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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: eilisbell


INITIAL CONCEPTS The concept for this image was the same as the previous enlargement however this image is more intimate that the last one as it is a mediumclose-up of the subject. Thus the audience may feel more connect to the subject.

COMPOSITION I considered the composition of this image thoroughly so that the audience would feel compassion for the subject. For instance, the subjects head it turned and is facing downwards which makes the subject look defeated and ashamed. I also wanted it too appear as if the subject is looking at the blood and bruises on her shoulders and wondering what 'she' did to deserve it. This relates highly to my theme of animal skins/fur and how skinning animals of their fur and skins has evolved into something that people are so nonchalant about.

ANGLE The angle for this image is again a 'point of view' angle which means that the audience are are able to empathize with the subject and the message that is being put across. The subjects face is also half turned away from the camera which again forces the audience to look to at the image closely to try to understated why the subject is not giving direct eye contact to the camera/viewer. As this shot is medium close-up I wanted the subjects face to be immaculate to draw a comparison between the surrealism of the subjects face and the message that I am trying to put across; the subject looks 'doll like' and not real just like how people choose to believe that nothing 'bad' really happens to the animals who are skinned.

IMPROVEMENTS Despite the fact that i like the composition of this image and the way that it is displayed to the audience i still believe that there are improvements that could have been made. For instance, i think that although the bars of the cage add to the effect of the image i still think that they almost get in the way of the subjects face and expression. As well as this the subjects top is also showing in the image which i think ruins the atmosphere slightly however there was not a lot i could do about that aspect of the image.

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