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Published on March 28, 2008

Author: Cubemiddle


LEARNING BEYOND BOUNDARIES:  LEARNING BEYOND BOUNDARIES Your Choice for Graduate Education Slide2:  VISION AIT will strive to become a leading and a unique regional multicultural institution of higher learning, offering state of the art education, research and training in technology, management and societal development. position itself as a regional hub a leading developer and provider of technical and managerial manpower become a leading developer and provider of highly qualified researchers and faculties. Slide3:  MISSION To develop highly qualified and committed professionals who will play a leading role in the sustainable development of the region and its integration into the global economy Slide4:  CHARACTERISTICS Postgraduate institute with strong research emphasis Internationality with an Asian orientation Interdisciplinary, agile academics Real-life development problems & industrial practice Capacity building for sustainable development Orientation towards professions Global network of partners (top international universities & research institutes) Slide5:  2000 Students from 40 + Countries/Territories 15000+ Alumni from 80 Countries/Territories 23000 Short-term Trainees from 70+ Countries/Territories 130 World Class Faculty from 20+ Countries 800 Research and Support Staff from about 30 Countries About 200 Sponsored Research Projects 29 Board of Trustee members from 21 Countries MULTICULTURAL ENVIRONMENT AIT CORE VALUES AND COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES:  AIT CORE VALUES AND COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Competitive Advantages Relevance and Applicability of AIT’s Academic Offerings to the Region Internationality Alumni Networks Reservoir of Valuable Research Output Complementarities with National Institutions Integration of traditional and cultural values AIT Satellite Centers (Vietnam, Indonesia) Core Values Mutual trust and respect Tolerance for others’ beliefs Ethical conduct in all aspects Social and individual responsiveness Treating others with dignity Respect for cultural diversity Quality assurance Creativity and Innovativeness Unity in diversity Slide7:  EDUCATION at AIT Professionalism across Disciplines Flexible Curriculum Real-Life Development Problems and Industrial Practice Small Class Sizes in Multicultural Environment Global Network of Colleagues. Opportunity for Student Exchange and Dual-Degree Programs. Slide8:  Master's Degree (Full time) Master of Science (MSc) Master of Engineering (MEng) Master of Business Administration (MBA) Master's Degree (Flexible time) Dual Master's Degree Executive Master's Degree Professional Master's Degree Doctoral Degree Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Doctor of Engineering (DEng) Doctor of Technical Science (DTechSc) Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Diploma Certificate Non-Degree Continuing Education Courses for Practicing Professionals DEGREE & AWARDS Slide9:  ACADEMIC OFFERING & PROFSSIONAL TRAINING Slide12:  Entrepreneurship Corporate Governance & Performance Asian Markets & Industrial Competitiveness Public Sector Development & Management Slide14:  Master’s Degree: 22/24 months, including 4 semesters, 2 short and 1 long semester break Doctoral students: 36 months (6 Semesters) Diploma program: 2 Semesters Certificate program: 1 Semester DURATION OF STUDY Slide15:  Master’s Degree and Diploma: Hold a Bachelor degree or equivalent ( 4 year program) minimum CGPA of 2.75 and satisfy other requirements as specified by the School. Doctoral Degree: Hold a Master’s degree or equivalent CGPA of at least 3.50 at the Master’s level and satisfy other requirements as specified by the School ENTRY REQUIREMENTS PROOF OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY :  PROOF OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY Submission of an official test score from any of the following standardized English exams with minimum scores as follows: CERTIFICATE OF UNIVERSITY MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION: This document certifies that you attained your previous degree from a university where the sole medium of instruction was English. OR AIT ENGLISH INTERVIEW TEST SCORE (AITEIT): AITEIT is administered by AIT Language Unit and is normally applicable only to applicants in Thailand. For details, please contact: OR Slide18:  For the doctoral program tuition fee covers moderate research expenditures For large-scale, cost-intensive research, addition funding from non-AIT sources required. Living expenses depend on individual needs and life styles. Tuition and fees are fixed in Thai baht. However, students can pay either