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Published on January 9, 2009

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A compliation of presentatation concepts from several books, articles and personal experience.

Presentation Guide

Table of Contents • Preamble: the good the bad and the ugly • Principles of great presentation • Less is more rule • The opening • Who are we: The team • The opportunity • Solution • Our competition • Business model • We need… and when we have it we will… • Closure

A great presentation focuses on needs We, us, our story is not important, the audience is king. What do they need, warm their hearts? Generic needs of people, and judges are none different, are • I do not want to be hurt, and need physical comfort • I am part of the group • I am worth something • I do worthwhile things • I want to learn new things • I want beauty around me, order, discipline • I want to share, give away, mean something • I want you to care for me • I believe in a higher power • I want to accomplish greatness • I am angry against, yet want to forgive • I am better than others • I am bored and need excitement • I am afraid of …, need to resolve it • I love to laugh, play and have fun McCarty(1999): Motivating the Audience

Gender Needs Female: Caring Understanding Male: Respect Adoration Trust Validation Reassurance Acceptance BY: Appreciation Compliment Admiration: Blow up his ego Empathy Take her side Approval: Agree to disagree Give attention in public later Reflect her feeling Eye contact Encourage Laugh Help her to make decisions Give him decisions to make David Pease: Why men dont listen and women cant read maps

Impact Show and Tell: Talk with images Chalk and Talk: Talk and write and draw Experiential: The audience discover it themselves One on One: Personal discussion and guidance Video Audio Experiential Show and Tell One on One Inter (tra)net Chalk and Talk Toastmasters International

We receive information differently Visual preference Hearing preference Emotional preference O’Connor&Seymore: Training with NLP

Our minds are different Analytical Visionary L1 R1 L2 R2 Feeling Structured O’Connor&Seymore: Training with NLP

And the impact of our effort.. Words Visual aids 10% 20% The words and images we use is less important than how we do it. Voice Tonality This is can be a major 30% differentiator Body Language 40% O’Connor&Seymore: Training with NLP

Yet most presentations communicate as if everybody is analytically and visually preferred!.. L1 R1 + L2 R2 O’Connor&Seymore: Training with NLP

Feeling • Speak slower • Gesture to the left and downwards • “How do you feel about this?” • “It would be nice if..” O’Connor&Seymore: Training with NLP

Auditory •Speak slower •Use voice articulation •Gestures sideways •Speak rhythmically •“Did you hear me?” •“How does this sound..” O’Connor&Seymore: Training with NLP

Visually • Speak faster • Gesture upwards • “Did you see this?” • “If we look at it this way..” O’Connor&Seymore: Training with NLP

Keys to effective presentations The opening Point A: What do you know Point B…..What do I want you to know and what is in it for you? A structure What it was about Leave them wondering J Weissman; Present to win

Ideal 5-7 minutes for average Attention person Time Daydream zone Typical presentations Snooze zone J Weissman; Present to win

When we meet These group phases is also present in a presentation. We need to get to point 4 within 3-5 minutes and leave them hungry for more at point 5 If people meet in a different set up, around a new concept or in a different place, even if it is a family, they will go through five phases of behaviour. It is critical to manage this when if not it is the main reason for suboptimal outcomes. 1. I have no opinion and am uncertain. It shows in withdrawal or overly talkative (keep them away from me). Handle by giving structure, guidelines and rules. 2. I have an opinion and it differs from you. Handle by letting the argument go on for a while. It is natural and the way people find each other. 3. I tend to agree with the group, this is a nice place. Handle by steering the process forward 4. My opinion is part of the groups, now we can really work. Handle by just letting loose and focusing every now and then. 5. I am sad to leave you. Handle by dishing out business cards, promise to phone tomorrow, leave a handout and a thank you gift.. Donald Pennington(2002): The social Psychology of behaviour in small groups

When we do all this • It is a theatre, not about information. Judgment is beyond logic and on emotion, hope, ambition and desire. Focus on the heart then on the mind. • The preparation is more important than the delivery. For every minute on stage there is a day backstage to prepare and dry run. Prepare in a different place. Walk in the park and sense the images and words. • Get the broad strokes right long before the detail. • Be crystal clear on what the main point is. Only ONE main point , repeat and repeat.. • The idea is of less importance than the people behind it. It is of less importance than showing our ability to make it happen. • Inspiration, a person that believes in himself, passion is more important than the solution. Make simplicity an obsession. • What is that single one slide that is the cornerstone? The single one that encapsulates it all? The one that we leave on the desk in hard copy A3 and full colour? • Summarize at the end only. Do not give an exec summary in the beginning. Leave them wondering. • Powerpoint is an aid, a tool and nothing more. Use sparingly and only when really necessary. Do let it undermine the group interaction. For less than 7 people, rather opt for a stack of A3 sheets and work with in the middle of us all.. We need to be prepared to work in a loadshed without losing anything. Stephen Bayley & Roger Mavity: Life is a pitch

