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Published on July 27, 2009

Author: ryanbretag



Six design and delivery principles for educators. It is time to rethink the delivery and design of a content to more effectively tackle the needs of learners of all ages. The notion of a lecture isn't bad; the method typically employed is bad.

Presenting Sticky Ideas Six Design and Delivery Principles for Educators Ryan Bretag

An amp in the hands of a good guitarist makes the music sound wonderful… in the hands of a bad guitarist, the music sounds awful! Jason Ohler

How can our presentations deliver ideas and learning more effectively?

Principle 1: Cognitive Guidance




The Danger of Cognitive Overload

Do you pause for a long time on one slide?

Do your slides contain words you also speak?

Do your slides contain ideas you don’t explain?

Do your slides contain only words?

Do your slides contain lots of information?

How do I need to rethink my approach to presentations/lectures? Student approach?

Principle 2: Left and Right Brain

Why would you use words when they do just fine in your mouth? Words belong [on paper]. PowerPoint is for ideas. S. Godin

Exciting and Scary World of Color

TIME TO DESIGN AND SHARE Image by David Armano

How can our presentations improve in creating experiences that allow for collaboration and communication instead of shutting it down?

Principle 3: Active, Social Brain

Lecture is the best way to get information from teacher’s notebook to student’s notebook without touching the student’s mind. G. Leonard

Image by David Armano

Principle 4: WWW Environment

Principle 5: Personal STYLE!

10/20/30 The Kawasaki Method

Presentation Zen The Reynolds Method

Presentation Ecosystem The Duarte Method

Pecha Kucha The Dytham/Klein Method

The Simple Idea The Godin Method

Principle 6: The New Basics

Principle 6: The New Basics

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