in Baht or US$ (at exchange rate fixed in advance each semester). For travel from outside Thailand: airfares, visa fees and other travel costs are to be considered. Reasonable additional funds to offset price/currency fluctuations. NOTES ON TUITION AND FEE STRUCTURE FINANCIAL AID: SCHOLARSHIPS & FELLOWSHIPS:  FINANCIAL AID: SCHOLARSHIPS & FELLOWSHIPS Scholarships (Covering one or more of the following) Tuition Fees Bursary Accommodation Medical Insurance Travel Grant Research Grant Fellowships: Part of Tuition Fees Some opportunities for part-time employment as Student Assistants/Associates Detail information and student guidelines are available on our website. Please click on prospective Student Of the 2000 AIT Students 20% get full scholarships 30% get full tuition financial aid 40% get partial tuition financial aid FACILITIES & SERVICES:  FACILITIES & SERVICES LIBRARY: RESEARCH LABORATORIES LANGUAGE CENTER: STUDENT UNION : CAREER CENTER: AIT Conference Center: CAFETERIA SPORTS AND RECREATION MEDICAL SERVICES VISA ARRANGEMENT PRAYER ROOM Slide21:  NATIONALITY DISTRIBUTION OF FACULTY (Total: 130) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Slide22:  Countries 1. Thailand 822 2. Vietnam 410 3. Pakistan 99 4. Nepal 74 5. Indonesia 69 6. India 66 7. Myanmar 62 8. Sri Lanka 60 9. Bangladesh 57 10. Lao PDR 35 11. Cambodia 33 12. PR China 29 13. Bhutan 20 14. Philippines 20 15. Taiwan 13 16. Mongolia 12 17. France 11* 18. Afghanistan 08 19. South Korea 07 20. Japan 05 21. United States 05 Countries 22. Malaysia 04 23. Maldives 04 24. Iran 03 25. Uzbekistan 03 26. Canada 02 27. East Timor 02 28. Nigeria 02 29. Turkmenistan 02 30. Cameroon 01 31. Germany 01 32. Guinea 01 33. Kyrgyzstan 01 34. Kazakhstan 01 35. Israel 01 36. Italy 01 37. Malawi 01 38. Morocco 01 39. Switzerland 01 40. Turkey 01 41. United Kingdom 01 42. Zaire 01 Exchange Students France 18 United States 08 Finland 02 Canada 01 Germany 01 South Korea 01 Sweden 01 *Exchange and Dual Degree CURRENT STUDENTS (1984 Students from 44 Countries/Territories) Slide23:  MASTER’S STUDENTS BY COUNTRY (As of January ‘08) Slide24:  DOCTORAL STUDENTS BY COUNTRY (As of January ‘08) Slide25:  15000+ ALUMNI from 80 Countries/Territories 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Slide26:  DISTRIBUTION OF GRADUATES by Gender (as of Aug. ‘07) (1961 - 2007) = 3739 =11581 Slide27:  SOME PARTNER UNIVERSITIES FOR STUDENT EXCHANGE/DUAL DEGREE PROGRAM ESCP-EAP- European School of Management, Paris, France Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Indonesia Helsinki University of Technology, Finland Indian Institutes of Management, India Institut National des Tėlėcommunication, Evry, France Kyoto University, Japan National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway Oregon State University, USA Seoul National University, South Korea Stockholm University, Sweden TECHNION – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel Tsinghua University, China University of Tokyo, Japan Universite de Montreal, Canada WHEN TO APPLY?:  WHEN TO APPLY? When most students are admitted in August, for flexibility students can be admitted into certain fields in January. Doctoral students may enter either in January or August Although application deadline are there, Application are received on an ongoing basis Slide29:  HOW TO APPLY? To apply online or download forms please visit: Slide30:  WHAT TO SUBMIT? AIT Admissions Action Form Application For Admission (Form 1) (Must fill all the forms ~7pages) Slide31:  WHAT TO SUBMIT? Two Letters of Recommendation (Form 2) Application For AIT Financial Aid (Form 3) : if applying for AIT financial aid Slide32:  WHAT TO SUBMIT? Attested Transcript(s) of previous degree(s) Copy of Degree Certificates (in English) Slide33:  WHAT TO SUBMIT? International English test score (TOEFL or IELTS or AIT English Interview Test) or Certificate of University Medium of Instruction Slide34:  WHAT TO SUBMIT? If Doctoral Degree applicant, should submit a Research Outline If applying for AIT Financial Aid, should submit essay on how study at AIT will contribute to development in home country Slide35:  WHAT TO SUBMIT? If applying to SOM (MBA or PhD or DBA), should also submit an essay on reason for applying to AIT-SOM, career objectives, and work accomplishments Slide36:  WHAT TO SUBMIT? Acknowledgement Cards A & B Application Processing Fee of US$ 20 Slide37:  Send Complete Application Forms with Supporting Documents to: Admissions and Scholarships Unit Asian Institute of Technology P.O. Box 4 Klong Luang, Pathumthani 12120 THAILAND For further enquiries, please phone, fax or e-mail: Tel. Nos. 662-5245031 to 5245033 Fax: 662-5246326 E-mail: Slide38:  THANK YOU

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