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Published on January 17, 2008

Author: Veronica1


THE KAZAKH SCIENTIFIC AND ETHNO-PEDAGOGICAL KONCEPTION-PROGRAMM «АТАМЕКЕН»:  THE KAZAKH SCIENTIFIC AND ETHNO-PEDAGOGICAL KONCEPTION-PROGRAMM «АТАМЕКЕН» ҚҰРСАБАЕВ МҰХАМЕДРАХИМ ҚЫДЫРБАЙҰЛЫ 1985 год. Slide2:  «Атамекен» is a scientific and ethno-pedagogical conception, which is based on the upbrinying and education progressive ideas, gained during centuries experiense of peoples, ethnic groups and it facilitates to form common to all mankind values, spiritual-material and national culture in the sense of the growing generation by means of complex, planed and systematic upbriging influense MAIN AIMS AND TASKS ARE PROGRAM “ATAMEKEN”:  MAIN AIMS AND TASKS ARE PROGRAM “ATAMEKEN” To bring up harmonionsly developed personality, who brinys benefit to the society and who makes a contribution for the prosper3ty of the motherland, who vespects the history, culture of people and state national traditions, state symbols and attributes, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Kazakhstan Constitution and daws and other common to all manking values. To form the feeliny of Kazakhstan patriotist through upbrinying possibilities with the help of the ethno-pedagogics and ethno-psychology. To define the main methodological directions of complex upbrinying work with the use of modern cognitive-educologic technologies. THЕ MAІN DIR EKTIONS OF ETHNO-PROGRAMM «ATAMEKEN» :  THЕ MAІN DIR EKTIONS OF ETHNO-PROGRAMM «ATAMEKEN» SALT-DASTUR – TRADITIONS AND CUSTOMS:  SALT-DASTUR – TRADITIONS AND CUSTOMS Ancient and modern folk traditions and customs. The Nomad’s every day and ceremonial ethnics. Family and society traditions. Cvadle-song. Folk rites. Kazakh Aksakals’ blessing. Ethno-ethics of treatment. Tradition of a Zuneral. Matchmaking and its ethno-cultural pesuliarities. Ethnic grops’ traditions SHAKHAR – ANCIENT CITIES:  SHAKHAR – ANCIENT CITIES Ancient cities of the Central Asia and East. Architecture, distinctive culture and social-politic history of the ancient cities. Ethno-geography of the population. Toponimic map of chakhar-sities. World states’ capitals. Cognitive game “Astana”. ZHIBEK ZHOLY – THE GREAT SILK WAY :  ZHIBEK ZHOLY – THE GREAT SILK WAY A historiography of the great Silk Way is as the symbol of the Eastern and western ethnic groups ethno-genesis and world culture interaction. Ancient trade and caravan ways. Ethno-toponimic map-making of history and holly places’ ancient names. Ethno-expedition by the great ancestors’ holly places. Pupils and youth’ international caravan, which is called “Atazhurt”. Ethno-route by the roads of the great Silk Way. SONBES ZHULDUZDAR – NON-FADING STARS :  SONBES ZHULDUZDAR – NON-FADING STARS The ethno-chronology of great philosophers, sages, kagans, bakhadurs, the braves and bards dive and creation of the remarkable men, distinguished figures of culture, art science and education, outstanding state and public figures. The representatives of Kazakhstan. The measure “Sonbes zhulduzdar”. TOLGAU – LEGENDS:  TOLGAU – LEGENDS Verbal folk creation of the Nomad’s and their successors. The great Steppe’s ethnic groups’ historical and cultural heritage. The Kazakh Question-Answer Song. Sages and zhiraus’ ethno-folklore property and creation. Folk facts Regional geography. Vocabulary and logical techniques of the ethno-languayes hiterary janre. The measure “Korkyt nama ”. ASYL MURA – INVALUABLE LEGASY:  ASYL MURA – INVALUABLE LEGASY Ancient historical and cultural monuments, camps, cave and stone graves. Stone inscriptions and statues. Ancient anthropoliic and mythologic monuments century and secret interaction. The ethno-expedition “Kozy -Bayan”. DOMBRA-DASTAN – LEGEND ABOUT DOMBRA:  DOMBRA-DASTAN – LEGEND ABOUT DOMBRA The ethno-musical historiography of folk instruments as dombra, kobyz and others. The ethno-musical