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Published on April 30, 2008

Author: msidd1


Principle # 3: QUR’AN:  Principle # 3: QUR’AN Definition, How to implement in life & how this helps in daily life Definition:  Definition Move with the Divine light Safety from hell fire A solution and healing for mankind figure How to implement in life?:  How to implement in life? Step 1: Learn to Understand Qur’an in its own language. Step 2: Develop live relationship with Qur’an thus making truly a book of Hidayah every moment of life. Step 3: Teach it to others Step 4: Make Salah a meaningful one. Step 5: Do tadabbur on the Ayahs of Qur’an From darkness to light How does software help you?:  How does software help you? Why most plans fail? The main reason is they lack the proper planning & process to achieve them. They end up as wish list. Islamic diary Software (IDS), helps in defining & setting the targets. With IDS one can have SMART targets : Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. One can set the targets based on Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly. How does software help you?:  How does software help you? It helps you to provide the targets in Qur’an learning. A suggested sample is shown below: Daily 10 minutes recitation; 10 minutes word meaning 5 minutes for memorization of ayahs Weekly Recite 1 Juz with meaning and explanation Attend at least one lecture on Qur’an Revise the memorized part of Qur’an Monthly Delivery a lecture on Qur’an Attend a workshop on Qur’an Yearly Deliver a short course on Qur’an Arrange for a Qur’an Day for the city How to use software to implement Principle # 3 Qur’an:  How to use software to implement Principle # 3 Qur’an Slide8:  Definition tab: Defines the principle Example tab: Its example on how to implement the principle Targets tab: Its shows the targets for the selected principle How to set these targets:  How to set these targets Qur’an Targets:  Qur’an Targets Listing all targets:  Listing all targets New feature to list out all the principles targets for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly

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