Presentation of Plastic 2 go Indonesia - pallets and containers

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Information about Presentation of Plastic 2 go Indonesia - pallets and containers

Published on June 10, 2016

Author: ChananDeluya


1. Plastic 2 go Indonesia Logistics and materials handling solutions Rent and sale of: Plastic pallets Plastic crates Plastic bulk containers

2. • Plastic 2 go started in Australia 30 years ago and now is the leading solution provider of reusable packaging for better logistics, materials handling, transport and storage in Australia, Indonesia and Thailand. • Plastic bulk containers that last for 50 years! Bulk Containers

3. • Plastic pallets that protect your product better: • Export pallets from USD$11.80/pallet CNF Jakarta • Medium duty pallets for rent from USD$0.03/day • Heavy duty pallets that carry up to 4 ton dynamic load and last for 50 years! Plastic Pallets

4. • Solid, vented, folding and nestable plastic containers for better presentation on the retail floor and savings in transport and storage • Rent from USD$0.01/container/hari • Can last for up to 30 years! Plastic Crates

5. • We use the latest technology of structural foam injection molding to ensure our pallets and bulk containers last for 50 years! Technology

6. • We offer better products by design to supermarkets and retailers to avoid double handling of fresh produce and other products on the retail floor Better by design!

7. • We can offer pooling service to clients to share the cost of packaging which may include washing, RFID, management software and other tailor made solutions in accordance with the operation needs • Coca cola pallet: Pooling

8. • Folding vented plastic bulk container packed with broccoli Folding vented bulk bin

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