instruments and works’ discovered musterious potential sound connections. Folk song art’s solo and synchronous sounds . Connection and areal of spreading. One of the ethno-cognitive nature of ethno-music comprosition is kui. World peoples and ethnic groups’ ethno-music hritage. The measure “Tanir kubiri – Appeal of God” NAURUZ – THE NEW DAY:  NAURUZ – THE NEW DAY Ceremony of celebration of the New Years and the great Day – Nauruz on the day of world people annual vernal equinox. Nauruz holiday’s geographical reculiarity and ethno-phylosophic definiteness. Ethnogeographic and religious-cultural nature of the holiday. Sacrifise and ethnic norms, astrologic tokens and astrologic factors. World and Kazakhstan nations tass holidays. The date “Nauruz-nama”. ZERGER – JEWELRY ART:  ZERGER – JEWELRY ART Ancient Nomad’s and their successors ethno-applied and jewelry art. Scythian animal and poly-boxcalf style’s cosmic and ethno-phylosophic nature. The Iurta buildiny’s ethno-cultural pesuliarity as the symbol of the Earth and the Cosmos buildiny’s cognition. The kazakh (turkic) Iurta and its decorations. The measure “Altyn adam – The Golden Chief”. TORT TULIK – DOMESTIC ANIMALS:  TORT TULIK – DOMESTIC ANIMALS Domestic animals mythological names e.g. horse’s is Kambar Ata, camel’s is Oisyl Kara, cow’s Zengi Baba, sheep’s is Shopan Ata. Animal’s totem. The Nomads ancient tradition of domestic animals maintenance. Problems of Aul and agrarian sector. The measure “Tort Tulik” TORT TULIK – DOMESTIC ANIMALS :  TORT TULIK – DOMESTIC ANIMALS Domestic animals mythological names e.g. horse’s is Kambar Ata, camel’s is Oisyl Kara, cow’s Zengi Baba, sheep’s is Shopan Ata. Animal’s totem. The Nomads ancient tradition of domestic animals maintenance. Problems of Aul and agrarian sector. The measure “Tort Tulik” DULYGA–THE BRAVES’ ARMOUR:  DULYGA–THE BRAVES’ ARMOUR The ethno-historiography of military uniform and weapons. Soldier-braves and bakhadurs’ armour. Warrior armour’s ethno-complex. Horse and armed equipment. National costumes and their forms. The game “Forty Batyrs and - Manas” KASIET – INTELLECT:  KASIET – INTELLECT Non-traditional methods of healing, cure and programming of the illness form and sheir treatment. Ancient traditions and methods of folk medicine. Astral and parallel universe and their influence on the men’s consciousness. Clair voyance, medical techniques of spoiling and hexing removal. Man’s bioenergetic protential and chances. The Kazakh baksii, tauip, mulla, and their activity in medical practice. Illness forms and methods of their treatment. The measure “Avitsenna”. ASS – ETHNO-MEAL :  ASS – ETHNO-MEAL The Kazakh table and etiquette. The Kazakh and other nation’s ethno-cultural peculiarities of the meal. Ethno-process during the ritual “Ass”. The Great Steppe Nations’ hospitality. Forms of national dish and juice. Traditions of meat delicacy and its dressing. The older and Ritual of quests’ reception. Ethno-process of dish serve and other ethno-ethnic norms. Quests’ solemn words and an ovder of giving somebody the Sloor. The measure “Ass”. BABALAR OSYETI – ANCESTORS’ TESTAMENT:  BABALAR OSYETI – ANCESTORS’ TESTAMENT Testaments’ ethno-cognitive peculiarity. Ethnic nature and Aksakals blessings’ testament influence. Ethno-genetic fund of the vocabulary. Folk tokens and prohibited words. Proverds and sayings. Ethnical norms of idea composing and speech culture. Ethnolinguistics’ logical techniques. Questions’ of ethno-episystem. ZERDE – THE ORIENTAL RENAISSANCE :  ZERDE – THE ORIENTAL RENAISSANCE Genesis of middle-centuries Maslem and Turan’s Renaissance. Great scientific discoveries of the Arabic, and Turkic scientists in the medicine, arithmetics, phylosophy in the eposh of late middle-century. A catalogue of scientific achierments of the Eastern ontstandiny thinkers. The measure “Zerde”. KUSBEGI – EAGLE HUNTERS:  KUSBEGI – EAGLE HUNTERS The