Presentation ECC08 : the issue of accessing respondent in Organizational Research

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Published on December 2, 2008

Author: jdepauw



Presentation at the ECC08 november 26th.

Accessing informants in Organizational © Jeremy Depauw 2008 Communication research Return of experience from the case of Corporate Information Specialists in Belgium Jeremy Depauw 

CORPORATE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Alert threats and opportunities © JEREMY DEPAUW 2008 Collect Treatment Mediation CIM support in Decision Making Distribution Influence actions

ROUND 1: JOB TITLES ‣ 51 job titles : 36 included in discussion © JEREMY DEPAUW 2008 ‣ No less than 28 different wordings ‣ No leading formulation for job titles ‣ How to classify them? ‣ All Respondent checked on CIM concept

ROUND 2: EXPLICIT VS NON-EXPLICIT ‣ Explicit reference to CIM labels: Competitive Intelligence Manager, Market intelligence © JEREMY DEPAUW 2008 officer, Head of Infodoc, Business intelligence and information, Responsable Intelligence économique, etc. ‣ Non-Explicit reference to CIM labels: Communication Manager, External Communication, Marketing Manager, System integration and Technology, Public Relations Manager, Member of General Affairs, etc.

ROUND 3: KEY ELEMENTS ‣ Market oriented titles (9) Market intelligence officer, Marketing Manager ‣ Information/Data oriented titles (8) Head of Infodoc, Patent © JEREMY DEPAUW 2008 Officer ‣ Competition oriented titles (5) Competitive Intelligence Manager ‣ Communication oriented titles (8) Communication Manager, Public Relations Manager, New Media specialist ‣ Strategy/Corporate oriented (5) Strategic Intelligence, Member of Corporate Strategy


FINAL ROUND: IN, OUT, IN/OUT ‣ IN: Almost all Information/Data oriented © JEREMY DEPAUW 2008 titles, including KM ‣ OUT: All titles from Competition and Market oriented titles ‣ IN/OUT: Communication and Strategy oriented titles


KEY TAKE-AWAYS ‣ Organizational Communication research suffers from boundaries of job titles. ‣ Activity with scattered skills © JEREMY DEPAUW 2008 ‣ Job titles are not enough to cover all potential respondents profiles ‣ Communication oriented titles have not to be neglected as potential sources for relevant CIM respondents ‣ Typology helps in understanding how CIM materialize within organizations

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