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Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Soffia


Making Cop9 “CarbonNeutral®”:  Making Cop9 “CarbonNeutral®” Emanuela Menichetti Buenos Aires, December 15 2004 Overview of the main steps undertaken and the results achieved INTRODUCING KYOTO CLUB:  INTRODUCING KYOTO CLUB Non-governmental organization set up in 1998 More than 100 affiliates Companies Local Administrations Industry & Business Associations Objective: Reduction of GHG emissions and product life cycle impacts Instruments Promotion and support of targeted policies Research activities and studies Workshops and training Carbon off-set 6 Working groups Carbon emissions and flexible mechanisms Renewable energy sources Energy efficiency Transports Local administrations Recycling and materials life cycle THE “CARBONNEUTRAL®” INITIATIVE:  THE “CARBONNEUTRAL®” INITIATIVE COP9 in Milan – a great opportunity to promote awareness Idea based on the previous WSSD in Johannesburg Kyoto Club promoted the initiative together with Legambiente Involvement of Future Forests – as a leading company in the sector Developer of the CarbonNeutral® brand Collaboration with the UNFCCC – NGO Liaison Secretary Financial support from the Ministry of the Environment and Regione Lombardia EMISSIONS ASSESSMENT: THE METHODOLOGY:  Energy consumption Travels Premises: Primary data (provided by Fiera Milano) Hotels: specific literature (Energy plan of Venice) External travels: previous COPs statistics (COP7 & 8) Internal travels: based on assumptions Country-specific, cross-checked against WBCSD, IPCC and UNEP IPCC Literature sources Waste Amount: based on WSSD End-of-life: worst-case scenario (landfill) Data sources EMISSIONS ASSESSMENT: THE METHODOLOGY Airplanes: WRI, IPCC Trains: Trenitalia, DEFRA Taxi: IPCC Energy consumption Travels Waste Emissions factors GHG considered: CO2, CH4, N2O (IPCC equivalence factors) EMISSIONS ASSESSMENT: THE RESULTS:  EMISSIONS ASSESSMENT: THE RESULTS Total number of official delegates: 3,866 (based on previous COPs) DETERMINING THE AMOUNT TO BE PURCHASED:  DETERMINING THE AMOUNT TO BE PURCHASED Ex-ante estimates: 3,866 delegates for a total GHG emissions amount of 5,250 tons CO2eq Official COP9 statistics: 5,154 delegates corresponding to approximately 7,000 tons In total 8,000 tons were bought to offset both COP9 and collateral events THE OFFSETTING PROJECT:  THE OFFSETTING PROJECT A 5 MWth biomass-fired boiler for district heating in a small Hungarian town (Mátészalka) installed in Autumn 2003 Biomass represented by local woodchips (<30 km radius) 60% of the wood composed of wood shavings and sawdust The remaining from a FSC-certified small forestry company Baseline scenario: biomass to replace natural gas Yearly avoided emissions: 4,123 tons CO2 The credits purchased represented two years of operation of the plant Emissions reductions verified by SGS Project documentations submitted to C.A.N. DESTINATION OF REVENUES – SOCIAL BENEFITS:  DESTINATION OF REVENUES – SOCIAL BENEFITS As agreed with the Mayor of Mátészalka, the income deriving from the selling would be used for: Demand-side improvements in schools (e.g. changing windows in the Képes Géza secondary school) Planting of “energy forest” Installing condensation heat recovery in the boiler house of the district heating The project incorporated social and economic benefits Creation of new jobs Lowering CO and NOx emissions COMMUNICATING THE INITIATIVE:  COMMUNICATING THE INITIATIVE Aim: to address delegates and involve them Collaterals Website Side-event in the “Italia” pavilion Press briefing THE LEGACY OF COP9: RESULTS ACHIEVED AND FUTURE STEPS:  THE LEGACY OF COP9: RESULTS ACHIEVED AND FUTURE STEPS Example followed by the XX Winter Olympic Games in Turin Own methodology, based on a life-cycle approach Much higher amount: over 100,000 tons Kyoto Club, Legambiente and Ambiente Italia recently established a new entity: AzzeroCO2, partner of Future Forests The aim is to promote carbon offset initiatives in Italy, focusing on: Renewable energy sources Energy efficiency Reforestation Slide11:  Foster local sustainable development Italy: credits sourced by FIPER - biomass district heating substituting oil, verified by DNV Italia FIPER committed itself to reinvest all the funds in new capacity Abroad: high quality credits sourced by FF CARBONNEUTRAL® IN ITALY: AZZEROCO2 Low absolute emission reduction amount but very high awareness raising value Recent TV transmission off-set communicated to millions of people Triggering role of Public Administrations First example: the Municipality of Rome CONTACT DETAILS:  CONTACT DETAILS

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