ethno-tradition of hunting on the wild animals and the Nomads’ ethno-regular peculiarity. Forms of hunting and methods of adaptation. Anthropologic factors of a man’s interaction with the surrounding world. Harmonic consistency of actions and the Nomads influence on the Nature. Nunting traditions and the Nomads treatment of wild birds. An Eagle’s everyday and hunting outfit and the ways of training. Types of wild birds. Nature-harmonic complex of hunting. The complex of a triangle is a Last horse, a hound-tazi and a predatory eagle. The measure “Berkutshi”. KIIZ BEN DZHIGIT – LASS & LAD:  KIIZ BEN DZHIGIT – LASS & LAD Young people’s ethno-sexual and peculiarities. The Kazakh and other nations ethno-social peculiarity to the question of sex upbringing. Youny pairs ethnographical qualities and their social and genetic prerequisite. Ethno-natural intellect and phychological peculiarity of character, pride and dignity becominy. Questions of love and emotional experience of the youthful period. Hugienic and other factors of family and society in the process of young people’s becoming and development. Problems of ethno-genes. The measure “Kiiz siiny & Dzhigit sultanii”. ZAMAN-AI – ECOLOGY:  ZAMAN-AI – ECOLOGY Global interplanetary ecologic catastrophy. Historography of human civilization’s anthropo-genic influence. Problems of atmospheris shell and noo-sphere. Endogenic, exogenic, techgenic, tectonic factors. Intercontinental ecology and world ocean’s echo-system. Problems of zoo-ecology, phyto-ecology, agro-ecology, bio-ecology, auto-ecology, anthepro-ecology. A man’s ecologic culture and psychology. The basis of general ecology. Ethno-ecologic and scientific-technical education and upbringing. The measure “Aral & Balkhash”. ALIISTAGII BAURLAR – THE KAZAKH DIASPORATION:  ALIISTAGII BAURLAR – THE KAZAKH DIASPORATION Problems of the Kazakh Diasporation abroad, a public diplomasy. The main questions of a migration, emigration, demography, genocide and deportation. World nations’ population. The Kazakhs’ world “Kuriiltai”.The settlrs’ social problems. The measure “Aliistagii baurlar”. DOSTIIK - FREINDSHIP:  DOSTIIK - FREINDSHIP Life and activity of outstandiny scholars and scientists of Arabic-Moslem World, Russia, China and Europian countries. ICC (Independent Countries’ Commonwealth) and Kazakhstan nations’ consolidation of Sriendship and solidarity. The Kazakhstan nations’ Assembly. The measure “Druzhba”. ARDAGER – VETERAN :  ARDAGER – VETERAN Material collections about the paticipants of Craeco-Roman, Scythian-Persian, Turcis stragyles; about the war with the Arabs, the Dzhungars and the Mongols. Event Veterans in 1845, 1912, 1916, 1921, 1932, 1941, 1979 years and about the events of Desember rebellition and Almaty (1986 year). Museum creation of bellicose and laabour glory. The measure “Ardager”. OIU-ORNECK – ETHNO-DESIGN :  OIU-ORNECK – ETHNO-DESIGN National design’s ethno-cognitive, cosmogonic, geometrical, zoo-morphine, orthio-morphine, ichthyo-morphine peculiarities. Design’s mysterious sketch and precise arrangement. Design’s view on the ruds and tekemets and their variety. The measure “Oiu-orneck – Ethno-design”. BEINELER SIIRY – WORLD OF ETHNO-PICTURES:  BEINELER SIIRY – WORLD OF ETHNO-PICTURES The ancestors’ ancient and mysterious cave pictures. Runic, totemic, geraldic, petro-clayey stone sketches. Ancient encampment and caves such as: Tamgalii, Taskesken, Besshatiir, Arpa-uzen. The ethno-expedition “Eskininn kozi – Vital spring”. АТА-АNА - PARENTS:  АТА-АNА - PARENTS ATA-ANA - The parents’ home is a hearth and the basis of the folk pedagogics. Many-centuries experience of world nations upbringing and education. Common to all manking and sacred-ethnical values of a family upbringing. Ethno-social habitat of a family-relation attitude and its age-old connections. The measure “Ata-Ana – The parents’ home” SHARYGAT-KORAN – THE MOSLEM WORLD:  