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Published on November 21, 2007

Author: BeatRoot


“Behavioural Based Safety” Establishing A Safety Culture:  “Behavioural Based Safety” Establishing A Safety Culture Contents :  Contents Poor Safety = Disasters History of Safety Why Behavioural Based Safety (BBS)? ABC Model The 6 Pillars of Behavioural Safety BBS Implementation in Rashpetco ( Case Study) Value Added Poor Safety = Disasters:  Poor Safety = Disasters Flixborough 1974 & Bhopol 1984 & Piper Alpha 1988 Piper Alpha 60 people died Bhopol 3800 people died Flixborough 28 people died El TEMSAH DISASTER – EGYPT 2004:  El TEMSAH DISASTER – EGYPT 2004 BP Explosion-Texas City 2005:  BP Explosion-Texas City 2005 Buncefield Disaster – UK 2005:  Buncefield Disaster – UK 2005 BHN Disaster- India 2005:  BHN Disaster- India 2005 Slide8:  History Of Safety Hardware Software People Time Incidents Continuous Improvement 70s & 80s Late 90s 50s & 60s Triple Constraint:  Triple Constraint Cost Time Scope QHSSE Balanced Project Robust Quality & Safety Systems = Enhanced Business Performance Risk Management Key Part in a Successful Project:  Risk Management Key Part in a Successful Project Risk Management:  Risk Management Risk Management Planning Risk Identification Qualitative Risk Analysis Quantitative Risk Analysis Risk Response Planning Risk Monitoring and Control Activities required to effectively identify, analyze, and respond to project risks Slide12:  Values Attitudes Behaviours Beliefs Ethics Procedure Risk Assessment Above the surface - tangible causes, eg. systems, processes, structures Beneath the surface or at the root of the tangible causes Iceberg Principle Underlying Causes Of Incidents Causes Of Injuries:  Causes Of Injuries Most injuries are caused by unsafe acts and unsafe behaviors not unsafe conditions and equipment. This is typical for all industries 4% Unsafe Conditions 96% Unsafe Acts Safety Culture Maturity:  Safety Culture Maturity PATHOLOGICAL GENERATIVE PROACTIVE CALCULATIVE REACTIVE Not Driven Avoidance Driven System Driven Continuous Improvement Driven Value driven No Systematic Management Basic Systems for managing loss Systems managing health and safety risks Safety Actively Managed with Workforce Safety inherent in the heart and mind of the organisation People Driven Safety (Independent-Interdependent ) No Systematic Management of Safety System Managed Safety (Dependency) Slide15:  1. Prediction of Incidents 2. Combination of Behaviour 3. Free Learning Opportunities 4. Better Tracking 5. Better Understanding Advantages of Behavioural Measurement What is behavioural Safety?:  What is behavioural Safety? Uses behaviours as performance measure Removes barriers and motivates safe behaviour It is a programme based on the principles of behavioural psychology, also known as behaviour modification, (BBS) is a technique for modifying behaviour of workers to make them work safely. Behavior is what a person DOES to be safe or put themselves at-risk:  Behavior is what a person DOES to be safe or put themselves at-risk Behavior is objective, observable, and measurable. Behavioral Change Requires an Understanding of the ABC Model:  Behavioral Change Requires an Understanding of the ABC Model The ABC Model Explains Why People Speed:  Consequences The ABC Model Explains Why People Speed Wear & tear Late Open road Sports car Sunny day Emergency No cops Wreck Ticket Personal injury Waste gas Save time Fun! Speeding Guide or direct the Behavior(s) Motivate the future occurrence of the Behavior(s) Property damage Others are speeding Police car Speed limit signs Drivers education Consequences Influence Behviours:  Consequences Influence Behviours Slide22:  Behavioural Based Safety Implemention in Rashpetco Slide23:  Rashpetco/Burullus is one of the largest Natural Gas companies in Egypt and accounts for more than 40 % of the total gas production in Egypt. Rashid Petroleum Company (Rashpetco) was formed to develop and produce gas from Rosetta offshore gas concession. The Joint Venture partners are: E-Gas - 50%, BG - 40% (Operator) & Edison - 10%. Burullus Gas Company was formed to develop & produce gas from West Delta Deep Marine offshore gas concession. The Joint Venture Partners are : E-Gas 50% ;BG-25% (Operator) and Petronas-25% Rashpetco / Burullus cover all upstream activities like exploration, drilling and production. It employs more than 900 staff and long term contractors between Cairo and Idku in Alexandria where our plants exist. Rashpetco & Burullus BBS : How it works?:  BBS : How it works? Observation and Measurement Feedback and Trends Behavioural and Root Cause Analysis Implement Recommendations Slide25:  The BBS process started in end of 2003 in the operations site in Idku with the help of Ryder March consultants and was sponsored by BG Egypt. At the end of 2004 the BBS was introduced to the Simmian Sienna Saphire construction project that had a workforce of circa 2000 employee and was one of the largest gas projects in Egypt. In January 2006 Rashpetco started the BBS in offices and was one of the very first locations to cascade the behavioural trainings to office environments. History of Behavioural Based Safety (BBS) 1st Pillar- Awareness Raising :  1st Pillar- Awareness Raising 60 Observers were trained in Idku site on observation techniques and communication skills. 