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Published on April 14, 2008

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Slide1:  YES for Europe 27 May 2005 by Geo van der Wilk Introduction:  Introduction Geo van der Wilk (36) Managing Director LogicaCMG Member of NL-board Responsible for division Industry, Distribution and Transport Background Erasmus, Graduated in Econometrics / Informatics Intrapreneur Mobile Business Business Innovation History:  History Founded 1969 Floated on London Stock Exchange in 1983 Founded 1964 Floated on London & Amsterdam Stock Exchanges in 1995 Merged 30 December 2002 Listed on the London (FTSE 250 & techMARK 100) & Amsterdam (Euronext) Stock Exchanges LogicaCMG today:  LogicaCMG today a major international force in IT services and wireless telecoms with a leading position in Europe over 21,000 staff operating in 34 countries £1.6 billion revenues* a broad portfolio of offerings across key industry sectors more than 40 years of experience in IT services a worldwide client base of blue-chip organisations * for the 12 months to 31 December 2004 Broadly based by geography:  Broadly based by geography Canada United States Australia South Africa Japan Taiwan Philippines Brazil Venezuela Egypt Saudi Arabia UAE Mexico India Malaysia Singapore Indonesia China Europe Austria Belgium Czech Republic France Germany Hungary Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Portugal Slovakia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom 21,000 staff Offices in 34 countries Claim for fame:  Claim for fame Did you know that…:  Did you know that… LogicaCMG’s financial software solutions enable the transfer of more than $5 trillion per day LogicaCMG’s systems process two out of every three text messages sent in the world LogicaCMG has delivered one out of every four multimedia messaging centres installed by wireless service providers across the globe LogicaCMG’s software supports a third of the world’s satellites LogicaCMG's systems have been fundamental to the regulatory transformation of energy markets around the world LogicaCMG’s HR outsourcing services process more than $100 billion of salaries globally each year LogicaCMG has around 2,000 SAP experts worldwide and is one of a small number of SAP Global Services Partners Broadly based by sector:  Results for the 12 months to 31 December 2004 Broadly based by sector 2004 Revenues £1.6 billion Telecoms 7.7% Wireless 14.3% Telecoms solutions £365.3m (22%) Energy and utilities £264.2m (15.9%) Industry, Distribution and Transport £325.9m (19.7%) Financial services £259.2m (15.6%) Public sector £443.8 (26.8%) Some of LogicaCMG’s major clients:  Some of LogicaCMG’s major clients Mission:  Mission To help leading organisations worldwide achieve their business objectives through the innovative delivery of information technology and business process solutions. The basic strategic themes:  The basic strategic themes Market focus and differentiation based on: Value-added, mission-critical, repeatable, global offerings Strong relationships (customers, partners, suppliers, staff) Full service provision covering consultancy, design, systems integration, products and outsourcing Innovation:  Innovation Innovation in services, some thoughts:  Innovation in services, some thoughts Resembles product innovation, but there is a striking difference A service is not created from an abstract market view Based on interaction between a service provider and a very real and concrete user Every service is instantiated at the moment a service provider and user have a contractual relation There are many different instantiations of a service The service provider needs to be able to adapt rapidly  A life time is short, changes are frequent and the creation creativity can only take place if fed directly from the relation between the service provider and the user The hype cycle:  Development Exploitation Reality Hype The hype cycle Time Exploration The model: embedded Innovation:  The model: embedded Innovation Services innovation versus product innovation Interaction client-supplier is the core driver for our services innovation Embedded innovation No central R&D institute, but central coordination Balancing Bottum-up initiatives and Top-down strategy Innovation on technology, marketing, business propositions Better copied well, then bad invented ourselves Handling different clock-frequencies Keeping an eye on the future but reaping the benefits now Latest innovation: Machine2Machine:  Latest innovation: Machine2Machine Lisbon, some recommendations:  Lisbon, some recommendations Create a positive ‘economic’ atmosphere Get rid of the fear (recession!) Bank savings are highest ever, but few are spending it! Government should take more lead ‘Innovatieplatform’ is just a small step Stimulate entrepreneurs with new ideas Create combined public and private initiatives in key areas Slide18:  Not the strongest or the most intelligent will survive but the one who is most adaptable to change - Darwin Slide19:  LogicaCMG has taken reasonable care to ensure that the information contained herein is correct at the time of publication. Before using or relying on any content in this presentation, independent verification should be obtained. LogicaCMG accepts no liability nor responsibility for any use of or reliance upon the content of this document.

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