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Published on January 22, 2008

Author: Tutu1


SUITABILITY OF LTER sites FOR THE APPLICATION OF AGGREGATED BIODIVERSITY INDICES:  SUITABILITY OF LTER sites FOR THE APPLICATION OF AGGREGATED BIODIVERSITY INDICES Cristiana Cocciufa – National Forest Service – Italy Elena Preda – Bucharest University - Romania Aggregating biodiversity indicators for policy purposes: sense or non-sense ? Activity 2.2 What does LTER site mean?:  What does LTER site mean? L ong T erm E cological R esearch For long time series……… 1985 2010 It is a “monitoring container” Plot (PMP) Instrumentation Meteorology, precipitation Air and precipitation chemistry Soil and foliage chemistry Soil water chemistry Run-off water chemistry Vegetation Hydrobiology “Formal” and “not formal” LTER sites:  “Formal” and “not formal” LTER sites “Formal” LTER sites belong to an ILTER (International Long Term Ecological Research) country. “ILTER consists of networks of scientists engaged in long-term, site-based ecological and socio-economic research. Its mission is to improve understanding of global ecosystems and inform solutions to current and future environmental problems” * “LTER-like” sites are not included in ILTER but consist in environment facilities or platforms with a long term history of monitoring activities and so a potential to become formal LTER sites; examples: -ICP Forests Lev. II plots -ICP IM sites -……others * ILTER Strategic Plan and Operations Plan, 2006 Slide4:  Bulk open field precipitation collectors in Italy CONECOFOR PMP PIE3 “Devero” ICP Forests Lev. II plot Interaction between biotic and abiotic factors Through-fall precipitation collectors and stem flow collectors in Latvia “Zemgale Region” ICP IM site cc cc LTER sites and biodiversity:  LTER sites and biodiversity Vegetation structure Ground vegetation Vegetation inventory Bird inventory Deadwood Epiphytic lichens Hydrobiology of streams…………… Moving from physical-chemical monitoring issues to biotic parameters and integrating the resulting outcomes, biodiversity research becomes possible: Main monitoring topics useful for biodiversity assessment Slide6:  UN-ECE ICP-IM 14th Annual Report 2005 Aggregating biodiversity indicators for policy purposes: sense or non-sense?:  Aggregating biodiversity indicators for policy purposes: sense or non-sense? 5 biodiversity aggregated indices to focus on: NCI Natural Capital Index RLI Red List Index STI Species Trend Index CLE Critical Load Exceedance CI Connectivity Index Questions to be answered: What are these indices ? What kind of parameters are needed ? What are they used for ? Are they robust both from a policy and scientific point of view? Then To what extent can LTER data match those parameters and contribute to the calculation of biodiversity aggregated indices ? Slide8:  Total data set of LTER database: 1185 LTER and LTER-like sites in Europe Natural Capital Index:  Natural Capital Index “Ecosystem quantity" is the percentage area of a residual healthy natural habitat or ecosystem in the country; “Ecosystem quality" is a measure of ecosystem state based on several ecosystem quality variables and calculated as the ratio between the current state and a baseline state referred to an intact ecosystem (as 100%). LTER like sites realising monitoring activities of species composition Distribution of “formal ILTER” sites and their area (ha) Red List Index:  Number of (threatened) species, in each IUCN Red List category, moving between categories in two following assessments, owing to genuine improvement or deterioration. Red List Index Parameters monitored within LTER sites Population dynamics Total species richness Threatened species LTER like sites that are realising monitoring activities of threatened species Species Trend Index:  Species Trend Index Number of individuals (population size) in some selected species populations and their statistic change in time (long time data series). As far as plant species are concerned, population composition computing for STI at european level could be surrogated by coverage dataset at stand level. Population dynamics Parameters monitored within LTER sites Parameters needed for NCI, STI and RLI computation and their availability in all LTER sites. Critical Load Exceedance:  Critical Load Exceedance Deposition data for one or more pollutants producing effects (for example acidification from sulfur and eutrophication from nitrogen) and the critical load for those pollutants in the ecosystem concerned. The index is calculated as the difference between the deposition level and the critical load (EX=Dep-CL). Parameters monitored within LTER sites Dry deposition Eutrophication Soil nutrients (N) Water nutrients Parameters monitored in all LTER sites needed for CLE index computation. Connectivity Index:  Connectivity Index Average size (square kilometers) of the ecosystem not cut through by major artificial barriers or infrastructures in the country or regional area Distance (kilometers) between the centre of an ecological unit (patch) and the boundaries of the same unit Territory's perimeter Parameters monitored within LTER sites Scale of operation (size) Structure Land cover Land use Spatio-temporal distribution of all LTER data sets. Final remarks::  Final remarks: LTER and LTER like sites represent a great potential basin of environmental data across Europe Their strenght is in 1) long term data series and 2) in the intensive monitoring of the environment that is conducted through times When looking in LTER or LTER-like sites for data sets needed to calculate biodiversity aggregated indices, a positive feedback is usually available but a direct test phase could be useful in order to demonstrate the actual suitability of those data for the computation of the indices

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