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Published on April 18, 2008

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Slide2:  March 7th, 2007 Geoff Collins Wunderman Bangkok Database Marketing, and Customer Relationship Management Purpose:  Purpose The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate that the development of a database marketing capability in tandem with a direct mail programme presents a significant business opportunity to postal organisations Direct mail can generate an incremental revenue stream, substantially increase postal volumes and profit, and significantly reduce re-direction costs Several other postal organisations have already developed this capability with excellent results What you will see today:  What you will see today Definitions Background The opportunity Profiling Of funnels & fish Looking Forward Positioning direct mail as a media channel as a point of differentiation Differentiation – How to develop a data driven capability Summary Definitions to avoid any confusion:  Definitions to avoid any confusion Direct Marketing is a 1:1 interactive system of marketing which uses one or more media to effect a measurable response or transaction Direct Mail is a (media) channel used to deliver a measurable, personal, direct marketing message to a targeted person or company Relationship Marketing or Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) is managing the complete customer experience in pursuit of an intimate customer relationship, resulting in longer-term customer loyalty, value and profitability A database is the engine to automatically manage many of the processes required to record, profile, segment, report and measure changes in customer behaviour Data capability – ability to implement database driven relationship marketing ATL = Above the Line = all paid media space we see or hear – TV, press, magazine, radio, billboard etc BTL = Below the Line = 1:1 communications B2B or B2C – direct mail, email or E-dm, SMS, unaddressed or junk mail, etc Review of direct mail capability across AP:  Review of direct mail capability across AP Asia Pacific is the most diverse region in the world, - economically, politically and culturally Comprised of 18 countries, ranging in population from the world’s most populous to others with only a few million people The region is far from homogenous, with GNP per head ranging from less than US$1,000 to more than US$30,000 Drawing common conclusions is irrelevant, as differing market maturities dictate that different direct mail strategies are required in different countries; - in some countries POs have sophisticated direct marketing organisations, while in others just delivering the mail is the daily challenge Both Japan and Korea have restrictive laws over public access to lists and databases which limits direct mailing opportunities Review of direct mail capability across AP (cont):  Review of direct mail capability across AP (cont) Consequently, today there will be a greater focus on the initiatives being implemented in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand, where I’ve worked with postal organisations You may think that your country may not yet be ready for a direct marketing industry, or that your postal organisation is not yet ready to start implementing a DM capability However, by being aware now what infrastructure you need to plan and develop, you will see how a direct marketing industry can be established and grown, with substantial benefits to Post It needs baby steps not giant strides Sort of questions we get asked every day at Wunderman in Thailand:  Sort of questions we get asked every day at Wunderman in Thailand “Where can I find expat, high income, potential patients who live in Bangkok?” – Samitivej Hospital “How do we identify SME’s running large fleets of vehicles, that would use our Fleet Card to better manage and control their fleet costs?” – Caltex Thailand “I need to convince 5,000 prospective commercial architects & engineers to specify high rise aluminium composite cladding, - where do I find them?” – BFM Thailand “Where can I find, 50,000 professional, Thai males, aged 25 – 35, who live in Bangkok, earning more than 35,000 Bt per month, socialise with friends at least twice a week and are Black Label drinkers” – Johnnie Walker If you have a direct marketing capability in place then you would be able to answer these questions and sell the data The more profiled the data, the more valuable it is Why the sudden interest in relationship marketing from business?:  Why the sudden interest in relationship marketing from business? Globally, in many OECD countries: ATL media is increasingly untargeted, fragmented, expensive and cannot be measured postal volumes of statement mail are declining due to client mailing consolidation and electronic substitution postal volumes of direct mail are increasing, where specialist direct mail business units have been established to promote its use Most postal organisations see the promotion of direct marketing, as the way forward to counter falling postal volumes, increase profit and prepare a path for future growth However, many POs are unsure where to start – today we will give you a direction Slide10:  A NZ bank has launched an initiative to save trees - and costs - by encouraging customers to get their bank statements online over the internet. The bank estimates that if its 1,000,000 + customers opted to do their banking online, it would save 40,000kg of paper pa