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Published on March 24, 2019

Author: devikamohan


Slide1: TELEPHONES THE STORY OF.. BY 18BEC0009-DEVIKA MOHAN Slide2: In this modern world the smart phones have become an inevitable element in human life from a small kid to old men. Other than for communication, people are even able to carry out complex calculations to home automation ,even device control using their own smart phones! Slide3: In this ever evolving world it would be interesting to have a peep into how all these began once.. WHAT IS THE STORY BEHIND THE TELEPHONES!? Slide4: THE HISTORY OF TELEPHONES Officially Alexander Graham Bell is recognized as the founder of telephones. Born on 3 rd march 1847,in Scotland, he was a great Engineer, and scientist. He was a professor at the Boston University as well as being teacher, he was an inventor. Slide5: The birth of telephones: In the year 1874, Bell was experimenting with the phonautograph,the earliest device used for recording sound to make electrical speech machine. Later that year he met Thomas Watson and began their experiments with acoustic telegraphy, electricity and sound. Slide6: During one such experiment on june 2 1875,Watson accidentally plucked one of the reeds of their phone instruments and surprisingly Bell heard it on the receiver’s end! Bell had advanced his work to the point where he was able to transmit sounds using a method that involved a needle vibrating in water, which caused the electrical current to change. The change in current was what transmitted the sound. Slide7: It was this water-based device that Bell used to utter the words "Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you" to his assistant, Thomas Watson, who was listening in another room on another of the same device. Bell was awarded his patent for the telephone on March 7, 1876 Slide8: The telephones faced the world on august 3 1876 . Messages were sent from Mr peasant and received at Brantford ,proving that the phone worked for long distances too. On 1915 bell and Watson spoke on the telephone over a 3400 mile wire between Newyork and Sanfrancisco. Thus began the era of telecommunication. Slide9: Later…….. 1874-musical telegraph by Elisha gray 1877-carbon microphone (transmitter) by Thomas Edison 1879-TA Connolly and TJ mc Tighe patented a dial phone. 1880-graham bell invented radiophone along with Taintor . In the 20 th century ,the first commercial mobile phone call ,video phone call , etc.. Later the use and purpose of telephones expanded and now its no more used for calling alone. Slide10: This great invention eventually help in integrating various parts of the world together, bought people and lives together and strengthened the communication systems to a higher extend Nowadays the mobile phones are even use for clicking pictures, controlling ACs,fans,lights and even almost the tasks done by a PC! In future it has much wider scopes of even controlling the whole world in a click! Modern world is great full to all these innovators which made life easier and comfortable.. Slide11: THANK YOU…

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