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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: gaba9999


How To Make A Great Presentation?


Communicating At The Right Style • Tell it like a story; • Speak with a moderate speed; • Avoid an artificial accent.

SELECTING THE RIGHT STYLE There are two main presentation styles: 1. Formal 2. Informal

Formal Following things are – Dressing included in formal style: appropriately. – Using the right language. – Using cartoons or pictures on your slides. – Introducing yourself and thanking the audience.

Informal Following things are included in informal style:  Normally  Brief and  Use on a one-to-one basis to the point Examples  Even in informal interactive style try to make your presentation

Using Effective Body Language  It plays important role in our presentation.  When we give presentation we have to do the following things: – Using our hands – Using Facial Expressions – Make an eye contact to the listeners

Taking Control • You have • You your have to try presentation. full control over your assignment. to keep your audience interested in

Taking Control • You have to: – Show – Define your interest in the – Involve the – Be confident the subject structure audience in your presentation


Researching • Research • Keep the • Audience the right objectives you are The material in Subject for your presenting your mind. to. presentation.

Selecting • Put • Filter it into out The Content words. what is not essential.

Keeping It To The Point • Essential has to be included at any cost. • Helpful used for clarify the message but can be cut down. • Nice to have the supporting material.

Writing A Script It is a three-stage – Preparing – Putting the first the second – Attending to language. process : draft; draft together; the grammar and use of effective

Planning Your Talk

Drawing For right flow of 1. Hostile Audience 2. Friendly Audience 3. Indifferent Audience Presentation information take Layout three-step approach:

What To Say & When To Say • Introduce Your Self. • Involve the • Start with attention. • Closing audience through an unexpected statement should be questions. statement to memorable. seize audience

Aiming For Sell An Idea Three tricks are a. Contrast b. Repetition c. Lists of three used for selling an idea:

Backing Up Your Memory Three I. ways of Memorizing II. Reading III. Using delivering the from notes talk: content a script


Use Picture To Deliver Your Message • Keep it • Leave plenty • Use simple! of space between items for visibility. large fonts. • Clear and • Keep general meaningful. appearance throughout your presentation.

Add Color For Great Impact  Add two  Add colors for  Add colors to base colors for making achieving third color harmony create contrast between two ideas

Working Use the computer With programs – Use scanners to scan data-projector – Introduce animations like: photographs – Use internet for clipart and – Use Computers photographs

Choose Right Equipment 1. Ability 2. Size to audience of equipment 3. Suitability 4. Effect grab on 5. Convenience of and attention. practicality of equipment for the use. occasion. audience. and availability of equipment.

Using Notes And Handouts • Notes and Handouts can also act as • It includes the figures and in the presentation. • They can be distributed details after visual aids. which is not mention presentation.


Develop Interesting Voice Four characteristics 1. Tone 2. Pitch 3. Volume 4. Clarity of voice:

Use Silence And Pause • Silence can be effective more than words. • Aim is to be understood not to say as many words as possible within a given time.

Use Stress And Emphasis Best way for emphasis point is Vary the Pitch.

Project Your Voice • Estimate • Control • Relax • Nodding the projection power. your vocal organs the muscle gently. and in your neck. breathing.

Project Your Voice • Take a • Clear deep your • Relax your posture. breathe and exhale. nose. jaw , tongue and more important your


Speaking The Audience Language Speak that kind of language that understood by your audience. is

Knowing Your Audience • Knowing your your audience. audience • Keep in to them. that mind you means are knows there the problem of for selling solutions

Reading The Body Language You can read body – Posture – Arms and legs – Eyes – Clearing the – Nodding throat language by their:

Avoiding Conflict And Argument • Conflict can make • Admit your bad mistakes reaction and to the listeners. don’t make argument.

Involve Your Audience • Involve your • Involve them audience by by participate asking questions. in live demonstrations.


Setting Environment • Choosing • Large enough • Temperature • Seats the are right space. control. positioned. place.

Setting Environment • Enough • Room space for has enough • Acoustics are aids and equipment. power suitable for points. presentations.

Deal With Stage Freight • You have the right frame of • Relax your muscles and mind. your posture.

Producing Checklist Producing two A. Preliminary B. Checklist checklists : checklist for presentation day

Surviving Unexpected Problems • Don’t • Have leave an • Prepare different anything alternative to chance. plan. to give your visual aids. presentation without or with

Surviving Unexpected Problems • Prepare alternative visual aids. • If you feel your demonstration is not going then abort it better than taking a big risk. to work

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