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Published on March 7, 2014

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1 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY THE HUMAN ARM AS TOUCH SCREEN Aravind kumar.D 095R1A0409 ECE Aravind Kumar 1:16:46 AM AM 1:16:46

Introduction to SKINPUT 2  Skinput turns our body into touch screen interface.  Thus we can use our own skin as input canvas.  This technology uses the screen as the tracking surface or the unique input device Aravind kumar 1:16:46 AM

What is Skinput 3  Giving input through skin.  It was developed by Chris Harrison ( Carnegie Mellon University), Microsof t Research.  Skinput turns skin into a touch screen interface. Aravind kumar 1:16:46 AM

Touch Screen vs. Skinput Technology 4  A touch screen is an electronic visual display that can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area. • Turns our skin into touch screen.  Needs visual assistance. • Visual assistance is not needed. Aravind kumar 1:16:46 AM

Principle of Skinput 5  It listens to the vibrations in the body.  Skinput also responds to various hand gestures.  The arm itself is an instrument. Aravind kumar 1:16:46 AM

How it works 6 • It needs Bluetooth connection. • It uses a microchip-sized Pico projector to display menu. • An acoustic detector to detect sound vibrations. Aravind kumar 1:16:46 AM

Skin Interface 7 The three input location sets evaluated in the study. Aravind kumar 1:16:46 AM

Waves Generated 8 FIG: Transverse wave propagation: Finger impacts displace the skin, creating transverse waves (ripples). The sensor is activated as the wave passes underneath it. FIG: Longitudinal wave propagation: Finger impacts create longitudinal (compressive) waves that cause internal skeletal structures to vibrate. This, in turn, creates longitudinal waves that emanate outwards from the bone (along its entire length) toward the skin. Aravind kumar 1:16:46 AM

Wearable Arm Band 9 Fig: Prototype armband. Fig: A wearable, bio-acoustic sensing array built into an armband. Aravind kumar 1:16:46 AM

Advantages 10  No need to interact with the gadget directly.  No need to worry about keypad.  People with larger fingers get trouble in navigating tiny buttons and keyboards on mobile phones. With Skinput that problem disappears.  Skinput will bring in a new way of operating a mobile phone, by turning a persons hand into a keyboard and forearm into a screen. Aravind kumar 1:16:46 AM

Applications 11  I pods  Gaming  Mobile  Simple browser systems Aravind kumar 1:16:46 AM

Conclusion 12  Skinput technology provides an always available mobile input system that does not require a user to carry or pick up a device.  Using skinput technology, human body can be appropriated as an input surface to any of the devices ,system performs very well for a series of gestures, even when the body is in motion. Aravind kumar 1:16:46 AM

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