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Published on March 23, 2014

Author: abukhayrmohamed


Present simple: Present simple Is used for an action which happen: Every week Every month Every year And habitual for an action It has two auxiliary verbs and they are: Subject + do/does + verb expresses an action present + object : Subject + do/does + verb expresses an action present + object Examples She does wash her face every morning. He does play football every Friday. They do swim lake every day. We do go school every day. affirmative subject + do/does + not + verb + adverb of time: subject + do/does + not + verb + adverb of time Examples We don’t get up at 5:00 o'clock every morning. She doesn't make practice every day. You don't reply the questions of the teacher. He don’t understand the explanation of the teacher. It doesn’t drink the milk. negative Do/does + subject + verb express an action present +adverb: Do/does + subject + verb express an action present +adverb Examples Do we get up at 5:00 o'clock every morning? Does she make practice every day? Do you reply the questions of the teacher? Does he understand the explanation of the teacher? Does it drink the milk? interrogative Do/does + not +subject + verb + object +adverb of time: Do/does + not +subject + verb + object +adverb of time examples Doesn’t she clear her room? Don’t they prepare their? Lessons? Doesn’t it drink the milk? Don’t you speak English? Tag questions Rules of present simple: Rules of present simple We add ‘s’, ‘ es ’ ,‘ ies ’. We add ‘ es’ When the tense is simple present and the kind of sentence is positive and the subject is one of the third person ( he, she, it ) and also ‘does’ not include. We add (s) to the verbs those who ends all in consonant letters except (H, X, Z, S,) E.G: it starts early. Verbs end in (O, X, H, Z, S) E.g. He boxes his wave. He fishes in the sea every day. She kisses her husband every morning. We add ‘ies’ verbs end in ‘y’ when consonant before it : We add ‘ ies ’ verbs end in ‘y’ when consonant before it Examples She cries the grocery in the shop The machine dries the clothes He flies London every week knowledge: 3/23/2014 By: dalha tenses knowledge All praises be to Allah More you read more you know

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