not to mention postage costs of ~US$4M Mail share is shrinking as businesses seek to reduce costs The Opportunity:  The Opportunity The culture of Postal operations is similar world-wide, they’re operational and process driven by nature Some just privatising, some Government run, most are seen as trustworthy, community minded, good value, but old-fashioned As profiled customer data is difficult to obtain in AP, the opportunity is for POs to establish themselves as the pre-eminent list suppliers to the DM industry POs are in a powerful position to mange the creation of direct marketing databases and sale of segmented lists, before potential privacy laws restrict their operations Only PO’s have the means to keep their lists regularly refreshed via postal redirections and returned mail GNA costs can also be significantly reduced The Opportunity (cont):  The Opportunity (cont) When combined with other postal operations like vehicle registration more depth can be added to the data, increasing its value Firstly, there is no need to capture and enter data on every delivery point and customer – that is the job of the Census Bureau Direct Marketers are only interested in prospective customers that have been profiled against certain attributes, identifying those who have purchasing power and who demonstrate a predisposition to purchase by direct mail Profiling in this manner enhances the real value of each name Never forget it’s about the quality of the list, not the quantity of names What is Profiling?:  What is Profiling? Just a list of names and addresses has little or no value We know nothing about the customer at all apart from an address Profiling is learning more about the recipient eg: Geographic – zip code, people of certain incomes tend to cluster in certain zip codes Gender – M or F Age Occupation Income Education Children Type of car owned Credit cards held Frequent flyer clubs Sports and hobbies Etc We don’t want to sell names and addresses, we want to sell audiences, just like other media - press, radio, TV or billboards, who back up their buying with comprehensive research What is Profiling (cont)?:  What is Profiling (cont)? Once we have such information it can be segmented and sold In the UK, you can develop a limited profile from a person’s address, as the address has a structure – house, number, road, zip code For a developing country making sure that all the roads have a name and being informed of new roading development, will enable you to ultimately have the right structure in place to develop a direct mail industry Go to New movers list 20,000 people move each month Rural consumers, people who live in the country, and buy using mail order Rural farmers list 78,000, by farming activity – sheep, beef, dairy, pig etc You also need a developed credit card market to drive the industry as in most cases it’s about buying a product or service A data capability will also reduce your GNA’s & redirection costs:  A data capability will also reduce your GNA’s & redirection costs It costs NZ Post between US$0.25 cents to US$40 to redirect or return mail NZ Post can’t be sure but it believes it processes about 40M GNA’s a year in a country of only 4M people Do the maths, the savings are huge, at a minimum US$10M pa Service industry target segments best suited to direct marketing:  Service industry target segments best suited to direct marketing Service based industries need audiences of potential customers with similar characteristics to existing customers Financial – credit cards, loyalty, wealth management, etc Automotive – car sales, service, finance Healthcare Telecoms Airline frequent flyers & holidays – frequent flyers Insurance Utilities Luxury goods (high margin) Barriers to success:  Barriers to success We cannot grow the direct marketing industry if we cannot achieve the following measure the response to any direct mail campaign support the development of a profiled list industry develop volume pricing for direct mail provided it meets certain mailing criteria eg: pre-sorted by zip code in quantities over 1,000, 10,000, etc develop a GNA strategy for returned mail with feedback to list brokers to keep lists clean encourage more creative designs of DM packs, - you can charge more, it’s more profitable as it’s well proven that the more creative the design of a DM pack, the more likely it is to be read develop close working relationships with the DM industry – agencies, list brokers, printers, fulfilment houses, database and analytics If the DM industry in your country is immature that gives your postal organisation a tremendous opportunity to be the leader in the industry and support development initiatives Slide18:  Of funnels & fish Ford profiling case study How to convert suspects into prospects into customers The Consumer journey, converting Suspects into Prospects into Customers:  The Consumer journey, converting Suspects into Prospects into Customers AWARENESS CONSIDERATION SHOPPING TRAFFIC SALES OW’SHIP ADVOCATE Target Prospects (Phase 1) Early Information (Phase 2) Test Drive Invitations (Phase 3) Order (Phase 4) Referral (Phase 5) Ford profiling strategy How do we get customers to respond?:  How do we get customers to respond? Looking forward The Vision for the 21st Century :  Looking forward The Vision for the 21st Century “Your Share of Loyal Customers, Not Your Share of Market, Creates Profits!” Lester Wunderman How can Postal organisations in Asia Pacific better differentiate themselves?:  How can Postal organisations