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Published on October 15, 2014

Author: A_eng



some information compiled from the Internet and the book (Grammarway).


2. • I have been to Paris twice. • I've lost my keys (so I can't get into my house). • She‘s cooked dinner (so you can come and eat). • She's drunk three cups of coffee today. • Have you ever read 'War and Peace'? • We have never met him before. • I've liked chocolate since I was a child.

3. Сравните: They’ve been to New York. – Они побывали в Нью-Йорке. (жизненный опыт) They’ve been in New York for 3 days. – Они уже три дня в Нью-Йорке. (указан период времени, который еще не закончился) They were in New York last year. – В прошлом году они были в Нью-Йорке. (указан точный момент в прошлом)




7. STILL ‘Still’ is used to talk about something that hasn’t finished – especially when we expected it to finish earlier. # I’ve been waiting for over an hour and the bus still hasn’t come. # You promised to give me that report yesterday and you still haven’t finished it.

8. STILL Still is often used with other tenses as well as the present perfect. Notice the position of still before the verb or adjective. # My grandfather is sixty-nine and he still works every day at the kiosk he owns. # Do you still live with your parents? # Are you still angry with your partner?

9. STILL If the verb has two parts, still goes between both the verbs: # She started her exam an hour ago and she is still answering the questions. # When I went to bed, Angelica was still working. But if one of the two verbs is negative, still goes before that negative verb: # Lucy has stopped smoking but her brother still hasn't quit. # I took the clock to the repair shop though it still isn't working.

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