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Published on October 22, 2007

Author: Arkwright26


Decent Work Pilot Programme (DWPP):  Decent Work Pilot Programme (DWPP) Decent Work Pilot Programme (DWPP):  Decent Work Pilot Programme (DWPP) Objectives Operationalization of DW at the country level Office-wide collaboration for an integrated cross-sectoral exercise DWPP:  DWPP 8 Pilot countries Bahrain Bangladesh Denmark Ghana Kazakhstan Morocco Panama Philippines Slide4:  DWPP Design/implementation Putting the process upside-down Perspectives from real lives/field How relevant a DW Agenda What content? What focus? What can ILO support/deliver? Slide5:  Connecting Decent Work with national policy agendas Identification of entry points/focus direct links to national realities/crises/concerns close connection with policy priorities/national frameworks taking advantage of political opportunities continuous interface/consultations with constituents/stakeholders Slide6:  DWPP Country focus/entry points Philippines employment/productivity in the export sector (food processing) «poverty free zones»: DW local development and poverty reduction improving quality of life and work in the urban informal economy Slide7:  Morocco A sectoral approach: Restructuring the textile/garments industry through a DW agenda Slide8:  Ghana Focus on the informal economy /small business sector/local development DW in the GPRS (Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy) Slide9:  Bangladesh National policies to «harness» globalization Competitiveness/productivity/restructuring/privatization of industries/Managing transition and DW Overseas employment/Mingration Child labour Gender equality Slide10:  Bahrain Democratization  freedom of association Labour market reforms (structural) integrated economic & social policies for labour market reforms youth employability a coherent social protection strategy to support labour market reforms Slide11:  Denmark Sustaining high level of competitiveness/adaptability/flexibility/high standards of labour/social protection Kazakhstan Social protection and social assistance Local development and poverty reduction Slide12:  Panama Employment, poverty reduction, inclusive social policies within the growth/competitiveness model Policy integration at the national level:  Policy integration at the national level Levels/types of integration integration of a nationally defined «decent work agenda» into current policy debate/reform agendas; integration amongst thematic entry points: identifying/developing synergies integration at the local level: DW and local development Slide14:  linkages/integration between national and international policy debate integration/coherence/management of ILO support integration between economic and social policies National ownership/«buy-in» commitment/DWPP experience:  National ownership/«buy-in» commitment/DWPP experience tripartite «buy-in» of policy focus: key to integration and DWPP  advocacy, consultations integration of economic and social policies: broader ownership than «tripartite» integrated platform facilitates dialogue: «win/win» perception: evolving context: changing perceptions, commitment  DW to be seen as long-term investment Slide16:  DWPP Tripartite Committees at the national level Stat W E Education Finance Local Development Industry Labour Slide17:  ILO support/advisory Committee NPG Technical Units Field Units Slide18:  Policy Integration: key themes Poverty Reduction New process/partnerships (PRSPs) DW & Poverty Reduction Tripartism & Poverty Reduction Slide19:  Globalization National/international policy agenda Accession to WTO/Trade liberalization Democratization: human rights, fundamental rights at work Productivity, competitiveness: DW as productive factor Slide20:  Labour market reforms: employment, rights and social protection Local development: Gender equality Youth development Slide21:  Problem: Poverty Eradication 39.5% of total population (1999) GNP per capita = $390, ) Problem: Many of the Poor Labour in Informal Economy, especially women… . Integrated Social and Economic Policies which promote growth with equity, including fair and efficient fiscal policies and core labour standards Build Capacity of Trade Unions, Employers’ Associations and Ministry of Manpower Development, to engage more effectively in GPRS participatory processes Decent Work incorporated in Production and Employment sections of the Poverty Reduction Strategy, and Promotion of Decent Work approach Working Hypothesis Sustained rise in the level of output per person in MSE’s will improve welfare of both individuals and economy as a whole. Policy Responses Causes Lack of National Ownership of Policy Agendas Ill-considered Macro-Economic Policies Lack of Decent Work Opportunities Poor Working Conditions Low Productivity Lack of Skills Lack of Safety and Health Lack of Organization and Voice Assist Trade Unions, Employers’ Associations and Ministry of Manpower Development, to form linkages / provide services to MSE sector/Organization/Dialogue Local Economic and Social Development Approach to Promoting Decent Work in the Informal Economy Ghana Decent Work Pilot Programme Lack of Protections Micro-health insurance Business Development Services, Micro-finance … Employable skills Work improvement in Small Enterprises Morocco DWPP conceptual framework :  Morocco DWPP conceptual framework Restructuring of TG to adjust to changing trade environment Industrial up-grading of TG « niches » Economic dimension of Industrial policy Social dimension of Industrial policy Skills up-grading Working conditions Labour relations management Dispute settlement mechanisms Social protectection coverage (health insurance) Need for internal flexibilty Recourse to external flexibility sub-contracting Industrial up-grading will only succeed if it integrates both economic &social dimensions: <Policy success dependant on people> <There is a cost to overlook social dimension> <Growing importance of social image> Investment climate Quality standards Delivery standards Reduction of costs Infrastructure R&D Setting Up a Decent Work Agenda:  Setting Up a Decent Work Agenda Broad social protection Basic rights at work Sustained social dialogue Generate quality jobs Objectives of policy integration at the national level:  Objectives of policy integration at the national level Coherence, consistency, focus Relevance to current policy issues Effectiveness Maximizing resource use Slide25:  Policy integration at the national level DWPP Demand based Supply ILO values and global agenda Future directions:  Future directions DW policies Developing knowledge basis/in-house dialogue on substantive policy issues Typology of integration themes by sub-region, level of development, DW deficits, etc. Practical, user-friendly tools/material Future directions:  Future directions Engaging constituents/stakeholders advocacy, consultations, critical review (national, sub-regional, regional) Interregional exchange of experience Practical solutions, review of experience Conducive “ILO” framework (process), working arrangements Policy integration for decent work:  Policy integration for decent work

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