in Asia Pacific better differentiate themselves? The current situation internationally:  The current situation internationally Globally, postal volumes of statement mail are declining due to client mailing consolidation and electronic substitution Many postal organisations see the promotion of direct mail as the way forward to counter falling postal volumes, increase profit and to prepare a path for the future Postal volumes of direct mail are growing where: direct mail volumes can be measured postal organisations have established a specialist direct mail business to promote the use of direct mail have a strong relationship with direct marketing agencies and industry suppliers have a strong association with the direct marketing association in each country Direct mail industry is massive and growing:  Direct mail industry is massive and growing Millions Growth in 2003 USA US$48,600 5.6% UK £2,531 2.1% Canada C$1,589 5.8% Australia A$1,546 10.5% New Zealand NZ$408 14.5% In Japan direct mail peaked in 2001 at US$3,070 M, before declining after a postal rate increase In NZ, direct mail now accounts for > 52% of total domestic consumer mail volumes Australia employed 22,000 people in the DM industry in 2004 Wunderman Bangkok is responsible for ~ 12M direct mail pieces pa, mainly finance and automotive categories IBM employed 1,400 people across AP in DM in 2000 AC Nielsen research in NZ found that about 80% of direct mail is opened and read, while in Australia it’s about 90% Also in Australia, they found that solicited direct mail is the media most enjoyed by consumers (74%), followed by newspapers and magazines (55%) Key drivers in direct mail growth:  Key drivers in direct mail growth Traditional media channels are becoming increasingly fragmented, with falling audiences, increased media rates, and greater client pressure to measure the effectiveness of campaigns In the US in 1965, advertisers could reach 80% of consumers with just 3 prime time 60 second TV commercials In 2002, advertisers could reach 80% of consumers with 117 prime time TV ads Technology advances are driving a shift to one-to one marketing 70’s was blanket coverage, mass media 80’s segmentation 90’s tighter profiling and better software, improved segmentation 2000 and beyond one-to-one Wunderman globally is now significantly larger than Young & Rubicam its parent There is no substitute for direct mail:  There is no substitute for direct mail Wunderman’s experience is that alternative e-channels like email and SMS, do not compete with the pulling power of direct mail You need to consider the environment in which the message is consumed; an email or SMS has a half-life of a few seconds, it’s mass, direct marketing direct mail is tangible, it’s read, put aside, read again, considered and then acted on While the cost of using e-channels is lower, many of Wunderman’s direct mail campaigns clearly demonstrate that the cost per response is higher, especially with higher ticket items like cars Eg a client deploys > 40,000 E-dms to customers who have opted in to receive information Opening rate ~4% of which only 10% click through, only 160 people, a 0.4% response, DM would be about 5% SMS or email will not create a relationship, but they can sustain one, especially with “news” targeted at clients of loyalty programmes The results speak for themselves:  The results speak for themselves Source: Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Consumers influenced by automotive advertising channels The Way Forward Positioning direct mail as a Media as a point of Differentiation:  The Way Forward Positioning direct mail as a Media as a point of Differentiation “The Consumer, NOT the product must be the hero” Lester Wunderman Media shares of the total media rate card expenditure in NZ:  Media shares of the total media rate card expenditure in NZ 2003 2004 Copyright Nielsen Media Research The direct marketing vision for the 21st Century:  The direct marketing vision for the 21st Century Direct marketing now accounts for over 58% of all marketing communications spend including advertising and PR Most postal organisations across AP have no idea how big their direct mail industry is, how fast it’s growing, or what revenue or profit it generates Older media channels do not disappear when replaced by a new one, direct mail will not be replaced by email or SMS……but in order to grow it requires new services that will enhance its perceived value Marketers want to see a return on their investment and with direct mail we can measure cost per response, cost per sale, ROI, etc Mail has become the cornerstone of one-to-one connections between consumers and business, and business to business as RESULTS ARE MEASURABLE by customer, by campaign There’s no time like the present to begin to foster, develop and implement a direct mail capability within your organisation Positioning Post as a Media:  Positioning Post as a Media With the shift to one-to-one communications, Postal organisations not only own a distribution channel, they own a very compelling media channel, no different to TV, press, billboard or radio, which has a lot more value Media channels are priced on their perceived value, not their actual cost, you need to consider how you can price direct mail to obtain a premium return: eg research confirms that more direct mail is read if received on a Saturday, the opportunity is to charge a premium for a Friday delivery, just like TV or press charge on a cost per response basis, providing