When we do all this • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse…. • Sleep well before the day. Exercise in the morning. • Use some humor, pace, use pauses (= Barrick Obama), look 5 seconds at a time to each person.. plan questions, be brief. It is a dialogue, not a lecture. Use “we” instead of “I/you” • What do they want, what is their needs, their insecurities…? • Listen more than talking. The most successful car salesmen talks for less than 25%! • We are different and not shy about it. Yet show that we are on the edge of the parade, yet not outside it. • Show passion. • Work on voice, work hard on cutting “Uhms” and “Ahs” as it shows insecurity. • First impressions: Dress informal, yet neat with real shoes and long sleeves. Blue, white.. Work in the 5 second thing. Shake hands firm while looking in the eyes.. • Open body language, talk slow, pause a lot. • Let them laugh, lets work hard on this one. Self effacing humor is KING. Stephen Bayley & Roger Mavity: Life is a pitch

And remember also • First impressions: Status, Clothes, Sex, Age, Size and posture, Speech, Facial. • Plato: We are motivated by reason, Love, recognition and approval • Emotion more important than facts and you cannot bore someone to say “yes” • A common enemy can work wonders • Be first, be best, be different Stephen Bayley & Roger Mavity: Life is a pitch

Body language • Rehearse in detail and choreograph upfront • Eyes: Look 5 seconds at each person. Do not avoid anyone. Do not look lower than the chin. (especially for women). Avoid shifty eyes. • Hands. Gesture up for visual, sideways for sound and down for feeling. Overdo a bit. NEVER EVER in a pocket. Never fiddling. • Feet: 15cm apart. Lazy movement. Not planted like a pillar., not fiddling Toastmasters International

Vocal • Slow. Queens English is 30% slower than Afrikaans and 80% slower than Zulu • Pause, pause, pause • Leave every “Uhm” at home. It is a major irritator and shows insecurity • Avoid “I believe”and “I think”. It shows insecurity • Louder and softer. Do not scream …. Do emotional parts slower, longer pauses and softer. Toastmasters International

Less is more Great presentations that changed this world have one thing in common: they were less than 5 minutes!! Churchill after Dunkirk: “We will fight them on the beaches..” (238 words) The Sermon on the Mount: “Blessed are the meek as they shall see God..” Lincoln after the civil war: “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal….” (225 words) Washington’s constitutional address “If we leave today …” (120 words) Steve Job’s mega billion IPhone launch: “There are music, the Internet, email…now we give you it all in one… (4 minutes and 55 seconds) The most precious possession is TIME. If we give it back to them, we will be remembered .. So contract upfront to be short and to the point and well within limits. 15. They give us 20 minutes…We will use only

Structure: Opening This opening is more important than anything else (no..the ending is even more critical!) After 2 minutes they must laugh, be on our side of the challenge, embrace us, love us… Self effacing humor, play off the strength of diversity and the communalities of the team, where is it all leading to?, great expectations.. Do not use Powerpoint or a boring table of contents.. simply “we will tell you 3 aspects; … , …, and ….

Beginnings • A question • Factoid • Retrospective/prospective: Forward and backward • Anecdote • Quote • Aphorism: familiar saying • Analogy J Weissman; Present to win

Endings • They will mostly remember what they heard last • Tie to beginning/drop a bombshell.. • Leave them wondering/surprised J Weissman; Present to win

Seduce them .. Seduction: “I want you to want me….” Marketing: “I want you to want me … Seduction styles, find your own and exploit it! : The Rake: Seduce by being nasty: George W Bush, Margaret Thatcher The Charmer: Cast the limelight to the victim; Charlize Theron, Madiba.. Charismatic Attracts and exits. Elvis, Eugene Tereblance, Jean d’ Arc The Siren: A woman with a beautiful voice The Dandy: Cannot pin point; not black not white. Not male nor female. Not young nor old; Michael Jackson, Nataniël The Natural (Lamb); Cuddlesome, vulnerable; Charlie Chaplin The Star : Aloof, our saviour against all evil; JF Kennedy Robert Greene: The art of seduction

Our seductive styles ….: The lamb …..: The Star Examples: Charlie Chaplin, Examples: JF Kennedy, Alan Jacko Maree (Standard Bank) Boesak, Adrian Gore, Steve Jobs Innocent, prodigy, take nothing seriously, forever a Go for the unconscious, do child. not put all cards on the table, be aloof, untouchable, bring The victims want to cuddle surprises, colourful, give him and protect him from peeks of private life to stir evil… expectation, on their side against the evil out there,….

Our seductive words ….: The lamb ….: The Star “I am afraid of..” “Google is making us dumb, I have a remedy” “It is so nice with all of you with me today” “Lets fight against” “I feel secure with you” “Technology takes us away from each other, we will fight Throughout maintain a cute it and bring back time tested smile at the ladies. products..” Maintain closeness Maintain aloofness, their ….. guardian and rescuer, not their pal.

