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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: ILRI-Jmaru


Presenting your Message with Confidence & Impact ILRI Graduate Fellows skills training Nairobi 30th September 2013

How do we make our presentations……….. Memorable Compelling Effective body language and voice Visual Confidence Engaging

Why effective presentation skills? “As soon as you move one step from the bottom, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken and written word” Peter Drucker

What may have led to this?

Impactful Presentations - Tips • Why does it matter? • How do I grab their attention? E.g. tell a story, Joke • How does it relate to the audience (WIIFM) significance • Convincing • Memorable • Scalable Structure • Use visuals whenever possible • 1 point per slide • Few matching colors and fonts Simplicity • Present it loud • Get feedback • Check room and equipment Rehearsal

Significance Can’t find meaning or Have no passion for it? Don’t Present

Structure How you place the building blocks of your story Ensure its Convincing, memorable, scalable

Structure • Tell them what you are going to tell them Memorable opening • Tell them Body • Tell them what you have told them Conclusion


Is it that simple to be simple?

Simplicity Inform me with less text more imagery/Visuals

Rehearsal Presentation As I said blah, blah blah……….. Slow down! Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.

Presenters Impact Body Language, 55% Tone of Voice, 38% Words, 7%

Body Language Tips Postures & Gestures Orientation/ Positioning Proximity Looks/ Appearance Eye Contact Expressions of Emotion Voice

Overcoming nerves during presentations

Could you tell a story instead? LGROUP%20Storytelling%20%28High%29.flv 5 minute taster session

The use of visuals and Multimedia 5 minute taster session

Resources you can use to enhance your presentation • Upload presentations publicly or privately • Download presentations on any topic and reuse or remix • Embed on blogs, websites, company intranets • Share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – cloud based presentation software 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images. At the events Ignite presenters share their personal and professional passions, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minutes. Practice your public speaking skills Download and share images Google images

And finally………… more thing

Preparation: Consider………. 1. How much time do I have? 2. What’s the venue like? 3. Who is the audience? What’s their background? 4. What do they expect of me? 5. What’s the fundamental purpose of my talk? What is my key message? 6. What visual medium is most appropriate for this particular situation and this audience?

Practice Makes Perfect ! Panelists: Susan MacMillan, Joyce Maru, Muthoni Njiru, Tezira Lore, Albert Mwangi ILRI Graduate Fellows Toastmasters Session

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