SHARYGAT-KORAN – THE MOSLEM WORLD Genesis of Islamic religion and culture. Religions-phylosophic meaning of the holy book “Koran” .Musterious paralleles and cognitive meaning. The Most Nigt God’s study and ideas’ conversion; Islamic one of the greates relioins confessions of the world. Islam,s ethno-phylosophic, theological and cultural values. The Moslem Renaissance and human factor. I made of the Most High God is as the synthesis of interplanetary religious-phylosophic and spiritual-mythological conversion. The holy boo “Koran” is as a way to world congnition. Moslem ethics and social-right norms of the Sharyat. The world of Saint Souls religions traditions and rites. The measure “Moslem world”. KAIIRYMDLIIYK & SABBY – INFANT WORLD & MEROU :  KAIIRYMDLIIYK & SABBY – INFANT WORLD & MEROU Rendering of spiritual and moral assistance to the orphans, disabled persons, solitary, sick and aged men. Visit to the children’s homes, colonies, old age homes and hospitals. A realization of whole Kazakhstan’s merciful operation “Kaiirymdliik” and “Aul”. Organization of pupils’ group movinus. Participation in the merciful action of the sund “Bobek” SAUDA – ECONOMICS :  SAUDA – ECONOMICS International economic relation and its influence of the region. A strateyic program of the lobal economicdevelopment. The basis of economic sciense and reforms. A man’s modem economis psychology. The basis of the economic education such as: macro-economics, management, financial and bank system etc. The Eurasian social-economic integration. An Introduction of personal contribution for an economic Slourishing of the independent Kazakhstan. Creatoin of centres for young businessmen. The measure “Sauda - Economics”. GYMIR & GALAM – A MAN AND THE UNIVERSE :  GYMIR & GALAM – A MAN AND THE UNIVERSE A conception of modern world-understanding and natural sciences. The new theories about of the airospase and world-outlook chavaeter. The theory of global thinking and conceptional approach. NTR and modern world. Man’s intellectual potential and new possibilities. Hypothesis and Reality. Spase and Time. The basis of humanity-knowing. Dianetical, cybernetical, scientological and synergetic body, points and other terrestrial and non-terrestrical systems and objects synthesizing. Scientific-investigating work. ANA TILII – A NATIVE LANGUAUE:  ANA TILII – A NATIVE LANGUAUE Ethno-linguistics’ world historiography. Ancient Turkis stone runic written monuments. The Ariitss, the Scythian and the, gunn tribes’ ethno-language culture. Peoples’ great transmigration and their ethno-linguistic areal. Stone and other written encampments such as: Toniikock, Moynshor, Kiul-Tein, Kurgan-Issiik and Paziiryk. The measure “Umai-Ana”. TURAN KUNTIZBEGI – THE TURAN ASTROLOGY:  TURAN KUNTIZBEGI – THE TURAN ASTROLOGY Eurasian subcontinent’s Steppe zone great Walley’s area of water’s ancient – Turkis ethno-astrological calendar. Ancient astrologers and clairvoyant persons. The Turan physician’s ethnogenis. An ancient ethno-astrologic map. The Sarii-arka’s “Murttii oba–Astrologic stone moustache” is as the Great Steppe’s ethnic groups’ star observatory. Seasons of the year months, wecks. Time zone and orientation on the plase. Map-making. Modern astrologic knowledge. The measure “The Turan ethno-astrology”. DZHAKSIILYK AND DZHAMANDIIK – GOODNESS & EVIL:  DZHAKSIILYK AND DZHAMANDIIK – GOODNESS & EVIL Man’s psychology and natural-scientific and antropogenic factors. Man’s psychological and mind state. Definition of religious-mythological, astral-biological, spase-genetic influence on the man’s good and evil qualities Humanity-knowing’s analytic and anatomic methods of investigation. Man’s non-terrestrial connection. ZHAS KIIRAN – A YOUNY WARRIOR:  ZHAS KIIRAN – A YOUNY WARRIOR Ancient Nomads and their antedecents’ military art. Cavalery of Kanyui and Scythian horse manoeuvre stragyle conduct strategy. Military education