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Published on July 2, 2009

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EPITHELIAL TISSUE (COVERING)  Tightly­joined closely­packed cells  One side of exposed to air or  internal fluid, other side attached to  a basement membrane  Covers outside of the body and lines  internal organs and cavities  Barrier against mechanical injury,  invasive microorganisms, and fluid  loss  Provides surface for absorption,  excretion and transport of molecules

TYPES OF EPITHELIAL TISSUE  Cell shape  Squamous  Cuboidal  Columnar  Number of cell  layers  Simple  Pseudostratified  Stratified  RELATE  STRUCTURE TO  FUNCTION!

CONNECTIVE TISSUE (FRAMEWORK)  Binding and  support  of other  tissues  Large amount of  extracellular  matrix with fewer  cells  ECM ­ network of  fibers in liquid,  jelly­like or solid  matrix

MUSCLE TISSUE  Composed of long cells called muscle fibers (MOVEMENT)  Contraction  movement

NERVOUS TISSUE (CONTROL)  Senses  stimuli and  transmits  Axon nerve  impulses Dendrite  Single cell  Cell body body with  long  extensions  (axons and  dendrites)

Tissue Type Epithelial Connective Muscle Nerve Cell Shape Flattened, Irregular or round Elongated Cell appendages cuboidal, branched columnar Cell Single  Scattered in In sheets or Isolated or Arrangement multilayered matrix bundles networked Location Body covering or Supports other Lining internal Concentrated in lining organs or organs organs, make brain and spinal cavities skeletal muscles cord + all over the body Surface Feature Cilia, microvilli - - - of Cells Matrix Type Basement Varied – protein - - membrane fibers + liquid, gelatinous, firm to calcified Matrix Amount Minimal Extensive Absent Absent Unique Feature No direct blood Cartilage has no Can generate Can generate supply, except for blood supply electrical signals, electrical signal glands force and movement

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