10 BBS committee members in Idku and 19 in Cairo were trained on ABC analysis, 5 WHYs, Brain storming and other problem solving techniques to conduct root cause analysis on observations findings. 200 observers were trained in 2006 on BBS in Rashpetco offices. Their training included the intervention skills and behaviours modification. BBS Trainings BBS Committee Meetings 2nd Pillar-Measurement:  2nd Pillar-Measurement Different checklists were developed by the BBS committees to suit different work environments ( e.g. Operations sites , Construction sites , offices ) All observations are captured and trended on a monthly basis to find key unsafe behaviours. The results of the observations are analyzed in the bi-weekly BBS committee meetings. 3rd Pillar Management Commitment :  3rd Pillar Management Commitment BBS targets are leading indicators in Rashpetco HSE score card. Senior Managers having BBS targets in their annual performance contracts. Departments are setting their own BBS targets and linking them with the incentive scheme. Monthly awards from the Chairman for best observers in Cairo and Idku. 4th Pillar- Feedback:  4th Pillar- Feedback Monthly feedback emails to all staff detailing the progress of the BBS process. BBS progress is an integral part of the monthly safety meeting in Idku site. BBS is part of the monthly HSE newsletter that is distributed to all staff. Committee members communicating the BBS results with their team members. 5th Pillar Root Cause Analysis:  5th Pillar Root Cause Analysis Analysis is done during the BBS committees meetings on a monthly basis in Cairo and Idku The analysis is based on the trends identified ( Safe vs Unsafe) ABC analysis and 5 Why Analysis are conducted to identify root causes of unsafe behaviours. Impact matrixes are developed after the root cause analysis to identify best available solutions. Actions from the committee meetings are tracked and reviewed on every meeting 6th Pillar- Ownership :  6th Pillar- Ownership The two BBS committees in Idku and Cairo are formed from representatives from all departments. The committee ( not the HSE department) analyse the data and suggest recommendations which gives high ownership to the workforce The workforce designs the checklist to cover the major unsafe behaviours in the workplace. BBS logos designed by the workforce. BBS Committee Meetings BBS Logos BBS in Rashpetco Projects:  BBS in Rashpetco Projects October 2004 introduction into a construction contractor workforce of 2,000. Nomination of BBS Champions (construction managers) Observation checklist designed to cover construction unsafe behaviours. (e.g. Scaffolding , PPE, etc) Initial intense training of observers High staff turnaround required regular training of observers. Prizes for best observations were awarded to maintain motivation. Slide33:  Over the last two years the BBS process achieved remarkable results. More than 30 BBS training sessions were conducted in dual language (Arabic and English), involving the national and expat staff including long term contractors in Rashpetco. More than 2000 observations received in 2006. All of these observations were recorded, trended and the out comes used as a basis for root cause analysis. BBS process was a key element in improving communication between staff; especially for those who have been trained on intervention and feedback as part of their BBS training. The effective implementation of the BBS process reflected on improving the workforce perception towards safety. Main Achievements Behavioural Based Safety Slide34:  Rashpetco received a Certificate of Achievement from RoSPA ( Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents) for implementing an effective work based BBS programme. RoSPA is a UK based organisation that was established 80 years ago. It aims at promoting safety and preventing accidents Main Achievements Value Added :  Value Added Employee involvement Reducing injuries/incidents Intervention/analysis/solutions Taking ownership/responsibility Actively caring Learning the ABC principles (Activators, Behaviors, Consequences) Value Added :  Value Added Provides behavior data –facts - that goes beyond common sense Builds positive attitudes and positive reinforcement Promotes coaching/education/teamwork Shifts thinking from priority to value Working safely without injuries Supports project schedules and budgets Slide37:  "It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent: it is the one most adaptable to change“   Charles Darwin We Need To Change our way of thinking Thank You:  Thank You

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