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Published on June 14, 2016

Author: enrenow


1. −

2. We Are A Digital Agency

3. Technology Advertising Entertainment Our Model A deep knowledge of advertising and communication, combined with an evident interest and use of technology, place us somehow in the entertainment business, where brands need to tell something interesting to their audiences.

4. Digital Embracing

5. VisitorsStrangers Leads Promoters Funnel Digital Marketing Customers ATTRACT CONVERT CLOSE DELIGHT

6. Scheduling subjects Defining assets Content Production Workflow Copywriting Designing and art direction Posts programming Conversations follow up Activity ReportsLearnings

7. Community Managers Users Social Media Strategy Content Plan Social Media Workflow Proactive Reactive Trolls Conversations Follow Up CLIENT TEAM Marketing Strategy FAQs Social Media Manager

8. • Position taken • Define key messages • Spokesperson • Channels • Media contact flow Crisis Management Plan ISSUE DETECTION • What is the problem about? • Who has started it? • Where is it focusing? • Why has happened? • When has ocurred? • How is affecting us? PUBLIC NOTIFICATION • Embrace learnings • Message reinforcement • Refocusing media attention RECUPERATION PLAN Focus the spotlightNotify awareness Social Media Manager Drive the conversation Investigate all the variables that could be involved in the issue to map as much precise as it could be the actual situation. Minimize suspiciousness, through a public communicate, using any channel could help reach to major public affected by the issue. Enable new conversation subject that can attract the attention previously focused on the issue. ObjectiveDescription

9. Methodology

10. Consumer in the middle CONSUMER Process Brand Product Media Ideas Technology Content Experiences RSCChannels Consumers (hopefully clients) have to be the center of our strategy.

11. CONSUMER AWARE OF THE PROBLEM DON’T aware of the problem DON’T know the solutions PURSUIT OF SOLUTIONS DON’T know us THEY KNOW US DON’T buy us THEY BUY US THEY REPITE DON’T REPEAT INMUNE Consumers UNINFORMED Consumers INDIFFERENT Consumers MISTRUSTFUL Consumers UNSATISFIED Consumers Consumer profiling

12. Finding out the link between consumer reality and product story. Analyzing which feature of the product fit the consumer needs Process Happy Ending Prioritizing key messages that will support the communication Building up the stories related with the key messages Introducing the stories through different brand or third part channels Understanding the real needs of the prospect Defining the real benefit that product offer to the consumer

13. 1.Investigation & Analysis 2.Thinking & Conceptualization 3.Production & Developement 4.Amplification & Spread out 5.Metrics & Results Objetives Strategy Content Reach Insights Working subjects

14. SM Manager Account Manager Producer Administration Client team Analyst SEO Strategic Planner Social Metrics Reputation Copywriter Art Director Illustrators Graphic Designers PR Journalists Bloggers Influencers CMs Workflow Client-Agency

15. Projects

16. Accou nt/PM Cont ent LIENTES Services • Brand Positioning • Social Media • Branded Content • Online Contest • Community Management • Owned & Paid Media • Influencers CLIENT: Baci Perugina Facebook: +6K fans Promoted Actions: +100K reached Instagram: +400 fans

17. Accou nt/PM Cont ent LIENTES BRIEF The brand had to set up its spanish digital strategy, where social and content were the two main pillars.

18. Accou nt/PM Cont ent LIENTES BRIEF Celebrate the century of Amundsen and Scott Arrival at The South Pole, using a wind powered sledge.

19. Accou nt/PM Cont ent LIENTES CLIENT: Acciona Services • Social Media • Copywriting • Community Management • Owned & Paid Media We achieve to place a scientific project in history. More than 200.000 were cautivated by this ambitious project, and followed it through different social media channels. Facebook: +7K fans Twitter: +4K followers Youtube: +200K views Panoramio: +400 geolocated pics

20. Accou nt/PM Cont ent LIENTES BRIEF Creating content to be broadcasted through bi-di codes in Coca-Cola cans. These content should be recorded and edited almost in real time during the Poland Football Euro Cup.

21. Accou nt/PM Cont ent LIENTES CLIENT: Coca-Cola Video Content

22. Accou nt/PM Cont ent LIENTES BRIEF Casio needed to embrace a community around the brand and wanted for that using branded content.

23. Accou nt/PM Cont ent LIENTES Services • Web • Social Media • Copywriting • Branded Content • Online Contest • Community Management • Owned & Paid Media • Influencers CLIENT: Casio We created a community of talent around the brand image. We used branded content to explain how amzingly easy were the Casio Exilim cameras. More than 20.000 photo lovers were watching and engaging us. Facebook: +16K fans Twitter: +1.3K followers Youtube: +10K views Instagram: +400 fans

24. Accou nt/PM Cont ent LIENTES BRIEF The launch of the brand in Spanish market was reinforced by a content strategy in Facebook and Instagram, involving some important influencers.

25. Accou nt/PM Cont ent LIENTES Services • Social Media • Branded Content • Online Contest • Community Management • Live Events CLIENT: Burn Energy Drink Facebook: +45K fans Twitter: +11K followers Youtube: +170K views Tuenti: +12K fans We showed our style 270.000.000 times only through one social network: Twitter. This help us meet other young people touched with the gift of boldness and harangued for talent. Everyone, us and them, became benchmarks of a generation.

26. Accou nt/PM Cont ent LIENTES BRIEF MWCB had to explain what the global mobile movement was about, in a simple and comprehensible way.

27. Accou nt/PM Cont ent LIENTES CLIENT: Mobile World Capital Barcelona Services • Storytelling • Copywriting • Design and Art Direction

28. “I've worked with Enrenow from McCann Erickson and have always proved to be a great professional.” −José Jiménez, Media Producer en FAMOSA− "I have had the great opportunity to work closely with Enrenow. They have been a key and valuable partner for Burn brand and our SM Strategy, leading with success our digital communications in the main digital platforms & new media. “ −Alejandro Fuente, Brand Manager de Burn Energy España− "After the famous viral video of CurlingBCN I knew I could set up some cool creative collaboration with these guys.” −Alessandro Bernardi, Social Media Scientist− They Trust Us


30. Pl. Berenguer el Gran, 2º-2ª 08002 Barcelona

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