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Published on January 14, 2009

Author: aSGuest10544


Mitrovicë & Prishtinë 8.11.2006 ~ Pejë 9.11.2006 ~ Prizren 10.11.2006 ~ Gjilan 13.11.2006 : Mitrovicë & Prishtinë 8.11.2006 ~ Pejë 9.11.2006 ~ Prizren 10.11.2006 ~ Gjilan 13.11.2006 Plani Kosovar i Veprimit për Rini Kosovski Plan Akcije za MladeKosovo Youth Action Plan 2007 - 2010 Takimet regjionale, 8 – 13 nëntor 2006 Content of the Meeting : Content of the Meeting KYAP Development Objectives and the chronology Approval and implementation Process KYAP Document Role of authority and local actors of youth in fulfillment Discuss KYAP Objectives : KYAP Objectives …long-term Democratic value promotion Human Rights Promotion Activation Promotion Integration in EU … short term To Improve youth situation, including all actors and by identifying youth needs, and also manners fort their fulfillment ëith active participation oy Kosovar youth To provide cooperation between youth organizations and relevant Ministries Development Mechanisms of KYAP : Development Mechanisms of KYAP Gathered info and doc from Ministries Field Study (Primary data.) Other documents, reports etc... (secondary datas.) Kosovar Youth Policy Pre-final draft 7 Presentations in local and regional level Information, promotion & advocating campaign (November-December) First Kosovo Youth Action Draft Team work for every thematic area (inter-ministral commission and KYAP Partners) Human Development Report 2006, UNDP (non completed) Final KYAP draft completed and in three languages KYAP Presentation Conference in the highest level of governance MAY JUNE JUNE-JULY JULY – 15 OCTOBER 16 OCTOBER -31 DECEMBER BEGINNING of Youth Plan Realization January 2007 2 Central comprehensive working meetings KYAP Hystoriy : KYAP Hystoriy Draft law for youth empowerment and participation, December 2003-July 2005 First Consultations for Kosovo Youth Policy 2005 Memorandum of Understanding for partnerity between DoY–MCYS and OSCE, UNICEF, UNDP/NUNV, GTZ, UNFPA + KYN, WB and UNIFEM, august 2005 Establishment of KYAP Secretariat, September 2005 3 presentation and working conferences ëith NGO-s, November - December 2005 5 Regional working meetings with Kosovo Youth Network and Youth Associations , December 2005 Presentation and working conference with municipal youth officers, March 2006 Establishment of inter-ministral commission for KYAP, April 2006 Presenting meeting with political youth, June 2006 7 Regional consulting meetings with youth, June-July 2006 Presentation of KYAP deaft at Parliamentary Commission for youth…., June 2006 Presentation of KYAP draft at Parliamentary Groups of LDK and ORA, June 2006 2 Conferences with local Youth authorities, KYN and NGO’s, July 2006 A number of KYAP working meetings with Inter-ministral Commission and KYAP Partners, August – September 2006 Regular reviewing and planning meetings with KYAP Partners Translation and Editing of Youth Action Plan and Youth Policy in Albanian, Serbian and English, October 2006 5 Regional Presenting Meetings of Final KYAP Document, 8 -13 November 2006 11 Indicators of a Youth Policy : 11 Indicators of a Youth Policy KYAP is a document in accordance with 11 European Council Indicators for an efficient youth policy Non-formal Education Youth Training Policy Law for Youth Budget for Youth Information Policy for Youth Policy in lots of levels (How?) Research for youth situation Participation Inter-ministral Cooperation Creativity (innovation), and Counseling Youth Groups KYAP Approval : KYAP Approval Integration in Strategic Development Plan Review and Approval Procedures Individual meetings with central governance Presenting Ceremonial Conference (22 November) Promoting and Influence Campaigns for awareness and approval (November – December) Public hearings and reviews in Parliament Approval and Implementation 2007 – 2010 Central and Local Governance Role Civic Society Role KYAP Document : KYAP Document Kosovo Youth Policy Kosovo Youth Action Plan 2007–2010 Inter-sectorial Thematic Areas 1. Youth Participation 2. Education 3. Employment 4. Health 5. Human Security 6. Culture, Sports and Recreation Thematic Areas and Objectives : Thematic Areas and Objectives Youth Participation Objectives : To promote and provide institutional mechanisms for youth participation in decision-making process. To provide access in information and public institution transparence for youth issues To provide support for youth sector in local level. To support networking and cooperation in regional and European youth activities. To increase NGO capacity and youth networks. To promote and recognize youth volunteer work. To provide youth comprehension of all communities and marginalized groups. …Thematic Areas, continued : …Thematic Areas, continued Education Objectives: To strength cooperation between governmental institutions, NGO’s and business, in order to offer opportunities in formal, non-formal and in-formal education field To establish appropriate system of qualification in national level and increase of educational quality. Establishment of flexible and acceptable comprehensive educational system at every time of a life. To provide (offer) guiding and counseling services in career for youth, through programs and specialized centers. To harmonize education with labor market requests in socio-economical setting. …Thematic Areas, continued : …Thematic Areas, continued Employment Objectives: To support youth employment through a favorable tax system and also through training and employment funds. To increase the capacities of public employment service. To rise the awareness and to prevent the exploitation of young workers To establish information system for labor market, employment opportunities. To facilitate youth transition from school into work. To promote youth self-employment and entrepreneur. …Thematic Areas, continued : …Thematic Areas, continued Health Objectives: To provide inter-sectorial cooperation for youth health issues. To address youth specific needs related their health, through youth friendly health system. To promote healthy life at youth. …Thematic Areas, continued : …Thematic Areas, continued Human Security Objectives: To rise the awareness and responsibility on youth for importance and preserving life environment. Increasing of inter-ethnical cooperation between youth. To facilitate youth movement. To establish comprehensive environment for youth with special needs. To rise the awareness for domestic and sexual violence on youth. …Thematic Areas, continued : …Thematic Areas, continued Culture, sports and recreation Objectives: To support and promote youth cultural values, actions and activities. To improve infrastructure for recreation and sports activities for amateur and professional youth. To promote and cultivate physical education in all youth sports KYAP Budget according to thematic areas : KYAP Budget according to thematic areas KYAP 2007-2010 KYAP Fulfillment : KYAP Fulfillment Role of youth authorities and local actors in implementation Janar 2007 – Dhjetor 2010 Municipalities (DCYS and MDE) Kosovar Youth Action Council Local Networks and NGO’s Discusses Slide 17: ~ Questions, Comments, Explanations~ Thank You!

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