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Information about PresentSample

Published on March 1, 2008

Author: grays


Slide 1: Discovering Nature Slide 2: WIND air Blow Slide 3: Look up and see the beauty in the sky…. Slide 4: A nice drive up the hill… Slide 5: BIG circles small circles Slide 8: snow trees birds ocean Mountains rocks garden flowers

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Simple Present; Simple Past; Present Perfect; Past Perfect; Future I; Future II; Going to Future; Progressive; Active Passive; If - Sätze; Indirekte Rede ...
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Hello, many thanks for your effort. can you please tell me the use for present simple in other ways or other express ? i can`t understand the meaning of ...
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4530 Simple Present → Simple Past – Verneinung von Verben – Übung 1; 4532 Simple Present → Simple Past – Verneinung von Verben – Übung 2; 5.
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