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Published on January 17, 2008

Author: Dario


Slide1:  Communities in the Dora Consolidated School District A Story of Our Past ALLIE :  ALLIE Allie N.M. is in Roosevelt County and is located 3 miles S. of Causey. The first Postmaster was Allie M. Gilmore. The Post Office was established in 1912 and closed in 1923. There is no remains of this town left. McKenzie BELCHER :  BELCHER Belcher, N.M. is in Roosevelt County It is located about 3 miles South of Roller, 2 miles SE of Inez, and 2 miles N of Roebuck. Everett Belcher established a post office in the Union community, near Inez in 1908. This was open for a only a short time, and when it closed he opened a store on his homestead. On June 3, 1910 he established a post office in his store. He also ran a mail route, picking up the mail at Muleshoe and delivering it to the Longs and Inez post offices, then to the smaller post offices in the area, and the homes along his route. The post office closed on October 14, 1911, and apparently the store closed at the same time. It was never laid out as a town, and never had more than one store. McKenzie Bluitt:  Bluitt The name came from the Bluitt Ranch in Texas which was suggested by J. T. Hadaway, former ranch employee. The post office of this small ranching and farming area opened for business July 7, 1916. In 1918, Bluitt had a school enrollment of 22 students. Many changes were made by the Board of Education during the years of 1917-20 to better accommodate the new population pattern. Because of the rapid decline in enrollment, a resolution was passed stating that if any school's average fell below seven for daily attendance that school would have to be closed. By the 1927-28 school term the enrollment in Bluitt had risen to 47, and in 1937-38 it had climbed to 55. It is understandable how each community fought to keep the school in operation, for when consolidation occurred, the town usually declined. The post office closed on January 15, 1944. Lensi Carter:  Carter The community of Carter was located 12 miles north of Causey and a few miles west of Rogers. J. S. Frazer opened a post office on his homestead June 27, 1906, with his wife, Mollie Frazer, as post mistress. It continued in operation until October 31. It was the first post office in the Causey area. Mr. Frazer probably opened a store at the same time he established the Carter post office, but there is no record of it. According to legend, he named his post office CARTER for his neighbor and long time Polk County, Missouri friend, Oliver B Carter. Only one family, the Feel D. Fortner family, also from Polk County, Missouri lived between the Frazer and Carter families. On February 27, 1908 Mr. Frazer sold a half interest in his Carter store to S. F. Anderson. Carter can be very hot in the summer, and cold in the winter. It can also be very windy at times. Lensi Slide7:  CAUSEY Colby Slide8:  This school was located in Roosevelt County 10 miles west of Causey. Richard A. Cromer was Cromer’s first postmaster. The post office lasted from 1907 to 1918. The climate is mild making anytime the best time to visit. Zac Dora:  Dora The Dora post office was established August 29, 1906, with Frederick Humphrey as its first post master, and is one of the few remaining active rural post offices in Roosevelt County. In August 1908 it was announced that Dora will have mail three times a week, shipped from Red Lake, instead of regular mail routes. The Robert L. Yoachum family settled in the Dora community in 1906. Shortly afterwards he opened a general purpose store on his property, and operated it as a side line to his farming. In 1918 when the big drouth set in, he moved to Portales and got a job as a clerk in Joyce-Pruit Grocery Store. The Dora town site was not recorded with the county clerk, so there is no public record of it, but it was an active town from the earliest pioneer days. It had a post office, several stores and other businesses, active church services, and an active school system. Mount Zion was the Dora cemetery and it served many of the surrounding communities and was perhaps one of the largest cemeteries in the area. Tori Slide10:  This school is located in Roosevelt County. It is 25 miles southeast of Portales and 3 miles west of the Texas state line. The Emzy store and post office was