other journals began exploring the world of women their emotions ,identities, PowerPoint Presentation: Novels and books on women – as the readership of women was increasing publishers started producing novels and journals for women many journals for women . Many journals for women and explained why women should be educated PowerPoint Presentation: Novels and books on women – as the readership of women was increasing publishers started producing novels and journals for women many journals for women . Many journals for women and explained why women should be educated PowerPoint Presentation: Lending libraries – Lending libraries had been in existence from the seventeenth century onwards . Impact On Workers in europe PowerPoint Presentation: Autobiographies – Sometimes self educated working class people wrote for themselves . After working day was gradually shortened from the mid nineteenth century , workers had some time improvement for self improvement PowerPoint Presentation: In the nineteenth century ,lending libraries in England became instruments for educating the white collars artisans middle and lower class people . PowerPoint Presentation: Workers in factories were too overworked and thus lacked education to write about their expectations and experiences but keshibaba ,a Kanpur mill worker wrote and publiahed chhote aur bdade ka sawal in 1938 to Impact On Workers in India PowerPoint Presentation: depict the link between caste and class exploitation the poets of other Kanpur mill worker . By the 1900 century PowerPoint Presentation: Reformers used newspapers journals and books to highlight the social evils prevailing in the society . Raja ram Mohan Roy published the smbad kamudi to highlight the plight of windows Impact Of reforms in India PowerPoint Presentation: .from 1860 many Bengali women writers like kalashbashimidebi. Wrote books highlighting the experiences of women . PowerPoint Presentation: In the 1880 in the present day maharashtra ,tarabal shinde and pandita ramabai wrote with passionate anger about the miserable lives of uppercast people . PowerPoint Presentation: Despite repressive measures , nationalist newspapers grew in numbers in all parts of India . They reported on colonial misrule and colonial activities .attempts to throttle nationalist . Impact On nationalisim in India PowerPoint Presentation: Attempts to throttle nationalist criticism provoked militant protest . This in turn led to a renewed cycle of persecution and protest when Punjab revolutionaries were deported in 1907 bal ganga dhar tilak wrote about them in kesari PowerPoint Presentation: As vernacular newspapers became assertively nationalist , the colonial government began debating measures of control . In 1878 the vernacular press act was passed ,modeled on Irish press act . Impact On nationalisim in Europe PowerPoint Presentation: Form now on the government kept record of vernacular press act . PowerPoint Presentation: The End

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