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Published on February 5, 2014

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hello friends ,My name is Tahir Akram, My education is (Finance) ,ACCA).
My marketing Project

 Presented to: PROF. QASIR FARID  Presented by: TAHIR AKRAM  ROLL NO : ‘108’ UNIVERSITY OF LAHORE School of accountancy of finance

“Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

COMPANY NAME T personal Care You Deserve Tahir Beauty Products CO. “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Contents  Company Profile  Introduction  Mission  Objectives  Marketing Mix  Products  Distribution Chennals  Net Work  Sales Promotion  Market Segmentation  Place  Product Positioning  References T “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Marketing Project Report on MoonShine Soap T MoonShine Soap By : Tahir Akram “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

MoonShine Soap

Company Profile T Pakistan – 1988 Pakistan largest company Touching 2 out of 3 Pakistani consumer 20 distinct categories – Home and personal care products. PTL 100 factories – Pakistan – Manufacturing its diverse product range. Headquarter: Lahore Market share – Toilet soap category – 54.3% “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Mission T Our mission is to make our company the most progressed & profitable organization in MoonShine Soap making. we have the ability to over come the market by giving our best to the customer according to their demands and also the market requirements. “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Introduction Tahir co. is one of the world’s largest and leading multinational companies.MoonShine commenced their business activities on a larger scale by setting up their first factory in Pakistan, in the year of 1888. The usage of MoonShine products by over 90% of the people in Bangladesh stands a testimony to their successful operation. Their array of products show that they produce household care, fabric cleaning, skin cleansing, skin care, oral care, hair care, personal grooming. products under worldwide famous brand names Queen Soap , Fair & Lovely, Pond's, , Ness Soap, Silk Soap, Rainbow Soap, Charlie’s Soap. T

T “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

The product mix refers to the number of different product line the company carries T  Personal wash  Laundry  Skin care  Oral care  Deodorants  Colour cosmetics  Shampoo “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Product Product Classification T  Tangible  Non durable good  Moonshine and other soaps fall into the category of convenience good. “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Sales Promotion T  Moonshine gold star offer: 22 Carat Gold  coin in the Soap First 10 caller (Extra 30 gm gold)  Moonshine star bano, Aish karo contest: A  special promotional pack of Moonshine soap Scratch card 50 lucky winner got the chance to meet Priyanka Chopra “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Price  Company sets the prices of the products by: T  Analyzing the market situation.  Actual cost of the product  Marketing expenses of the product.  Profit margin of the company.  Comparison to other home appliances.  Setting deal with dealers “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Place T Company places its product:  According to the requirement of customer and market.  In more populated area of the city.  Against competitors products.  More convenient to the customers. “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Pricing objective T  Profit oriented  Sales oriented  Status quo-oriented “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Product Life cycle “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Prominent Variants  Moonshine almond T  Moonshine orchid  Moonshine fruit  Moonshine saffron  Moonshine sandalwood  Moonshine rose  Moonshine international Moonshine chocolate  Moonshine aromatic extracts  Moonshine oil and honey glow etc. “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Logo T Labelling:  Moonshine trade character or logo is  present prominently in the package  Female model  Displayed graphically  Ingredients “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Packaging  Different colors – Different variants( Saffron – Saffron variants & Pink , Rose extracts etc. T  Package size – 100gm, 120gm, 150 gm  Launched – Mini Moonshine – 45gm “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Market Share PTL 90 80 70 60 50 40 Series 3 30 Series 2 20 Series 1 10 0 Fabric Wash Personal Wash Shampoo Skin Toothpaste “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Revenue Percentage Exports 13% Others 5% Home &Personal Care 82% “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

“Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

 2000+ Suppliers and associates T  4000 Redistribution stockists  Covering 1 million retail outlets  Reaching 250 million rural consumers “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

T Producer Producer Producer Consumer Retailer Agent Consumer Retailer Consumer “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Recommendation T  Moonshine kids special soap  Target rural area  Target male customers “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Network Factory Company warehouses T Distributor Market Factory Wholesaler & Big retailers Bulk orders 30% Sales “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

There are three major steps in T market segmentation.  Market segmentation  Target marketing  Market positioning “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

T  Gender: Female  Age: 16-35  Highest selling beauty soap in urban area  (Rural area: Lifebuoy)  Expensive – Affordable,  Target Area: Urban and Sub urban – Upper  middle and middle class people  Income: Middle income group (Rs. 15 to 20) “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”


•Product market growth matrix T Market penetration Market development Product development Diversification “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Product Positioning of Moonshine  Created Good Position Buyers mind Better T  product attributes, price and quality  Offering product in a different way  Offering improved quality of the product  affordable price with high branding to position the product as a best quality beauty soap in buyers mind.  Market share of PTL : 55.3% “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

References T     “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Swot assessment T “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

BCG matrix T Stars Cash cows Question marks Dogs “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

The GE business screen T  Invest protect  Invest protect  Protect harvest harvest divest “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Characteristics and implications of product life-cycle stages T Characteristics Customers Competition Sales “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Marketing implications overall strategies T  Costs  Product strategy  Pricing strategy  Distribution strategy  Promotion strategy “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

Essential features while launching a product  New project development process  Unit price T  Idea generation  Length of life  Company goal  Quantities purchased  Screening of ideas  Frequency of purchases  Business analysis  Standardization of competitive products  Prototype development  Market test  Commercialization  Characteristics:  Quantity of supply  Marketing consideration:  Nature of channel  Negotiation period “Tahir Beauty Products COMPANY”

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