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Published on August 24, 2008

Author: gattusai



Presentation / Public Speaking Skills : Presentation / Public Speaking Skills Business Presentations Chitra Parthasarathy Presentation Vs. Public Speaking : Presentation Vs. Public Speaking They are not different, yet not similar. The speech is your message in its most basic form. The presentation conveys your message in multimedia form, utilising your voice, body language, visual aids and various other techniques to involve your audience. Art or Craft : Art or Craft Public speaking is not an art, but a craft. Presentation Defined : Presentation Defined A presentation is an opportunity to put across to a specific audience new information and ideas in an attractive, interesting and persuasive way using audio/visual aids. Factors for Consideration : Factors for Consideration Objective: Be clear on what you want to achieve. Audience: Find out the size, level of knowledge, ability, interests and likely attitudes. Design: Plan your material. Timing: Stay within the time allotted. Visual Aids: Availability and in good working condition. Location: Conditions to be comfortable for you and your audience. A Clear Purpose : A Clear Purpose A speech has to have at least one of four objectives: To inform. To entertain. To touch the emotions. To move to action. A good presentation covers all four objectives. Audience : Audience Questions to be answered: Who are the audience? Why are they here? What level of knowledge will they have? How many people will there be? What do I want them to do as a result of this presentation? Designing the Presentation : Designing the Presentation The foundation for effective speaking is thorough presentation not just knowing your subject, but ensuring that it will be incorporated in an interesting, structured and appropriate presentation. Preparing a Speech : Preparing a Speech Determine the subject and the purpose Know your audience Collecting the material Organizing and outlining the speech Developing and wording the speech Delivering the speech Timing : Timing The effective speaker is time conscious. The rule to observe is: Make the subject fit the time available, not the time the subject. A speech must be like a woman’s skirt; long enough to cover the topic yet short enough to be interesting. – Winston Churchill. Visual Aids : Visual Aids They can: Attract / Hold Attention Aid Memory (Audience’s & Speaker’s) Explain Complicated Ideas More Easily Make your presentation look more professional Take pressure off the presenter by diverting the audience’s attention Be used over and over Amuse, interest and challenge Our Bodies Speak Volumes : Our Bodies Speak Volumes Messages are conveyed in many ways besides words 7% by words 38% by tone of voice 55% by body language i.e. 93% is conveyed using Para-language Ensure your body and mouth are in concurrence sending the same signal! Presenting With Confidence : Presenting With Confidence Facial Expressions – SMILE Eye Contact Gesture – hands, shoulders, movement Handling nervousness Appropriate dress The Value of a Smile : The Value of a Smile It costs nothing but creates much. It enriches those who receive, without impoverishing those who give. It happens in a flash and the memory of it sometimes last forever. It creates happiness in the home, fosters goodwill in a business and is the countersign of friends. Yet it cannot be bought, borrowed or stolen, for it is something that is no earthly good to anybody until it is given away. Standing Tall : Standing Tall Tilt your head slightly upward. Stick your chin and chest out with stomach in. Drain the air from your cheeks. Exhale. Smile softly. Scan the audience and establish eye contact. Stand with your shoulders back. Standing Tall (Contd…) : Hold your hands open, relaxed. Do not stick them in your pockets. Have your knees relaxed and not locked. Your spine should be straight – Do not slouch! Stand with your feet slightly apart – both men & women! Breathe slowly, deeply and evenly. Standing Tall (Contd…) Coping With Nerves : Coping With Nerves A few minutes steady breathing to reduce the high charge. Pause for about ten seconds, look at the audience. Smile – if you feel like it and can do it confidently. Take a drink of water if suffering from dry mouth. Stand firmly with feet slightly apart. Coping With Nerves (Contd…) : If using notes, take time to adjust them. Look at one person in the audience, preferably in the front row. Never look at the floor. Never tell a joke if you are nervous. Coping With Nerves (Contd…) Deliver Right : Deliver Right You may have the right words but the way in which you say them becomes crucial. Control and vary volume to enliven the talk. Enunciate clearly and distinctly. Change the pace to enhance interest. Calculated pauses increase impression of confidence and control. Flexible pitch will add to the variety of your delivery. Effective intonation adds to the liveliness and variety. Emphasis : Emphasis “I didn’t tell Suma, Ram is stupid”. Someone else said it. “I didn’t tell Suma, Ram is stupid”. But I soon might. “I didn’t tell Suma, Ram is stupid”. I only hinted it. “I didn’t tell Suma, Ram is stupid”. But I told Raju. “I didn’t tell Suma, Ram is stupid”. I said Alok. “I didn’t tell Suma, Ram is stupid”. But he certainly was. “I didn’t tell Suma, Ram is stupid”. Just that he is dumb. ??? Question Time ??? : ??? Question Time ??? A chance to reinforce the image of authority and competence you have created. Listen carefully, focusing on the exact question. Maintain good humor. Make it clear that you welcome and value the response. If you don’t know the answer – say so! Make Your Mark : Make Your Mark Leave them laughing…. Leave them crying….. Leave them with hope…. But please do not just leave them…. Remember : Remember Fit your topic to your audience’s interests. Organize your presentation. Never read your speech. Practice and rehearse your speech over and over. Dramatize, emphasis, energize. Pause frequently. Start slowly and gradually sped up to a comfortable pace. Look happy and confident – Smile.

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