and upbringing. National military doctrine. Military formation and order. Manual of Kazakhstan Republic’s Armed Powers. Types of Kazakhstan Republic’s Armed Powers. The military and sprot game “Miin bala”. ALEM DINDERY TARIKHNAMASII – WORLD RELIGION:  ALEM DINDERY TARIKHNAMASII – WORLD RELIGION A global historiography of world religions such as: Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and other religions confessions, which had pluyed a great role in the human civilization’s anthropologic periods of becoming and development. World religion’s ethno-cultural and all manking values, morality and the great educative role. Holy religions books, life of Prophets, Priests and ecclesiastical clerics. Religions traditions and holydays. Compiling of books and conceptional programms on the theme: “The world religion”. ATAMEKEN KOGAMII AND MEDRESESI–SOCIETY & MEDRESE ATAMEKEN:  ATAMEKEN KOGAMII AND MEDRESESI–SOCIETY & MEDRESE ATAMEKEN Creation of children and pupils’ republic organization “Atameken”. Primagy groups and their age peculiarities. A centre of of educative work “Atameken Ordasii”. Ways of “Atameken” programm realization in the youthful and other organizations’ educative works.Definition and classification of the talented pupils and formation of a special school “Medrese Atameken”. Working out of new generation’s text-books and complex programms. Kazakhstan schoolchildren pupils’ Assembly (KSPA). TANYR-NAMA – TENGRIANSTVO:  TANYR-NAMA – TENGRIANSTVO The great Steppe Turkic nation’s before-Islamic belief’s mythological-cognitive inheritage. Tengrianstvo is a spiritual-cultural, phylosophic-moral learning. The Islam and Tengrianstvo’s common to all manking valuable parallels. Archaic traditions of Tengrianstvo in the Kazakh every day life and their tokens such as: a sacrifice, a lire cult and beliet to Aruakhs (Souls of Ancestors). The ethno-expedition to the peak of “Khan-Tengri”. KAZAKH ELI – THE INDEPENDENT KAZAKHSTAN :  KAZAKH ELI – THE INDEPENDENT KAZAKHSTAN Modern Kazakhstan geo-politics, mentality, national outside politics. Society’s consolidation. President of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s N.A.Nazarbayev’s strategic idea “Kazakhstan - 2030”. Constitution Republic’s daws. The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s decrees. The goverhment of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s resolutions and other legislative acts. The Republic of Kazakhstan and UNO (United Nations Organization). Diplomasy and jurisprudence. Kazakhstan in the system of macro-economic space. The Republic of Kazakhstan’s national minority. Questions of slavonic knowledge. Selections in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Republic of Kazakhstan’s air-cosmic agency. Problems of youth and unemployment. A man’s Rights in the Republic Kazakhstan. TURAN AND TURKISTAN – THE TURKIC ELL :  TURAN AND TURKISTAN – THE TURKIC ELL World Turkic nations’ ethno-historiography. Development and global investigation of the history, culture, language, the Turkic religious and mythological traditions. The history of the great Turan’s Empire. The Turkic world’s great scholars and thinkers. A calendar of momentous events srom the Turkic nations’ history and culture. Working out of the scientific books on medicine, language, art, ethno-pedagogics, ethno-psychology and the other disciplines. Monuments of ancient Turkic runic inscriptions. Organization of the Turkic. The measure “The Turkic World”. NEO-PEDAGOGICS & NEO-PSYCHOLOGY:  NEO-PEDAGOGICS & NEO-PSYCHOLOGY Problems of education and upbringing in the conditions of technogenesis and universal globalization. Neo-pedagogical and neo-psychologicalparadigms of cognitological ability learning. Technogenesis epoch’s phenomena are homoinformatikus, post-homo, homo-intelligens and homo-techniks. Thank you !:  Thank you !

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