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Published on February 5, 2009



Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education : Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education Officer Training: President KDP Regional Territories : KDP Regional Territories Regional Chapter Coordinators (RCC) : Regional Chapter Coordinators (RCC) Donna Hubbard Southeast Region Brad Jones Midwest Region Meredith Straub Northeast Region Karen Sprunger West Region Purpose : Purpose To prepare you as a chapter leader to run a successful chapter by helping you: Learn the international KDP chapter requirements Understand your responsibilities as a chapter officer Know the basics of chapter operations International KDP Chapter Requirements : International KDP Chapter Requirements Four minimum requirements for all chapters: Initiation ceremony Chapter reports Chapter programming Conference attendance Chapter Reports : Chapter Reports Annual Financial Report (Treasurer) Aug 1 Rebate check E-postcard Chapter Planning Report (Vice President) Oct 1 Officer Report (Secretary/Counselor) Oct 1 Year-End Summary Report (President) Jun 1 This is a VERY important IRS document! Chapter Models : Chapter Models Choose from Initiation-Only, Standard or Advanced Models The model chosen determines additional expectations for the chapter beyond the four minimum requirements Meeting expectations is a work in progress – they don’t all have to happen now Chapters will receive incentives and awards for meeting expectations Stay connected to the bigger picture. Leadership Positions/Committees : Leadership Positions/Committees Chapter Leader Positions : Chapter Leader Positions All officers must be current on their membership dues in order to serve An officer may serve in more than one position All officer guidebooks can be found online Slide 10: Chair of the Executive Committee Preside over all general membership and Executive Committee meetings Monitor performance of committees throughout the year Organize officer elections and officer transition Make sure all chapter reports are submitted Complete Year-End Summary Report due by June 1 PresidentAKA: Overseer You are the example for the rest to follow. Executive Committee (Required committee)AKA: Exec Board or E-Board : Executive Committee (Required committee)AKA: Exec Board or E-Board Serves as a steering committee for the chapter (decision makers) Responsible for health of chapter Evaluating chapter strengths and weaknesses Setting chapter goals to improve chapter Roles of the President : Roles of the President Act as role model and leader of the chapter, demonstrate a strong, positive image of KDP. Plan and chair chapter meetings and executive committee meetings. Goal setting for the chapter. Communicate regularly with chapter counselor and Regional Chapter Coordinator. Improve office by documenting activities and facilitating chapter elections and officer transition. Think of the BIG picture of the chapter – set direction and lead the chapter to accomplishing its goals and meeting KDP expectations. Role Model and Leader of the Chapter : Role Model and Leader of the Chapter Quick Leadership Tips for Chapter Presidents People support what they create. Don’t expect others to carry out your ideas. Be sure everyone gets involved in the leadership process. The most important letter you ever write will be a thank-you note. If you can’t name five things that your group is busy doing right now, then your group is probably not meeting up to its potential. Counselors are people too! Make sure they feel needed and appreciated for what they do. Role Model and Leader of the Chapter : Role Model and Leader of the Chapter Meetings need variety and creativity. Next time, bring food. Put cartoons on your agenda. Meet at a nearby pizza place for a change. Let someone else in the group run the meeting. If you make it fun, they’ll come back. A successful group is so busy that it does not have time to whine and complain about internal matters. Only members with nothing to do have time to complain! Do not be a martyr. Work hard, yes, but do not complain to the rest of us about what a stress it puts you under. You’ll earn more admiration from us if we see the hard work you do and see a smile on your face. Keep a notebook. Don’t make the person who follows you as president guess how you did it. Role Model and Leader of the Chapter : Role Model and Leader of the Chapter Never underestimate the value of a phone call “for no reason.” Remember that the people in your chapter should be your friends first, your co-workers second. Make time for them. Take a pad of Post-It-Notes and write “yes” on every page. Then stick them all over your room or apartment. It’s easier to think positive when you are surrounded by positive. Always