all replies are returned to you, this is very appealing to marketers, as it moves a fixed cost to a variable cost You need to collect data and build a database capability to supply segmented lists to the industry that adds value for your clients Differentiation How to develop a data capability:  Differentiation How to develop a data capability “The Consumer, NOT the product must be the hero” Lester Wunderman First steps:  First steps If you want to grow your share of direct mail you need to do 6 things well, before you do anything else Use existing data and build a list capability to start with, it could be as simple as identifying all those who are farmers by type eg rice, sugar cane, rubber, beef etc Put in place the infrastructure to support data collection, data refreshment, GNA processes and keeping delivery addresses current Develop volume pricing breaks for direct mail that are pre-sorted by zip code Build a strong relationship with the direct marketing organisation in your country; they’ll be your biggest advocates and buyers of lists Measurement - without it, how do you know what direction the industry is heading, it’s the POs responsibility to gather statistics on direct mail – this can be easily achieved via lodgement slips at time of mailing Instil in every employee how important direct mail is to the organisation for future growth Using existing data to build a list capability:  Using existing data to build a list capability Every postal organisation should be the definitive general list supplier in any market List competitors only exist because postal organisations let them, by not meeting customer needs The most valuable lists in Australia and New Zealand are: New movers list, people who have notified Post that they have changed their address They are much more likely to buy a new refrigerator, paint, furniture, curtains, carpet, do renovations, etc Second most valuable is the Rural Business list Farmers, suppliers Great for mail order catalogues, which generates even more business for posts If your PO runs a redirection service then you already have this data in house Quick snapshot of New Movers List:  Quick snapshot of New Movers List In NZ, about 20% of the population change their address annually When a mail redirection form advising of a change in address is completed at a Post shop or on-line, the data is entered into the New Movers database ~23,000 new leads every month This list is of great value to appliance and DIY companies 60% of new movers purchase a new refrigerator 65% of new movers will buy paint Those companies that purchase the new movers list all use direct mail to make offers to the new home owner Can sort by postcode, title, occupancy type, moved before date, moved after date, new address, old address, etc Updated weekly Refund on GNA’s Meets NZ Privacy Act List rental Set-up US$120 Records US$120 per 1,000 records Quick snapshot of Rural Delivery list:  Quick snapshot of Rural Delivery list List includes all farmers around New Zealand Can choose from >100,000 individual records Can sort by postcode, title, occupancy type, type of farm (beef, dairy, sheep, crops, size of farm, hobbies, etc) Can overlay data to identify say beef farmers who like golf, making any mailing more relevant and increasing response Very high levels of DM readership Refund on GNA’s Meets NZ Privacy Act Updated weekly List rental Set-up US$120 Records US$180 volume structured Infrastructure to support data collection and list accuracy:  Infrastructure to support data collection and list accuracy Requires a central consolidation point for all mail redirections and GNA’s for data capture, cannot be done at the local level, unless all branches online to HQ Once collated and entered this data needs to be disseminated to the relevant postal departments Make sure it is Opt-In to ensure local Privacy Act compliance if you have Consumer Privacy laws in your country Further profiling to add more data to the rural delivery list can be added by incentivising farmers to fill out a form on their type of farm, hobbies, etc which increases the value of the list You need to guarantee a minimum level of accuracy, typically should be about 95%+ and any returns are refunded after the list is updated from any GNA’s returned You do not need to guarantee response as that is dependant on the communication, offer, etc not the list Develop volume pricing breaks:  Develop volume pricing breaks You need to have volume structured discounts for the direct mail industry, that reward you; eg - pre-sorting, or post-paid replies One size does not fit all, you need to support non-standard envelope or package sizes, creative packages enhance the value of the industry, increase the likelihood of the mail being read, and you can charge extra for it Ensure the DM department owns direct mail volume pricing, it’s not part of normal delivery pricing, and they don’t understand the model!! Structure price discounts around: Volume Pre-sorting of zip code in address label Discounts for post-paid which further grows mail volumes Day and time of lodgement, may be cheaper on low volume days Eg: 1 -10,000 25cents per letter not the normal 35 cents per piece 10,000 – 30,000 20 cents per letter Further 5% discount if lodged on a Tuesday morning between 9am and 11am Developing relationships with the DM industry:  Developing relationships with the DM industry You need to form a close association with the direct marketing and advertising industries to ensure they are