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Published on June 29, 2008

Author: bergel



Traits are a simple composition mechanism for structuring object-oriented programs. A Trait is essentially a parameterized set of methods; it serves as a behavioral building block for classes and is the primitive unit of code reuse. With Traits, classes are still organized in a single inheritance hierarchy, but they can make use of Traits to specify the incremental difference in behavior with respect to their superclasses.

!#$ Lifting your favorite language with Traits Alexandre Bergel RMoD team, INRIA, Lille, France

Outline 1. Limitation of single inheritance 2. Traits 3. Retrospective 4. Freezable & Stateful 5. Conclusion

Stream in Squeak • Example of a library that has been in use for almost 20 years • Contains many flaws in its design

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