in existence from 1918 to 1925. The town was named for Emzy Roberts who opened the store and was the first postmaster. In 1916 William E. Roberts and his wife, Sallie A. Roberts, laid out a town site one mile southwest of Redland, in Chaves County and named it Emzy, after himself. He began an enormous promotion of selling residential lots, and locating businesses in the new town. In January 1920, Emzy Roberts moved his family to Portales for part of the winter. In February 1920, Jim Caviness sold Leonard Widener the grist mill, blacksmith shop and garage at Emzy. Emzy flashed into being, like a comet, and ran its course and disappeared almost as fast. Zac Slide11:  Zac Garrison:  Garrison 29 miles south of Portales and about 5 miles southeast of Causey. The Garrison community began when a post office was established June 18, 1909 and named Leach. It was probably named after C. O. Leach, who was then the post master at Portales. Joel J. Garrison homesteaded and on June 8, 1911 he acquired the Leach post office and renamed it after himself. Garrison was never laid out as a town, but it was an active village with school and church services for a few years. By August 10, 1917 Joel J. Garrison was manager of the dry goods department of Emzy Roberts’ store at Emzy. It is not known if Mr. Garrison sold the Garrison store or closed it down. However, the Garrison post office remained open until June 14, 1919. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorte Valentine Grand Prairie :  Grand Prairie Incorporated as "Grand Prairie" in 1909, the community was first recognized as Dechman in 1863. 1876, Dechman traded half his "prairie" property to T&P Railroad to ensure the railroad came through the town. The railroad named the depot "Dechman" prompting its namesake to relocate his home from Bryan to Dechman. His son Alexander had been living in Dechman and operating a trading post and farm. The post office was opened in 1877 under the name. "Deckman" rather than "Dechman" because the U.S. Post Office couldn't read the writing on the form completed to open the post office. The name of the town changed to Grand Prairie later in 1877. Legend has it that the town was renamed after a famous female actor stepped off the train and exclaimed “My, what a grand prairie.” Corina Hiway:  Hiway Primarily a trading post on New Mexico State Road 18, 26 miles south of Portales. Sometimes spelled Hiway. Other times Highway. Take your pick. Mine is Hiway. Calvin INEZ:  INEZ Inez, on Highway 18, twenty miles southwest of Portales, is several miles removed from Rogers on one side and Dora to the southeast on the other. Evan P. Williams and his wife, Elizabeth Williams came from Arkansas to Roosevelt County in April 1906. They filed on the 160 acres on August 28, 1907. James G. Mullins homesteaded on the 320 acres. Calvin LEACH :  LEACH The post office was in use until 1909 to 1911 then it changed to Garrison. Leach was 10 miles West of Causey, NM. Jeremy Lingo:  Lingo Lingo was 30 miles southeast of Portales on New Mexico Road 92. It acquired its name on March 6, 1918, but the name Lingo has never been authenticated. There are reports that the name had something to do with the way the people talked, but it is also believed that a pioneer family is commemorated. The post office was established on March 16, 1918 and is still active. In 1916 school was being held in dirt dug-out. By the next school term, a frame building had replaced the first single room dirt dug-out. There was a consolidation of Nigger Hill and Willow Hill schools in 1925 and the name was changed to Mid-way. In 1926 the Lingo school was moved to Midway, and then in 1929, the combined group took the name Lingo. Jeremy LONGS:  LONGS Longs Post office lasted from 1907 to 1930. There were two postmasters, Thomas H. Long and Robert F. Long. Thomas H. Long was living in Texas when he came to Roosevelt County in 1906 and homesteaded in what later became the Longs community. On March 6, 1907 Thomas H. Long established a store and post office on his homestead, and he was appointed post master. He named the post office Longs, after his own immense family. Justin Longs was never laid out as a town, but it was a very active community, with a large and active school, churches and always one or more stores. When the Longs school was consolidated with Rogers in 1920 it was