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Published on November 6, 2007

Author: Denise


Wales Culture & Education 威尔士的文化和教育:  Wales Culture & Education 威尔士的文化和教育 Presented by Virginia West Director Wales International Consortium Slide3:  The UK Wales Maps Slide4:  Wales Study Destination Wales Slide5:  Wales for Culture Slide6:  The People The Welsh are descended from many ethnic groups including the original Britons, Celts, Romans and Scandinavians. The population of 2.94 million has undergone much change over the centuries, with many inward and outward migrations of population. Slide7:  Welsh Language Welsh is spoken by about 20% of the population. It is one of Europe’s oldest and most musical languages, often referred to as the “language of heaven”. Just as Cantonese or Shanghai dialect is spoken by a large number of people in China; Welsh is spoken by many people in Wales. Nevertheless, English is the main daily language in Wales like Scotland and Ireland. Bore da Good morning Nos da Good night Diolch Thank you Slide8:  Dragons In Welsh mythology, King Vortigern ordered two sleeping dragons – one white, one red, to be awoken. A ferocious battle lasting many years began but finally the red dragon was triumphant. It is now the symbol of Wales. Slide9:  Myths and legends are at the heart of Welsh culture. The Mabinogion A group of medieval stories known that dates from the 11th century. It includes Arthurian romances, the story of Afanc the monster in the lake and also Annwn, King of the Fairies. Arthur and Merlin The Gododdin is one of the earliest surviving poems written in Welsh by the bard (poet) Aneirin around the year 594, and contains the earliest known reference to Arthur. The reputed burial site of Merlin the Wizard is near Carmarthen and his Round Table is still there in the Roman remains at Caerleon near Newport. Devils Bridge The town of Devil’s bridge near the University of Wales Aberystwyth takes its name from a legend of a clever old lady who outwitted Satan! Myths and Legends Slide10:  Leeks and Daffodils The daffodil and the leek are national flowers of Wales. The leek was adopted after St David advised his men to wear leeks in their helmets as they went into battle so that they could identify friend or foe. The flowering of Daffodils coincides with St Davids Day. Two varieties of daffodil are unique to Wales, the Tenby Daffodil and the Welsh Daffodil. Slide11:  Welsh Lovespoons The tradition of giving a lovespoon as a romantic gesture dates back centuries. The earliest known example dates back to 1677 and is kept in The Museum of Welsh Life in Cardiff though the tradition probably dates back far before that. Each different spoon has a different romantic meaning - a diamond means wealth and good fortune, a dragon means protection, a daffodil means affection, and a double spoon means togetherness. Slide12:  Wales is well known for its unique cheeses and wines, famous Welsh beef and lamb, and fresh fish and seafood. Swansea has UK’s oldest and largest indoor market which is still located in the city centre. Traditional Welsh recipes include Laverbread - A traditional welsh delicacy made from seaweed. Welsh Cakes - A traditional welsh snack, similar to scones, made from flour, butter, eggs, sugar, currants and/or raisins. Cawl - Stew-like dish consisting of meat and vegetables Bara Brith - Sometimes known as speckled bread. There are almost 40 food festivals a year in Wales celebrating the culinary traditions of Wales alongside those of China, India and other countries. Wales for Food and Drink Slide13:  National Eisteddfod first held at Lord Rhys’s castle in Cardigan in 1176. A grand gathering of poets and musicians from all over the country. A chair at the Lord's table was awarded to the best poet and musician, a tradition that prevails in the modern day National Eisteddfod. In 1880, the National Eisteddfod association was formed and charged with the responsibility of staging an annual festival to be held in North and South Wales alternately, and with the exception of 1914 and 1940, this target has been met. Slide14:  Wales justly deserves to be called the "Land of Song". It is a rich source of musical talent with its own world-class opera company, the Welsh National Opera (WNO), and a National Orchestra for Wales. Another celebrated form of musical activity is the Male Voice Choir and Welsh pop bands such as Stereophonics, Super Furry Animals and Catatonia have gone global. Music Slide15:  Cities, Mountains and Sea Slide16:  The education system in Wales is the same as England Pre-school (creche, nursery, kindergarten) Primary school (aged 4 or 5 to11) Secondary school (aged 11 to 16 or 18) The minimum school leaving age is 16 Pupils sit GCSE Ordinary level exams at aged 18 and GCSE Advanced levels at aged 18 GCSE A levels are required for entry to university Education in Wales Slide17:  There are 2 types of schools – state (also called comprehensive) and private (also called independent). There are fees at private schools, state schools are free. Some private schools are boarding schools, state schools are day schools. About 90% of children in Wales go to state schools Pupils sit various tests throughout their school life Almost all schools have a uniform Pupils can have school meals or bring meals from home Primary and Secondary Schools Slide18:  There are currently 68 Independent Schools located throughout Wales. Age ranges from 3 to18+ are covered by the majority of the schools, whilst the others concentrate on either on 3 to11 or 11 to 18+ Pupil numbers at the schools range from 3 pupils in small schools to 838 pupils in larger schools. The smaller schools specialize in pupils with special educational needs who require more individual attention. Most are of mixed gender with the odd one or two single sex schools. Independent Schools Slide19:  . Education for people over compulsory school age (sixteen years), including academic and vocational courses. general education for people of all ages who want to study academic subjects or recreational activities as well as to develop and upgrade work skills. full-time and part-time courses qualifications which are accepted for entry into UK universities Further Education Slide20:  There are 24 Welsh further education institutions (usually called ‘FE colleges’), covering all parts of Wales and all sorts of vocational and academic specialisms. For example, Deeside College works closely with Airbus Industries (which has a factory nearby) to provide training for aircraft and wider aerospace technicians, as well as the other skills needed by a major multinational company. More about Further Education Slide21:  students range from school leavers to older people - in most colleges more than half are over the age of 21. courses from basic literacy and numeracy up to technician level courses young full-time students to part-time adult learners working in industry, and those taking classes for leisure. work-based learning e.g. simulated work environments such as restaurants, hair salons, travel agencies run by students. customer focus and links with the local community. Still more about Further Education.. Slide22:  Higher Education 卡地夫大学 Cardiff University 威尔士东北学院 North East Wales Institute 皇家威尔士音乐戏剧学院 Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama 斯旺西高等教育学院 Swansea Institute of Higher Education 卡玛森三一学院 Trinity College Carmarthen 格拉摩根大学 University of Glamorgan 威尔士阿伯里斯威斯大学 University of Wales Aberystwyth 威尔士班戈大学 University of Wales Bangor 威尔士兰彼得大学 University of Wales Lampeter 威尔士大学卡地夫学院 University of Wales Institute, Cardiff 威尔士新港大学 University of Wales Newport 威尔士斯旺西大学 Swansea University There are 12 higher education institutions in Wales Slide23:  Wales also has English language courses for international students. These are offered in a number of schools, colleges and universities across Wales, in cities and the countryside. Summer Schools and other intensive courses are also run. All providers offer general English courses, and specialisms include academic and business English courses accredited by a number of different examination and assessment bodies. English Language Schools Slide24:  Cities, Mountains and Sea Slide25:  His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales is Chancellor of the University of Wales Slide26:  Typical Subjects Business and Management Arts and Humanities Science and Engineering Medicine Law and Politics Information Studies Computer Studies Media Studies Education Natural Science and Environment Social Sciences Sports Studies Music and Performing Arts Travel and Tourism Slide27:  35 government Centres of Expertise 13 RAE 5* Departments 41 RAE 5 Departments TQA Excellence in Teaching in over 90% subject areas Universities in Wales are evaluated by the UK government Research Assessment Exercise and Teaching Quality Assessment Exercise Slide28:  Some Centres of Excellence, Expertise & Specialisation Chinese Studies Centre Food Industry Centre International Film School Wales Centre for Podiatric Studies Mechatronics Development Centre Centre for Energy Research & Services Supply Chain Management Development Centre Institute of International Shipping & Trade Law Centre for Experimental Consumer Psychology Institute of Grassland & Environmental Research Centre for Advanced Software & Intelligent Systems Institute of Molecular & Bio Molecular Electronics Centre for Advanced & Renewable Materials Centre for Research into Built Environment Manufacturing Engineering Slide30:  Quality higher education Part Time Employment Work in the UK after graduation Free UK Health Services Student discounts in shops and services Lowest crime rates in UK Low cost of living Scholarships and Bursaries Why Study in the UK & Wales? Slide34:  A Bright Future

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