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Published on October 16, 2007

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MTT-S ADCOM Meeting Fall 2005 President’s Message:  MTT-S ADCOM Meeting Fall 2005 President’s Message K.C. Gupta October 1, 2005 What’s happening in IEEE ?:  What’s happening in IEEE ? TAB Meeting – June 2005 Plenary Session, TAB Caucus, Presidents Forum, TAB Meeting IEEE China Summit – August 2005 Conference Strategy Meeting – August 2005 Selected points to share - -:  Selected points to share - - Highlights from IEEE Plenary Session IEEE Web Improvement Projects IEEE Awards Board Effects of IEEE Online Offerings on Membership Infrastructure cost IEEE Finances Environmental Scan China Summit Groups Working to improve the IEEE Web:  Groups Working to improve the IEEE Web Web Advisory Group Web Development Web Account Web Analytics Web Navigation Web Standards Web Search Project Coordination Usability/User Experience Policy Content Quality Best Practices Single Sign-on Authentication Statistics User Behavior Persistent Nav Sub-portals Design Organizational standards for Web navigation, look and feel, and reputation management Develop and implements portal and content management functionality Google vs Ultraseek Search engine decision IEEE Awards:  IEEE Awards Publicize Advertise in your Regions, Sections & Societies and publicize successes of awardees Arrange for presentations by awardees Participate Volunteer to serve on an Institute-level medal or award selection committee: Volunteer to serve on an IEEE Awards Board Task Force: Nominate your peers for Institute awards: visit the awards home page at Send suggestions for improving the Awards Program: Effect of IEEE On-line Offerings on Membership:  Effect of IEEE On-line Offerings on Membership IEL impact on IEEE membership is minimal Greater impact on Society memberships and optional publications Perception of IEEE and Societies is critical We have some control over this We must strike a balance and have a consistent message Full findings at Infrastructure Costs:  Infrastructure Costs A 22-page document “The Color of Infrastructure” prepared by IEEE Finance Committee Purpose - helping both young and experienced volunteers to understand Infrastructure Costs and their importance in conducting IEEE business. Details associated with identifying the sources of IEEE infrastructure costs Specifying their distribution throughout IEEE organizational units Rules associated with infrastructure costs are contained the Finance Operations Manual (FOM), section FOM.2 Copies available Ad Hoc Industry Relations Committee:  Ad Hoc Industry Relations Committee President Anderson/BOD appoints 2005 Industry Relations Ad Hoc Committee (Chair, Jim Leonard) in February 2005 Jim Leonard was working on MOU at Boeing since 2003 IEEE Board of Directors approved funds in 2004 to investigate corporate partnerships under the Membership Project (Chair, Moshe Kam) Begins to evaluate whether IEEE can partner with industry in arrangements that are beneficial to both IEEE and the corporations Internal Stakeholder meeting held in May 2004 Market research conducted by SPG (Boston) in 2005 IEEE Finances:  IEEE Finances 2004 Actual Actual is $22.8M net positive $21.6M favorable to budget Operations is $11.4M favorable to budget 2005 April Forecast Forecast is $7.4M net positive Forecast is $5.7M favorable to budget 2006 Budget Preliminary budget is a net surplus of $1.1M Additional Budget Considerations Still Under Review IEEE FinCom is working the items and does not anticipate any issue closing the budget with the BoD principles of a net zero or better budget Transnational Scan:  Transnational Scan High-lights of a presentation by Mike Lightner, 2006 IEEE President, at June 2005 IEEE Plenary Session Population for Selected Countries :  Population for Selected Countries 42, 50 42, 47 41, 52 39, 50 39, 44 36, 39 32, 41 24, 32 39, 44 Median age (2002, 2030) World population continues to explode from 2.6 billion in 1950, to 6.2 in 2002 and 9.1 billion in 2050. In 2002, China is the most populous country in the world and India, the second most populous. India gains population rapidly and eclipses China in total population in 2037. The world’s less developed countries (LDCs) will have a “youth bulge.” Nearly 50% of the world’s population could be less than 18 years old by 2020. Sources: U.S. Census Bureau - Population Division, International Programs Center, International Data Base and Population Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations Largest IEEE Membership Outside the U.S.:  Largest IEEE Membership Outside the U.S. R-7 (as of December 2004) China :  China China has come of economic age Oil demand will grow 3.4% per year through 2030 Total volume of imports and exports