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Published on July 31, 2020

Author: sandamichaela


Slide1: 1 Pretzels Slide2: Philadelphia’s Top 10 Public Art Moments of 2017 Mural at Thompson and Sergeant streets by V.U.R.T. Bijoux collection ligne Bretzels d'Alsace Slide3: Still Life - Beer & Pretzel Vintage Postcard Boris Kustodiev (Russian, 1878-1927) Merchant's wife at tea Slide4: Boris Kustodiev (Russian, 1878-1927) Merchant's wife at tea (fragment) Slide5: Pascklin (France) Alsace Daria Denisova - Magic pretzel with poppy seeds Slide6: Andrey Maksyutin (Russian, 1969) Sea pretzel Pretzel Slide7: Etzi - Petit bout d'Allemagne (2018) Emblem Bakery in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany Slide8: William Michael Harnet (irish, American, 1848 – 1892) Staats zeitung and pretzel Matthew Bird (American, 1977) Pretzel Still Life Slide9: Vasily Perov (1833 - 1882) Tea drinking in Mytishchi, near Moscow Henry Farny (American, 1847 - 1916) Pretzel boy - Illustrated Cincinnati Slide10: Helmuth Fetz (1928-2010) Still life Etzi - Petit bout d'Allemagne (2018) Slide11: Thomas Sedgwick Steele (American, 1845-) Still Life with Oysters, Pretzels and Beer Emblem Eguisheim King Bretzel Slide12: Floris Gerritsz. van Schooten (Dutch, 1585–1655) A market stall still life Denmark, the official kringle emblem of the baker's guild, topped with a royal crown. Here from a modern bakery shop in Ribe Slide13: Hansi Alsace enseigne de boulangerie 1947 Slide14: Bakery emblem in Hattingen Slide15: National Museum, Copenhagen Gold pretzel shaped brooch Slide17: Chodowiecki family on their way to French Buchholz, Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki, 1779 Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Emblems Denmark Slide18: Gottfried Libalt - Two young men seated at a table laden with fruits and 'pretzels' with a squirrel nearby, 1659 Slide19: David de Heem (Dutch, 1606 - 1683) Still life with fruit and pretzels Staatsgalerie Stuttgart Emblems Denmark Slide20: Trivet - Dessous de plat bretzel rouge piment, poterie artisanale d'Alsace Hans Purrmann (1880 - 1966) Stillleben mit Brezeln Landesmuseum Mainz Trivet - Dessous de plat en bois de poirier en forme de bretzel Slide21: Gabriël Metsu (1629-1667) A Baker Blowing his Horn, c.1660-3 Emblem with a cut in the pretzel, Ravensburg Slide23: Irina Gibey (Russian) Tasty! Cooks Slide24: Jan Steen The Baker and his Wife, 1658 Rijksmuseum Miniature figures having a picnic on a pretzel Slide26: Hummel porcelain figurines are a series based on the drawings of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, from the Kloster Siessen. The sketch art of Sister Maria Innocentia began to appear on in the 1930s in Germany and Switzerland, mostly pastoral drawings of children. The Swiss art publisher Ars Sacra was involved in the early popularization of the art on postcards. Hummel’s “art cards” became popular catching the eye of Franz Goebel, porcelain maker and head of W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik. Goebel acquired rights to turn Hummel’s drawing into figurines, producing the first line in 1935 Slide27: Emblem enseigne bretzel Strasbourg Emblems Colmar Slide28: Emblem of the corporation of bakers of Strasbourg, attested from 1624 Slide29: Ina (Russian) Filimon doll.. with a pretzel with poppy seeds Tom Sturgis Pretzel Factory Store, Schillington, PA Petey the Pretzel Thief, Jersey Slide30: Pretzel Thief Pigeon — JJ Galloway Art Studio. The Pigeon Sculptures are part of a series called 'The Locals’ They’re made mixed media sculptures Slide31: A pretzel cup to promote Alsace Emblems Denmark Slide32: Seymour Rosenthal (American, 1921–2007) The pretzel lady Pamela Burger (American) Soft pretzels with cheese dip Slide33: Ludwig Czerny (Austrian, 1821-1889) Still life with wineglass, mug and pretzels Slide34: LEGO Minifigure German Pretzel Girl and Lederhosen Guy Slide35: Holly Exley Illustration pretzel Lisa McKnett (American) Cold beer and pretzels Raphaelle Peale (American, 1774-1825), Still Life of Fruit, Pitcher and Pretzel, 1810. Hirschl & Adler Galleries, NY Slide36: Carl Wilhelm Friedrich Bauerle (German, 1831-1912) The little pretzel seller Bakery Sign, Vallendar, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany Slide37: Meissen porcelain figures of street pretzel vendors, circa 1757, after the original by Peter Reinicke from the Cris de Paris series Slide38: Job Adriaenszoon Berckheyde (Dutch, 1630-1693) - The Baker, Museum der Brotkultur (Ulm) Job Adriaenszoon Berckheyde (Dutch, 1630-1693) - The Baker, 1681 Worcester Art Museum Slide39: Job Adriaenszoon Berckheyde (Dutch, 1630-1693) Lace Maker - Frans Hals Museum Slide40: Job Adriaenszoon Berckheyde (Dutch, 1630-1693) Children in a bakery with St. Nicholas bread Bakery Sign, Memmingen, Germany Slide41: Julia Swartz Pretzel Kids Watercolor Painting Sergey Sovkov (Russian, 1972) Still life with a samovar and pretzels Slide42: STEIFF Teddy Bear The Octoberfest pretzel seller Symbol of the German bakers' guild Slide43: Vintage French ceramic folk art Bavarian breakfast postcard Pretzels in the cobbles of Freiburg's Old Town Slide44: Giant Pretzel - Shillington PA - Roadside Attractions Pretzel Shaped Wooden Rocking Horse Chaise bistrot de Thonet Slide46: Enesco My Little Kitchen Fairies were created by the artist G. G. Santiago, who is best known for creating the popular children’s character Rainbow Brite Slide47: House number in Heidelberg Slide48: Pretzel Ornament Stephenson County Historical Society Museum and Arboretum Three strand round full pretzel rattan lounge chair Slide49: Flag of the City of Brisbane, Australia Slide50: In Pennsylvania the National Pretzel Day began in 2003 when the Governor Ed Rendell declared April 26 “National Pretzel Day” to acknowledge the importance of the pretzel to the state’s history and economy. Considered to be one of the oldest surviving snacks in the world, the humble but delicious pretzel is thought to have originated in Europe, possibly created by monks in monasteries The knot shape of the traditional soft dough pretzels is thought to signify folded hands during prayers Slide51: Text and pictures: Internet All  copyrights  belong to their  respective owners Presentation: Sanda Foi ş oreanu Sound : Chris Spheeris & Paul Voudouris - Enchantment 2020

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