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Information about Presentation Options for Daily Facts

Published on January 17, 2018

Author: AlicestasiaJ


Presentation Options for “Curiouser and Curiouser.”: Presentation Options for “ Curiouser and Curiouser .” Presented by Alice Anderson Points: Points Considered Option 1 – Flash Considered Option 2 – RSS Feed Currently Used – Photoshop Moving Forward – PowerPoint During this PowerPoint, I will present several different options for displaying the new “Fact of the Day” which will feature on the screens and website. Some have not yet been used for this purpose, whereas the others are often used. I will compare them in order to determine their effectiveness in order to decide which is best to use moving forward . Considered Option: Flash: Considered Option: Flash Magicinfo , the software used to upload content to the screens had a Flash option so I looked into it but found that its use would prove ineffective. Anybody not familiar with the software will struggle to use Flash. A large majority of the teachers – and myself – would initially find it difficult to use. The software is old, no longer used as widely as it used to be, and is rendered obsolete by the majority of internet browsers that intentionally block Flash. Adobe, the company that owns Flash, has announced that they will discontinue to maintain the software. It would not be a good idea to use a software that will only be supported for the next two years. Considered Option: RSS: Considered Option: RSS RSS feeds are often used for news, apps and websites can have built-in readers which can be customised to show certain topics from certain sources. I decided to look into creating an RSS feed to show on the screens Although the use of RSS would, at the very least, greatly decrease the need for my input in the layout of the slides, creating and setting up an RSS feed is quite difficult for someone not familiar with the process. The people, myself included, involved in creating these new slides and putting them on the screens would need to be shown how to do it independently. Currently, on Magicinfo you can only customise the size, colour and speed of the text and the colour of the background. This is much less time-effective than the method currently used. Currently Used: Photoshop: Currently Used: Photoshop Photoshop is different from both flash and RSS in that the end product is a static image. Currently, I have a template on Photoshop that I created the first time I was sent the documents of a different presentation to put on the screens. The “DNA” presentations only ever include one image in the same place, the location and amount of information is the same every week so I only need to update the text. The Photoshop documents remain as they are, the only thing that is changed is the text. I use the same technique for updating the Bulletin, as the information remains in the same format. The layout of the “ Curiouser and Curiouser ” slides often changes, meaning the template may have to change. Moving Forward: PowerPoint: Moving Forward: PowerPoint When using PowerPoint, you can save PowerPoints as templates so that the design and layout of the original file can be reused again. PowerPoint also lets you save slides as JPEG files. Sometimes, the way “ Curiouser and Curiouser ” is laid out varies slightly day by day. For this reason, a PowerPoint template would be far more helpful than a Photoshop document, as the presentation can be changed vastly but the template document will remain the same. PowerPoint and Photoshop will have the same outcome, but PowerPoint would be more time-effective as I merely need to change the text and insert an image as a background. Photoshop would require an extra amount of fiddling. Microsoft Office is on every computer in the school. Whereas Adobe software isn’t. It would be best to use PowerPoint just in case another member of staff wanted to be in charge of the content and layout completely.

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