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Published on December 17, 2008

Author: aSGuest7011


ThePreventive System : ThePreventive System In The Tradition of Don Bosco The Heart of Salesian Spirituality : The Heart of Salesian Spirituality The Person of Don Bosco KEY ELEMENTS OF THE PREVENTIVE SYSTEM : KEY ELEMENTS OF THE PREVENTIVE SYSTEM HERE IS “AN ATTEMPT” TO EXPLAIN/SUMMARIZE Don Bosco’s method 1. Environment : 1. Environment Don Bosco believed that ‘good Christians and good citizens’ would be formed when “wise educators” made sure that a healthy, happy and holy environment surrounded the young. Evil would be crowded out—it wouldn’t have a chance! Don Bosco created a home for a boy that was characterized by: reason, religion and kindness. CREATING THE ENVIRONMENT! : CREATING THE ENVIRONMENT! THE ROLE OF THE EDUCATOR — CREATING THE ENVIRONMENT! CLIMATE CONTROL- IS OUR CONCERN. Be thermostats-Not Thermometers. We place our energy in creating an environment where kids do the right thing because it’s automatically expected. 2. The Characteristic Traits of this Environment- : 2. The Characteristic Traits of this Environment- Joy and Optimism Care and concern Games, sports, music, drama Religion everywhere but very natural—not a big split with life RELATIONSHIPS- Youth know that adults really care. Slide 7: Peer Ministry—older take responsibility for the environment too! Education—for life! Sacraments-Confession and Eucharist Mary-our helper Do your duties—do the right thing at right time A busy schedule----structure 3. Style used while being with the Young: Accompaniment - Not Supervision : 3. Style used while being with the Young: Accompaniment - Not Supervision Salesian educators consider themselves “assistants” rather than “superiors” of the young, What do you hear in the difference of the 2 words? Assistance and Supervision By “good assistance” we will make discipline easy and won’t need to do a lot of supervising. Be there! Be aware. Care. In Summary : In Summary The term accompaniment implies that the educator is also on the journey toward holiness. The emphasis in this philosophy is on relationship rather than role. A friendship of trust-even affectivity is formed. Kindness is paramount. Modeling good behavior and sharing the trials of daily life with the young has a lasting effect on those being formed. 4. Presence is demanding: : 4. Presence is demanding: Being there is the key to a holy, healthy, and happy environment! Don Bosco’s Dream of 1884: At the end of his life Bosco had a dream about the importance of Presence and Assistance/accompaniment rather than supervision and distance. Slide 11: A. Part I of Dream: Flashback- DB’S oratory early - Recreation time = liveliness, good presence -real assistance was going on! “Closeness leads to affection and affection brings confidence." DB sees: no fear, total openness, real honesty "Boys will do everything they are asked of by someone who they know loves them." B. Part II of Dream: A look at his present oratory: : B. Part II of Dream: A look at his present oratory: Don Bosco sees at the recreation time (the playground) : that there is no liveliness, boredom, (bad, bad assistance), Students reactions: suspicion of teachers, kids off on their own--in the corners--conversing inappropriately, actually an us vs. them mentality between students and staff. Do a few places you’ve worked at come to mind? Conclusions from The Dream : Conclusions from The Dream The Point Don Bosco makes in the Dream is apathy of the STAFF is where all APATHY progressed from. It led to…. apathy in recreation ………. leads to..................... apathy toward their teacher and superiors …….leads to............ apathy toward religion…….. leads to....................... apathy toward prayers and sacraments……. leads to................. apathy toward holiness not enough to say Love… : not enough to say Love… NOT ENOUGH-- not enough to love, they must know that they are loved - IMPORTANCE OF FRIENDSHIP ON EVANGELIZATION: *youth ministers have to have a real interest in the lives of the kids --not a cursory interest--even when this is hard. Then and only then will they like the things of faith and the things of Christian mature living that we are challenging them toward! What's really missing in Education is…. Humble, crazy, self-assured, creative educators---who aren’t AFRAID OF KIDS. *the mixing!!! Being arrogant enough at times to be the heart and soul of the recreation Don’t say : “I'm older- I’ve taken on more responsibilities. My duties now force me to handle only the “things” that the youth need. Right now I have to face the facts - I'm caught up in administration” The Preventive System CAN BE SUMMARIZED IN 3 WORDS: REASON RELIGION AND KINDNESS : The Preventive System CAN BE SUMMARIZED IN 3 WORDS: REASON RELIGION AND KINDNESS Reason : Reason The word preventive-- comes from praevenire which means to "foresee" and "provide". --the aim is to look ahead…….preventive It is reasonable that the educator is looking ahead At the overall plan At the overall philosophy At the real needs of the young At the larger picture in the ministry At his/her own strengths and limitations Reason cont… : Reason cont… To encourage, counsel, and assist in personal growth and maturity with full insight into the present level of maturity/faith of the young and where they are heading toward… reasonableness begins with good reflection self first and then situation of young Reason cont… : Reason cont… Reasonableness calls for consistency and clarity Especially with the young who are often thoughtless." On the part of the educator to always think and consider the situation of the young that he is called to serve. Walk the Walk! Reason dictates that the educator would never ask a young person to do anything he or she would not be willing to do herself. B. Religion : B. Religion Holiness is not a spiritual facade RELIGION AND LIFE GO TOGETHER –THERE IS NO DICOTOMY---FAITH AND LIFE FLOW—WE DON’T HAVE ANY RADICAL/ DRASTIC MOVES FROM ONE TO THE OTHER. Faith is fun also—it’s not boring Faith is practical— Confession =forgiveness Mary =Help Eucharist= soul food Salesian Methodology–RELIGION IS EVERYWHERE— It PERVADES THE ENVIORNMENT C. Kindness : C. Kindness Kindness is the glue that keeps the whole Preventive System together! St. John Bosco teaches us that - Persuasion and kindness are our #1 method/means of disciplining IT TAKES KINDNESS TO CREATE THE PROPER CLIMATE— THE POWER OF KINDNESS---go ahead and change 1 life—just one! With a few of our more “real hardened kids’ we may be tempted to “throw kindness out the window”- we want to take instant and decisive steps to amend their behavior now. Don’t Forget Kindness! We fail to be patient! Be patient! Let’s avoid yelling – screamers who shout too much lose respect and don’t have any recourse when they really need to command.

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