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Published on October 30, 2020

Author: charlieharry1


slide 1: DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY Digital Marketing Company Newcastle slide 2: See SEO Rules for 2020 1. Backlinks are out dynamic content inside Google search team realized a lot of people who use shady SEO tactics and build tons of backlinks from large sites so the fight. 2. SEO is never lost As an advertising platform to increase in cost SEO continues to be the backbone. Do not underestimate the value of having the presence of SEO. Ads go as soon as you stop spending but SEO lasts forever and the longer you have your domain the domain authority of your ride. 3. Locate and leverage content that trend The best way to develop SEO content is to use the Google keyword tool to find a high-volume low competition keywords in the content and design around them or by using the technique of skyscrapers. slide 3: EFFECTIVE APPROACHES TO SEO Effective approaches to SEO Simply put our approach to SEO will usually built around: »Key Phrase Research »Web Site Analysis Compliance »Promotion SEO Marketing »Linking Strategies »Continuous Monitoring Maintenance Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle slide 4: Choosing Large and Google Ad Words Keyword Phrase What is Pay per Click Pay per Click PPC is a form of online marketing where you pay for each visitor to your website who click through the ad. Potential benefits of Pay per Click include: 1 Pay per Click PPC search engine marketing allows advertisers to quickly promote their services in the search engines each use cost-per-click basis. 2 Pay per Click PPC ads appear at the top right or bottom of organic search results displayed by the search engine. Only when someone clicks on your ad if you are charged. slide 5: Pay Per Click Management Services Submit Direct Pay Per Click Services A pay per click PPC campaign requires time and expertise to manage effectively. There are a number of issues to consider include Pay-Per-Click Account Management budget management and effective supervision of key phrases are used. Digital Marketing Company Newcastle slide 6: Working with Direct Submit SEO Services We offer a wide range of results-driven SEO services. The services we offer include: Technical SEO Audits Working with Direct Submit SEO Services Keywords Research Content strategy SEO strategy On-going relationship acquisition / development Management slide 7: Thank You For Watching

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