take the blame for a mistake, but never take the credit for a success. Spread that around to the people whose motivated work makes you look great. They need it more. Chapter Meetings : Chapter Meetings Initiation-Only Model = At least one meeting per year Standard Model = At least one meeting per semester Advanced Model = At least two meetings per semester Executive Committee Meetings Initiation-Only Model = At least one meeting per semester Standard Model = At least one meeting per semester Advanced Model = At least two meetings per semester Chapter Meetings : Chapter Meetings Before meeting: Work together with Secretary to create agenda (basic agendas found online) Always have a purpose for a meeting! Arrive early to welcome members at the door and hand them an agenda During meeting: Follow Robert’s Rules of Order Find ways for regular members to participate in meeting Have fun! After meeting: Remind members when the next meeting will be held Hold a short program: speaker, discussion panel, ice breaker, etc. Provide refreshments if possible (cookies, etc.) Working with the Executive Committee : Working with the Executive Committee Who is the Executive Committee? Counselor Chapter President All Required Officers for each Model (may also invite Optional Officers) What happens in Executive Committee Meetings: Goal Setting Approval of chapter budget and payment of expenses Updates on chapter programming Plan chapter meeting agenda President’s Relationship with… : President’s Relationship with… Vice President Second officer in charge Oversees all chapter programs Chairs meetings when president is unable to attend Beginning of Year Report Treasurer Chapter ledger and record keeping is being completed monthly Deposits made and bills paid regularly Annual Financial Report and E-Postcard submitted Chapter is within budget Secretary Keeping minutes and chapter rosters Officer and correct contact info is provided to counselor, chapter and national HQ President’s Relationship with… : President’s Relationship with… Membership Chair Recruitment and initiation is planned in timely manner Initiate Forms and fees are submitted to KDP HQ Meeting recruitment and retention goals Counselor Communication about chapter activities Build relationship between KDP and College of Education Share resources and information Mentoring and advice Committees Are they meeting regularly? How are the chapter goals they are responsible for progressing? Is everyone on the committee participating? Regional Chapter Coordinator Structured conference call at least once a semester Support, ideas and advice Personal visit to chapter every 2-4 years Chapter Bylaws : Chapter Bylaws Update approximately every two years Whenever an official change is made in the chapter operations, the bylaws should be updated. All bylaw changes must be approved by HQ before they are enforced locally Include PIIP and/or recognition program in bylaws Goal Setting/Chapter Planning : Goal Setting/Chapter Planning Short Term Determine what needs to be done this semester Develop a plan to complete those needs Make the plan common knowledge to the chapter membership Long Term Evaluate the chapter as a whole Survey members for interests and opinions Decide which initiatives to focus on for the year Plan programs that will help the chapter stay focused on its goals Create a Chapter Events Calendar to distribute to your members at the beginning of the year! Officer Elections and Transition : Officer Elections and Transition Elections should take place before September 15 each year. Election Methods: Call out for officer nominations (promote everywhere!) Names of candidates must be submitted to Executive Committee no later than 2 weeks prior to the election. Once ballot is created explain voting method to membership: Email vote Chapter meeting vote (must be present to vote) Count votes ASAP and inform membership Officer Training and Transition is the KEY to chapter success. Transition Methods: Officer retreat – facilitated by counselor or student activities Officer meeting – one-on-one training with old and new Semester of shadowing – good for co-officers or if change every semester Officer Training Webinar Passing the Torch! Chapter Awards and Recognition : Chapter Awards and Recognition Initiation Only Model: ACE-Bronze Medal Advanced Model: ACE-Gold Medal; Ace of the ACE Standard Model: ACE-Silver Medal Awards specific to each chapter model Chapter Challenge Plaque Chapter Program Award Officer Above and Beyond Counselor Awards Awards specific to chapter leaders Questions?? : Questions?? Kinship through education… Midwest Region – Brad Jones Northeast Region – Meredith Straub Southeast Region – Donna Hubbard West Region and Community Colleges – Karen Sprunger

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