a mortal blow to the Longs community, which had a steadily declining population for the past few years. The post office was closed August 31, 1930. On March 26, 1908 W. A. Marrs gave one acre of land near the school house for a cemetery. The people met Monday and laid it off. Longs is located in Roosevelt County 8 miles Northwest from Causey. Nothing remains. MANN:  MANN Mann’s First postmaster was Jasper Mann from 1907 to 1917. Mann is located in Roosevelt County 3 miles Northwest from Carter, 3 miles southeast from Delphos, 2 miles west from Pleasant Hill, and 10 miles south from Portales. Nothing remains. Justin MILNESAND:  MILNESAND Nine miles north of Crossroads on NM 206 is another settlement at another crossroads, Milnesand. The first store was opened in 1910 by Mrs. Lillian Curl. Settlers from Texas and Oklahoma had arrived around 1913 and homesteaded in the area. In 1915, Mrs. Curl became the first postmistress. A merchant named Parker had a Model T chain driven truck, and he hauled freight between Milnesand and Portales. He would also take passengers at $5 each per trip. The unusual name, Milnesand, is due to the deep sandy soil and windmills on a nearby ranch; hence, it was called Mill-in-sand. Valentine Slide21:  Minco Minco was a small community located 4 miles north and 6 miles west of Causey. It had a post office that was running from 1909-1914. There are no remains of this nice little town. Kelsi Slide22:  MT. VERNON Located 11 miles near Causey in Roosevelt County. Mt.Vernan once had a post office from 1910 to 1913. The post office was submitted by: Samuel W MC Whorter GIVENS Located about 1 miles south of Friendship, 2 miles Northwest from Roebuck, 10 or 12 miles northeast of Rogers, and 3 miles northeast of Inez. That should locate it pretty good for you. Givens first postmaster was Joel E. Givens, 1908 to 1913. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter Mark Need:  Need Nobe is located in Roosevelt County, New Mexico. The climate is typical just like the rest of New Mexico. Nobe was 5 miles southwest of Dora; however, one reference book puts it at 16 miles west of Causey. Nothing of Nobe remains. There was a post office in Nobe started in 1907 and closed in 1916. Tori Slide24:  New Hope New Hope is located in the lower central part of the county about 15 miles northwest of Milnesand. There is nothing left of this town. Kelsi Slide25:  NIGGER HILL On April 30, 1877, the Indians killed a buffalo hunter and later attacked Rath’s Store, resulting in the loss of many horses. The hunters, who jokingly called themselves the Forlorn Hope, were led by James Harvey and spent May, June, and part of July on the Llano pursuing the Indians in retaliation. In July the Forlorn Hope united with company A, 10th Calvary, composed of Negro troops under the command of Captain Nicholas Nolan and Lieutenant Charles Cooper. Since Nolan was hunting the same group of Indians the hunters joined him to serve as scouts. On July 26 the associated forces were camped at Double Lake (Twin Lakes near Tahoka, Texas) when word was received that the Indians had been seen heading northwest from Laguna Rica (Rich Lake in Terry County, Texas). The Hunters and soldiers left immediately in pursuit, many not even taking time to fill their canteens because of their haste. “This was the start of the trail that the Indians made ‘strictly dry’, tortuous, and meandering.” The trail crossed Lynn, Hockley, and Cochran counties in a northwesterly direction and entered Roosevelt County, New Mexico near Lingo. There the march ended an a mound, some 50 feet high, which is still known locally as Nigger Hill. After two days without water the pursuit of the Indians ended, and search for water began. Colby Nobe:  Nobe Need is located in Roosevelt County, New Mexico. The climate is typical just like the rest of New Mexico. Need is situated 2 miles northeast of Tartop, 3 miles southeast of Allie, and 5 miles southwest of Lingo. Nothing of Need remains. There was a post office in Need started in 1917 and closed in 1919. Tori PEP:  PEP Pep is on NM 206. The name implies energy and filled with vigor. However, it appears instead to be a laid-back community of ranchers. A latecomer, the post office was established in 1936. Some credit the name to a popular cereal called Pep. Others say it was transferred from Pep, Texas. T. M. Pearce, a