reached $1 trillion in 2004 More than 400 of the world's 500 biggest companies are in China China’s use of electronic media has exploded. (See chart) China’s educational system produced 337,000 science and engineering bachelor’s degrees in 2001 and 220,000 were engineering alone S&E degrees represent 60% of all bachelor’s degrees earned in China compared to 33% in South Korea, 41% in Taiwan and 31% in the U.S. [Friedman] Factoring out science degrees, engineering are 46% of all bachelor’s degrees in China, 25% Russia and 5% in the U.S. [Friedman] Source: Business Week, Mar 2004 India :  India GDP growth rate is among the fastest in the world Demographic transition with a rising proportion of the population of ‘working age’ (15-59 years) Software development, knowledge-based industries and outsourcing of services Large numbers of well-educated people skilled in English language More than 250 universities (over 900 colleges) and engineering colleges are providing computer education at the degree/diploma level Output of trained engineering and IT human power has increased since 1985, reaching 130,000 in 2000 and is estimated at 300,000 in 2004 Engineers IT professionals Source: National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASCOM) Output of Degree Level Engineering and IT Professionals in India (In thousands) Other Emerging Markets:  Other Emerging Markets Brazil — bulk of foreign direct investment going into services: banking, electricity, and telecommunications Russia — produces more than 200,000 science grads a year. Students are well-trained in computer science, physics, mathematics, and engineering. Bad news is the aging population, aging Russian scientists, thinning ranks of Russian academia Eastern Europe — excellent technical education in the region. European Union membership of these countries offers promising development for these economies. World Economic Data and for Selected Countries :  World Economic Data and for Selected Countries Source: CIA World Fact Book, latest data available as of June, 2005 = Largest in category Slide17:  China’s Tech Revolution Brings Opportunities and Challenges Moving Forward in China: A Different Challenge:  Moving Forward in China: A Different Challenge “IEEE in China” Summit – Held on August 22 at IEEE Headquarters in Piscataway. K.C. Gupta and Peter Staecker among participants. “Expert” presentation in Morning, and “World Café” type discussion in afternoon. A web-based community for continuing discussions 7-page Executive Summary available on web Moving Forward in China: A Different Challenge:  Moving Forward in China: A Different Challenge Discussion to continue: Evaluate the need for a unified and coordinated physical presence Assess business opportunities, first leveraging those currently in process Focus on education first -- improvement in educating engineers, globalize credentials, certification. Assess the role of “membership” in China. Not Business as Usual, but we cannot slow down what’s already in process What should MTT be doing ?:  What should MTT be doing ? Transnational Committee & Region 10 Activities Committee/Coordinator to develop a strategy for positioning MTT-1 in rapidly growing areas of Region 10. An Ad Hoc Committee to focus on this item? Long Range MTT-S Publications Planning:  Long Range MTT-S Publications Planning A joint meeting of MTT-S Publications Committee and Long Range Planning Committee held in June. An Ad Hoc Committee consisting of Karl Varian, Bob Trew, and Linda Katehi looking into this issue More in this ADCOM meeting later… New IEEE Councils:  New IEEE Councils Systems Engineering Council Approved “in principle” in June TAB meeting 8 Societies (including MTT-S) interested Kick-off meeting held August 15-16 MTT-S ADCOM to decide in this meeting EDA Council MTT-S decided to join in June meeting Michal Odyniec, Chair MTT-1, nominated as MTT-S representative New MTT-S Chapter:  New MTT-S Chapter In Brasilia, third in Brazil (others are in Rio and Sao Paulo.) 113th MTT-S Chapter Joint with Signal Processing, Computers, Communications, Power Engineering societies. ADCOM Honorary Life Membership:  ADCOM Honorary Life Membership Number of inputs received after election of the new Honorary Life Member of ADCOM at the June meeting. Questions raised: Maximum number of ADCOM HLM members? Voting privileges? Nomination and election procedure? Etc. Past President’s Council requested to look into this issue and advise ADCOM. PPC has already started discussions, and their input will be brought to ADCOM in future meeting(s). Concluding Remarks:  Concluding Remarks Pleasure to work with MTT-S team - all of you. Last meeting K.C. is chairing as 2005 President. Thanks for your help and cooperation.

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