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Information about Presentation2

Published on February 14, 2014

Author: s0016541


I began by inserting my image onto photoshop. After, I wanted to get rid of the yellow tone to the background so I went to Edit>Auto color. This brightened up the background. Following this, I wanted to put my mast head behind my model, so I used the ‘Quick Selection tool’. This tool allows me to quickly select the head. Once the head was selected I duplicated the head into a new layer by clicking ‘CTRL+J’ or left click and then click on ‘duplicate layer’.

To make sure the mast head went behind the head (layer 8), I made sure the ‘REVOLUTION’ layer was beneath layer 8. Putting the mast head behind the main image give the magazine a more professional look. After, I put the sub mast head ‘women in music’ above the mast head. This is because this issue of my music magazine is a special edition. Putting the sub mast head above the main mast head reinforces the importance of this issue and that it is a special edition.

I then began to edit the face of the model… I filled in my models eye brows by using a soft paintbrush with the colour but the opacity was set to 21% and just went over the natural shape I began by contouring and highlighting the face. I did this by using the ‘Dodge’ and ‘Burn’ tool. The ‘Dodge’ tool is used to highlight areas of the face (highlighted in purple) and the ‘Burn’ tool is used to contour areas (highlighted in red) For the eyes started by taking the paintbrush tool in a soft brush and a green colour and painted over the eye ball, to change her eye colour. I then downloaded some eyelash tools to enhance and elongate her lashes. For the lips I followed the same technic as the eyes and brows but instead of green/black I used a bright red

I made my features different to other magazines, but also conventional. I added ‘>’ to make it more edgy but looks more professional I edited the ‘NATASHA’ on powerpoint by cropping out the middle and adding in ‘THE NEW QUEEN OF POP’. This makes my magazine more unique and will make It stand out. I added a plus sign on the right hand side, this allows me to add more of the artists that are featured in my magazine. For my features, I used a variation of fonts including ‘Milford’ and ‘Dubriel’ which I downloaded from ‘FontSpace’

Finally, I added my barcode in the right hand corner, which in conventional. I also added the date and issue number near the barcode instead of near the mast head so that it doesn’t distract the audience away from the connotations surrounding the ‘Women In Music’ theme.

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