place name researcher, concluded it was named by Edward Cox because he wanted it to reflect a lively place for his home and store. Valentine RED LAKE:  RED LAKE Red Lake is located 5 miles west of Dora in Roosevelt County. A dirt tank remains and it is an abandoned settlement. Renee Redland :  Redland Carl S. Turner arrived in Roosevelt County in 1906 and filed on the s2-32-5-37-320 acres on February 19, 1911. He opened a store on his homestead and on September 27, 1907 he established a post office and named it Redland. Mr. Turner was much impressed with the richness and quality of the red soil of the area, and this inspired the name. By January 1910, Redland could boast of three very good stores, a post office, and a blacksmith shop. Carl S. Turner operated a store and post office at Redland in July 1914. Carl was a farmer and stockman and was assisted in the operation of the store and post office by his wife Janie and children, Jack and Laura Turner. Mr. Turner started the practice of putting up ice during the winter and selling it during the summer. J. H. Hill is the proprietor of the second store and cream buying station in Redland in July 1914. He came to Redland in 1911 and opened the store soon after his arrival. In July 1915 Carl Turner sold his store and post office to his competitor, J. H. Hill, whose store was just across the street. The Redland post office survived until July 30, 1917. Corina RICHLAND:  RICHLAND Richland is located 5 miles east of NM 18, 30 miles south of Portales. It is in Roosevelt County and there was once a post office there from 1908 to 1933. Renee Roebuck:  Roebuck Roebuck, which was five miles northeast of Causey, was named for a settler who homesteaded in the region.   There was never a post office, or much of a settlement. It was established because of extra acreage being allowed for a school or homestead located on the land. Nothing remains today except a small cemetery which is called 'The Roebuck Cemetery'. State: New Mexico County: Roosevelt Climate: Sunny, hot, cold, windy, snow, dust sometime all in the same day. Breana Slide32:  Rogers Ethan May 14, 1908: A post office has been established at Rogers, to be served from Carter, 3 ½ miles to the west. Andre J. Maxwell is the post master. Shortly after the town of Rogers was founded, the Anderson-Frazer partnership established a store in the town of Rogers and bought the Causey store, and E.J. Maples, proprietor of the Causey store, was taken in as a partner. S.F. Anderson would be in charge of the store in Rogers, and E.J. Maples would be in charge of the store in Causey. October 15, 1908: Min McNab has ordered a new grist mill for Rogers, and says that when the new railroad gets here he will furnish the company with meal. In 1909 A.J. Maxwell sold his homestead, including the town site, to Mr. H.A. Pitts, and S. f. Anderson became post master at Rogers. September 16, 1909 S.F. Anderson announced that a change had been made in the firm that east at Carter and Rogers, and Mr. Maples had bought the entire story at Causey, and Mr. Frazer will retire from the business and Mr. Anderson will conduct the stores at Rogers and Carte under the name of S.F. Anderson and Son. His son, W.L. Anderson will have an interest with him. Mr. S.F. Anderson will continue as post master at Rogers, and W.L. Anderson will become the post master at Carter. By September 1909 another store, Nash Grocery, was in operation in the town on Rogers, operated by Benjamin B. Nash. On March 17, 1910 Albert Hamby purchases a half interest in the Rogers town site form H. A. Pitts. By this time a windmill had been installed in the town site to supply the town with water. Roller:  Roller COUNTY: Roosevelt ROADS: 2WD CLIMATE: Southwest desert BEST TIME TO VISIT: Any time COMMENTS: Roller. Located 2 miles south from Mt. Vernon. 3 miles north from Belcher. Got it? REMAINS: None Ethan Rogers and Roller Tartop:  Tartop State: New Mexico County: Roosevelt Climate: Hot/Cold and in between Remains: None   Located 15 miles South West of Lingo Breana Works Cited:  Works Cited Roosevelt County History and Heritage, Burroughs, Jean M., Temple Padon, and Pearce Grove. Bishop Printing Co., Portales, NM. 1975. History of the Causey, New Mexico Area and Its Pioneers, Little, Lawrence. Portales, NM. 1995

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