The golden thread A great story tops it all. Find a story or metaphor that can run right through as hooks to keep the minds alive. e.g. right after the opening: “Imagine walking on a beach and then…”, “As a kid we use to”, “Once upon a time…”, “When James Watt was scratched by itchy clothes , he saw an opportunity that change the world forever..” Good technology stories can also work miracles. Refrain from Jobs and Gates, that’s boring, go back in time to Watt, Galileo, Da Vinci, Marconi, Ampere, Volta, Ohm, Galvani. Great war stories: Guevara, the other De Wet, Rommel, MacArthur, Wellington, “When they burnt Copernicus on the stake .. they could not burn his technological legacy to the world..” Tell it within 40 seconds and keep on referring back to it.

Humor Is humor necessary ? Not really, except if you want to make money ! Humor is NEVER: Blue, aimed at other cultures, disabilities, other people without their permission, the preferences of other people. It is: poking fun on myself, looking at life from a different angle, suitable even at a funeral Humor binds us , calms us, sets the mind in a receptive mode. Self effacing humor is the greatest tool: Steve Jobs: “This is the closest to graduation I will ever be!” Madiba: “I can not stand beside Charlize, she is too beautiful and I am just an ugly old man” A well endowed lady introducing herself :”Although my surname is Van Tonder, I am a full blooded Greek. You will not believe it, but my husband only weighs 65 kilogram!”

Attitude + Setup + Premise + Act out Attitude always serious: Hard/Stupid/Weird.. It is weird (attitude) that a dog loves to hang out of a car with the wind blowing in his face (Setup), and When you blows in his face (premise), he …………. bites you (Act out) J Carter; The standup comedy workbook

The end This is the most important part of the presentation. We give the final Unique Selling Proposition with a surprise they have not heard yet. Pause, pause, “This was a great opportunity, our wildest dreams came true……” And then, all technology switched off. We need to prepare something inspirational to get them finally on our side.. e.g. “We sacrificed corporate careers to follow our dream, nothing, but nothing will stand in our way … to work with great people, to be young with many years of greatness ahead of us, to be proudly South African is already beyond our wildest dreams. The great work of Enablis and our project has so much in common, we aim beyond the horizons, in aim for the moon…I know that we will land amongst the stars!”

Effect of Color Brutal, Cool, Neutral, Mature Dangerous Refreshing Organic, Life, Sunny, Warm, Regal, Mystery Health, Money Bright Serious, Status, Pure, Clean, Stable, Heavy, Death, Trustworthy, Calm Hope Profitable

Answers: Bill Clinton model • 1 Answer direct: “Yes/ • 2 Give headline: “yes, I agree..” • 3 Exposition: “Because in my opinion …” • 4 Take control and move in the direction you want it to go Jan Opperman

Enablis Presentation Guide Structure and Content

Some structure A What is facing us? 1 Even the playing field: We are here today to… lets agree on one and one only joint objective. 2 Who am I: Let us spend a minute asking them who they are. Rhetoric questions.. EVERYBODY in this world just loves it. Then we follow up by each telling our story in less than a minute each. It is about credibility with exposing us as real people with hearts, fears and dreams. 3 Lay of the land: give the big picture, what led to the idea, what’s going on, what do we foresee.. enter in a dialogue on their worlds , expand and expand. 4 What does this all mean? The 3-5 great concepts coming out all of this. Our major challenges. 5 Time for focused presenting. Perhaps only now switch on the Apple and give focused stuff colouring in the challenge. Be time effective, keep dialogue open. It is not a lecture, it is a conversation. B The solution 1 Many possibilities we thought about, the angles taken at the challenge 2 The solution. Perhaps the circles diagram 4 To execute, the grand plan. The crystal clear process. 5 So what now…let them talk, let them find the solutions and offer aid.. C Clinch

Generic Flow structures • Modular • Chronological • Physical • Spatial • Problem/Solution • Issues/Action • Opportunity/Leverage • Form/Function • Case study • Argument/Fallacy • Compare/Contrast • Matrix • Parallel tracks • Rhetoric Questions • Numerical J Weisman: Winning presentations

In the beginning (1 page) Purpose All should know the fundamentals of our idea and the value proposition • History of what we do • Define it all plus our product in a single sentence • State value proposition and target market • What is unique Canaan partners venture catalysts

The team (1 page) Purpose Portray confidence in ourselves our beliefs and abilities to move forwards • Experience of each • Education • Prior startups • Our future board • Advisors now and then • Personnel to be hired Canaan partners venture catalysts

Opportunity (2-5 pages) Purpose The needs in the market for our solution • State the problem, needs, pain, joys • Recent trends • How is it addressed • Why at an inflection point now? • Market size • Market future growth Canaan partners venture catalysts

The solution (2-6 pages) Purpose How we will solve the challenges • Demo the solution • Show our differentiation • Explain how it will work • Why is this a great solution Canaan partners venture catalysts

The business model (2-4 pages) Purpose How much money will we make when and how • Revenue model and how it will be measured • Sales distribution, pipelines, wins and metrics • If we get capital, show the milestones ahead Canaan partners venture catalysts

We need (1 page) Purpose We need capital and skills; how much and what • Current financials • Current backers, dates of injection and how much • We need now.. • With we will attain the following milestones • We will burn per month • How far will this take us • When is breakeven and the build up afterwards Canaan partners venture catalysts

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