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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: mariesam


Moving to Other Country? Let's make a moving plan 6 weeks before :  Moving to Other Country? Let's make a moving plan 6 weeks before PowerPoint Presentation: 1 800 251-874 Toll Free - Three Steps in Packing 5 Week Before You Move: 5 Week Before You Move If you are a patient, first search for a health professional in your new location. Inform your new address to your friends, collogue. See the website Sale/donate item which are not needed. 1 800 251-874 Toll Free - 4 Weeks Before You Move: 4 Weeks Before You Move Let’s start packing. Contact your moving company to arrange or packing items one or two day before moving. Stop to overstocks food or any freeze items. Keep your medial, schools, birth, insurance or other report in separate bag. Arrange any hotels, book your tickets, hire rental car if required. 1 800 251-874 Toll Free - 3 Weeks Before You Move: 3 Weeks Before You Move Discount gas, phone, cable etc, and Arrange to connect it your new house. Keep your records for car, insurance registration or transfer. Inform State Motor Vehicle Registry to your new home address with phone no. If you have a child arranges a child care. 1 800 251-874 Toll Free - 2 Weeks Before: 2 Weeks Before Do you love pets? Don’t worry you can now move your pets. If you want to move your house plant, you can but check with your moving company before. Dispose all the items which can damage or dangerous to move. 1 800 251-874 Toll Free - 1 Week Before You Move: 1 Week Before You Move Transfer all your bank accounts to new one. Cancel your daily newspaper, milk etc. Buy traveler’s checks. Make arrangements to pay for your move. 1 800 251-874 Toll Free - 2 Days Before You Move: 2 Days Before You Move Dry your dry refrigerators and freezers. Jewellery , vital documents, money and all small items to your purse/bag Take a final look. 1 800 251-874 Toll Free - MOVING DAY: MOVING DAY Give direction to your movers. Ask mover to load essential carton last into vehicle. Complete Australian Vanlines documentation and carefully read the document before you sign it. 1 800 251-874 Toll Free - PowerPoint Presentation: Telephone 1 800 251-874 Toll Free 02 8821-1777 Phone 02 9896-4345 Fax Australian Vanlines NSW 48-50 Boorea Street, Auburn, Sydney NSW 2144 1 800 251-874 Toll Free - Contact us to move in following countries : Moving to UK Moving to NZ Cities- Removalists Melbourne Removalists Sydney Thanks for Visiting

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