Presentation To Association Of Strategic Alliance Professionals Feb 12 2009

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Published on February 13, 2009

Author: mbowes



Presentation made to 2009 ASAP Global Alliance Summit in Fort Lauderdale. Describes a joint venture of 5 metalworking competitors to seek new markets and business. Explores elements of innovation in business model in manufacturing. For PPT contact directly.

Standing Out in the Crowd Associated Manufacturing Marketing Group - Mike Bowes – February 12, 2009

.........our commute

building our vision


The Associated Manufacturing Team Sunny Corner Enterprises Hachey Johnson Construction Enterprises - Fabrication All-Tech A Landry Mechanical & Fabrication Hydraulic

our work

why AMMG? • Growth is external • Culture of – sharing & collaboration – self-direction & resiliency – kaizen - Be the Best

STRENGTHS Resiliency Adaptability Forward Thinking Culture of Entrepreneurship Motivated, experienced Workforce ?Favourable Investment Climate? Government support

what crisis?

it is what it is!

...but not the ‘same old’

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results each time Albert Einstein

tomorrow will not be like yesterday

5 competitors working together to Conquer Critical Challenges

[Osterwalder (2004) The Business Model Ontology] INFRASTRUCTURE OFFER CUSTOMER Supplier / PARTNER CUSTOMER NETWORK RELATIONSHIP CORE VALUE TARGET CAPABILITIES PROPOSITION CUSTOMER AMMG VALUE DISTRIBUTION CONFIGURATION CHANNEL COST REVENUE FINANCE STRUCTURE STREAMS Business model •describes the value an organization offers to various customers •portrays the capabilities •identifies partners required for creating, marketing, and • delivering this value and relationship capital with the goal of generating profitable and sustainable revenue streams

our approach.....

Collaboration is the tool that drives change

My Company Your Company Their Company


AMMG Strategic Partnership BROADER SERVICE OFFERING STRATEGIC ASSETS Dedicated business development agency Shared Services Partnership offers significant Better Business Process Management Wider savings to our customers Customer Capabilities Experience Supplier Development Faster time to market Long-term partnership offering a new export-based service model EXPERIENCE & QUALITY GLOBAL DELIVERY Proven Ready to Experience Export Access to port, rail and road Build on track record & experience Proximity to Eastern US and Atlantic ISO 9000:2000, CWB, ASME stamps, Lean Export experience Supported by full range of services

Benefits of working as strategic partners Offering a holistic view across sectors and creating a shared learning approach COST RISK •Reduction in existing cost through • Develop delivery and transition sharing process Consolidate • Automation of processes • Governance support Improve into Processes & Mentoring Teams Long-term partnership offering a new export-based service model QUALITY FLEXIBILITY Cross Train Stabilize Resources Systems •Standardized processes •Quick ramp up / ramp down • High quality resources • Modularised support Continuous cycle of process improvement, system stabilisation, cross training & consolidation of support teams to drive our progress

opportunity driven capability driven

it starts with the target customer

match customer needs Shared Culture 4 S’s Stability Scope give comfort Supply

how are we different?

Only the paranoid survive Andy Grove

Definition Paranoia is an unfounded or exaggerated distrust of others, sometimes reaching delusional proportions. Paranoid individuals constantly suspect the motives of those around them, and believe that certain individuals, or people in general, are quot;out to get them.quot;

we’re not paranoid but........

What Competitive Advantage? it rarely exists

......when it does, it’s short-lived

innovation keys

competitive intelligence

collaborative culture

communicate, communicate

continuous improvement

always setting the bar higher

allow us to focus on the requirements of 21st century economics These Keys to Innovation

focus 20th Century Business 21st Century Economy • Processes • Business Model • Products • Strategic Networking • Services • Management Adaptability innovation & leadership

Examine each part of our Business Model How does AMMG reach our customers? OFFER CUSTOMER Networking Trade Shows, Full service Major Project Missions strategic partner Owners (competitive Intelligence) One-on-one visits Solutions not E-Marketing OEMs Products Networking

strategic networking

anticipate anticipation allows adaptation

anticipate the Future manufacturing economy will return

ready to play

the way ahead is not always clear……

understanding how we ARE different


entrepreneurs foster support celebrate Entrepreneurship


....... Inclusivity ....... Possibility ....... Opportunity ....... Capability ....... Sustainability ....... Responsibility

and eventually....

A High Performance Team Associated Manufacturing

That Stands Out FROM the Crowd Associated Manufacturing Marketing Group - Mike Bowes – August 1, 2008

More on Business Model Slideshare – AMMG or mbowes


Credits.... God Bless


Contact information Mike Bowes Associated Manufacturing or 506-625-5265

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