kept informed of your initiatives You need to partner with your local DMA NZ Post is the premium sponsor and partner of the NZ Direct Marketing Association providing over US$800,000 in support each year Check out who to contact, Wunderman can assist you through our 18 offices across Asia Pacific If there is no local DMA, consider starting one with the DM industry, that way you’ll always be the premium sponsor Measurement:  Measurement You need to be able to measure the size and growth of the industry so you can price it competitively alongside other media This can be done by recording quantities when volume mail is lodged with the PO You need to be able to prove that direct mail works in your markets, it’s not hard Generally, the less mature the market, the greater the response you’ll get In mature markets works best where credit card penetration is high so that direct mail can be used for catalogue shopping Adding even more value to the list:  Adding even more value to the list Greater value can be added by selling on a cost per response (CPR) basis rather than just a name eg: If a name on our list shows that they have bought by direct mail before, then that name is more valuable than one who has not We could sell that name for say US$0.10, but we would be better selling on a CPR basis at say US$0.40, but charging only if that name responded To ensure transparency, all responses would come back to the Post where the records would be updated and the client billed Adding value to a list:  Adding value to a list A database of postal addresses or PAF has no real value to a prospective list buyer if nothing is known about the attributes of the people on it We need to build a profile of the person in order to add value to the list and increase the value of the revenue stream eg: Where do they live? How old are they? What is their income bracket? What car do they drive? What type is it? How old is it? How many children do they have? What are their ages? Who do they bank with? What credit cards do they own? Where do they go for their holidays? Who are their mobile and land-line providers? What frequent flyer clubs to they belong to? What is their propensity to purchase by direct mail? etc We don’t want to sell names and addresses, we want to sell audiences, just like other media - press, radio, TV or billboards, who back up their buying with comprehensive research from AC Nielsen Adding even great value:  Adding even great value Posts could simply be a list provider, supplying from a database they maintain and watching their mail volumes grow However, an even greater opportunity is to move from being just a list supplier to building a “best practise” direct marketing capability and selling those services to your clients This is what many postal organisations have done around the world Case Study - mesh block segmentation:  Case Study - mesh block segmentation Ride-on lawnmower manufacturer wanted to use direct mail as a channel to sell direct to lifestyle block owners of 2 hectares or more in the spring, when grass growth was at its peak More affluent rural areas were targeted as each sale was worth more than US$3,500 Targeting relevancy was an issue, as many blocks were smaller than 1 hectare and owners would have no use for a ride-on lawnmower, and wastage costs of an expensive DM pack would be high Mesh block segmenting of the NZ Post rural database identified all those properties larger than 2 hectares and reduced the quantity of packs to be mailed and subsequent postage costs Manufacturer sold in excess of 290 ride-on mowers 8 step summary for a data driven capability:  8 step summary for a data driven capability Start by using existing data to build a list capability eg box holders Profile by questionnaire Infrastructure to support a data driven strategy data collection data storage data hygiene and GNA processes Volume pricing breaks Measurement Build relationships with DM industry In house training Baby steps In Conclusion:  In Conclusion Today we have reviewed the core drivers for the implementation of a successful direct mail marketing strategy and how a database marketing capability is required in order to drive it Learn to walk before you run, there are a lot of bear traps along the way There is no one size fits all across the region, make contact with the direct marketing agencies to establish what their immediate needs are and where you can make the quickest gains Wunderman offices across the region want to be involved in growing the industry and would welcome the opportunity to work with you Please feel free to contact me at for our local office contact details If there’s a single thought I would leave with you it’s this: make contact with your local direct marketing organisation now, and work as partners to grow the industry together Questions Thank You:  Questions Thank You The Wunderman Way Our Approach:  The Wunderman Way Our Approach Slide49:  What do We do? Create and sustain profitable dialogue, driven by data insights Grow relationships and sales through brand experiences Our Philosophy:  Our Philosophy The Consumer, not the product must be the hero Our Philosophy:  Our Philosophy Advertising must change not just attitudes towards a brand, but also Behaviour, with measurable results Measurement is at the heart of what we do:  Measurement is at the heart of what we do In everything we do, we seek to generate a measurable response by utilising a data driven strategy We search for ways to create relevant dialogue with