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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: imtiaz2578



The overview on student politics is presented.

ANTI-VIRUS GROUP MEMBERS:  Sara Tarannum(781),  Sabiha Sultana(1257),  Nafiz Imtiaz Noor(816),  S.M. Nasif Ali(817),  Md. Badrul Alam(818),  Md. Abdul Ahad Khan(1991),  Shafaeth Zaman(802)

Presented For: Mashrur Shahid Hossain, Chairman, Dept. of English, Jahangirnagar University.

WHAT IS STUDENT POLITICS?  United form of students,  Negotiates for enhancement of research facilities,  Ensures regular class and accommodation facilities,  Increases the number of books in the library,  Organizes seminars,symposia,presentations,debate.

Global view of student politics  Works for the student’s well being,  Keeps campus clean and environment-friendly,  Provides career counseling for departing students,  Provides student ID and discount cards among general students,  Provides photocopy,computing and electronic services,  Ensures standard medical services at the university medical,  Ensures the campus and halls remain drug free.

Types of students 3 types of students: 1. A type: Career Oriented students, 2. B type: Mid-type Student, 3. C type: Politics Oriented Students.

Historical background of student politics in Bangladesh  Non co-operation movement,  Swadeshi movement,  1952-Language movement,  1966-six point demand,  1969-mass uprising,  1971-Liberation war,  1990-regaining democracy.

Present scenario in Bangladesh  Involvement in terrorism, black money, tender business,  Involvement in dirty party politics,  Work for party and own interest,  Party conflicts,  Misuse of student power,

FIGURE-newspaper headlines from 2001-2006

Effects of political party  Implements political activities openly in the campuses,  Provides firearms,  Involves students in corruption,  Brings out processions whimsically,  Stimulates the students towards unethical activities,  Uses talented and innocent students for party interest.

Pros  Protests injustice,  Introduces new students to new facilities,  Deals with problems that students have with teachers or supervisors,  Manages complaints regarding university examinations,  Solves problems that affect academic performance.

Cons  Deteriorates the quality of education,  Constraint placed by the unrest created by student politics,  Session jam occurs due to student politics,

How to change the condition? 2 ways: 1. Government roles, 2. Student roles.

Government roles  Keep students out of political affiliation,  Fulfill their unmet needs,  Enrich quality of education, facilities,  Restrict use of firearms,  Deploy law enforcers in campuses.

Role of students  Should do politics for the sake of the country,  Should not be activists of political parties,

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