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Published on November 4, 2008

Author: santoshsingh.simer


Presentation OnKANBAN : Presentation OnKANBAN WHAT IS KANBAN : WHAT IS KANBAN A system of continuous supply of components, and parts such that workers have what they need, where they need it, when they need it. Kan "card" Ban "signal” Therefore , KAN + BAN = "signal cards". What is kanban ? : What is kanban ? A method of Just-in-Time inventory replenishment that originated in Japan. Kanban techniques can be used by both “manufacturing” and “non-manufacturing” org’s Kanban systems can be: 100% manual 100% Oracle A hybrid of Oracle and manual techniques Non-manufacturing organizations will likely want to use a hybrid approach Why consider kanban control? : Why consider kanban control? Lower inventory investment Better “customer” service Reduced administrative costs Manual kanban : Manual kanban Manual information system to control production, Material transportation, and inventory Literally means “visible record” or card In the broad sense it is a communication signal from a downstream process (customer) to an upstream process (producer) Cont.. : Cont.. Card which indicates standard quantity of production Maintain discipline of pull production Sample Kanban : Sample Kanban Oracle Based : Oracle Based #1. Setup a pull sequence to define Source, Replenishment, and Planning Parameters Pull Sequence Types of Kanban : Types of Kanban Production kanban (P-kanban) authorizes production of goods Transportation kanban (T- Kanban) authorizes transporting a fixed amount of product to downstream (customer) Kanban square a marked area designated to hold items Cont.. : Cont.. Material kanban used to order material in advance of a process Supplier kanban rotates between the factory and suppliers. Benefits of Kanban : Benefits of Kanban Reduce inventory Product obsolescence. Reduces waste and scrap Less over production Provides flexibility in production Reduces Total Cost Slide 12: Thank You

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