each customer to create a meaningful relationship with our clients’ brands Creating dialogue and driving a response defines who we are, we are not defined by the means we use (eg DRA, DM, e-mail, SMS, events, teleservices, etc), these are simply channels of response Measurement is at the heart of what we do (cont):  Measurement is at the heart of what we do (cont) “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” - the results of all our marketing communications activity is measured then replicated or fine tuned to improve the result by: Setting measurable targets for all marketing activity Continuously measuring & monitoring the performance of our marketing activity vs the established target and industry benchmarks Calculating the ROI on all marketing activity Analysing what worked and what didn’t, and most importantly why Fine tuning to improve marketing effectiveness and drive cost efficiencies A data driven strategy can solve many marketing issues like:  A data driven strategy can solve many marketing issues like How do I find prospects interested in my product? Am I getting the kind of customers I want? How can I effectively convert my leads into customers? Should I be doing more for my best customers? How do I stop customers from leaving? Which customers are likely to buy each product? What’s my website doing for my business? How much should I invest in my customers? How can I get more out of my media budget? How do I measure customer lifetime value? A data driven strategy will::  A data driven strategy will: Achieve a qualified, measurable response from the customer by ensuring relevance when delivering…. The Right Message to the Right Person with the Right Offer at the Right Time Slide56:  Customer Up-sell Case Study “Acquire customers with the intention to loyalize them” Lester Wunderman Objectives:  Objectives Objective: To encourage Ford credit customers to purchase the new Ford Ranger at launch (this was the first time that a DM pack had been used) Strategy: Analysed Ford loan payment history data to target only those customers who had paid off their existing auto loans, or were within 6 months of paying them off Incentive was an instant pre-approved credit voucher, made the customer feel special (no forms no fuss), and it was easy Creative:  Creative Bookmark with offer Front Offer Envelope Results:  Results Achieved 200% of target conversion rate More than 5% of target mailing purchased vehicle Return on investment from campaign > 500% The most responsive campaign ever from Ford Credit Slide60:  WHO ARE WE? Our experience – the Wunderman heritage advantage:  Our experience – the Wunderman heritage advantage A remarkable achievement of industry firsts: 1958: founder of the world’s first Direct Marketing Agency in New York Coined the term “direct marketing” over 40 years ago, now moved on to “personal marketing” Prolific author and artist In ‘04 he received the 1st ever DM Educational Foundation’s Vision Award Considered to be the godfather of - Direct Marketing - Supplements 0800 toll-free number DRTV Virtual Store Our heritage is Lester Wunderman, founder & Chairman Emeritus An inspiration across the network as Senior Advisor and overseeing the future development of our business Wunderman Top-line facts:  Wunderman Top-line facts Top 3 global relationship marketing ranking Advertising Age Top 5 interactive agency Adweek Roots in classic direct marketing – generating sales End-to-end offering Channel agnostic, channel versatile Customer-insights driven ROI focused Member of Young & Rubicam Brands:  Member of Young & Rubicam Brands Slide64:  104 countries 1,700 offices 70, 000 people Wunderman Bangkok:  established 1993 largest Wunderman office in AP largest relationship marketing company in Thailand regional data hub office +30% growth pa TDMA /TMA/ Advertising Assoc of Thailand Wunderman Bangkok All our regional database expertise is based right here in Thailand, it’s not imported Wunderman Bangkok Primary Clients:  Wunderman Bangkok Primary Clients Relationship Marketing Creative Awards in 2005:  TDMA 2005 Supreme Campaign Awards Citibank x 2 Ford x 2 Gold x 4 Citibank Silver x 4 Citibank Bronze x 4 Citibank Silver x 1 Ford Diners Global Marketing Award – Credit card launch Citibank Regional Marketing Award x 2 Match & Win Clear Card Idol Relationship Marketing Creative Awards in 2005 Our core business:  Strategy Tactics Behaviour Brand Advertising & Brand building Event Marketing B2C/B2B CRM Strategies Acquisition Retention & Loyalty Activation & Repurchase Database Marketing Channel & Trade Marketing Sales Promotion Our core business Capabilities, Skill-sets & Experience, connecting what we do to what clients require:  Capabilities, Skill-sets & Experience, connecting what we do to what clients require Wunderman’s core skill is in data driven customer acquisition and lead management; customer retention and relationship management; and customer stimulation – cross sell and upsell Client focused activities Acquire Activate Cross-sell/up-sell Generate a lead Launch new product Create trial Reactivate Retain Build advocacy Wunderman core practices Direct response advertising Direct mail E-dm & SMS campaigns Web development Data profiling & collection Data analytics & segmentation Telemarketing Sales promotion Channel & trade marketing Slide70:  106 dedicated, passionate, results driven specialists Thank You:  Thank You What is your strategy for differentiation?

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