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Published on July 14, 2008

Author: fhinojosac


SANTISIMO NOMBRE DE JESUS SCHOOL – LIMA PERUPresent continuous : SANTISIMO NOMBRE DE JESUS SCHOOL – LIMA PERUPresent continuous Present continuous : Present continuous Present Continuous (Progressive) for Beginners Read the following interview using the present continuous (progressive) tense Present continuous : Present continuous On the telephone Tracy: Hello, can I speak to Alex.Alex: This is Alex, who is speaking? Tracy: Hi, this is Tracy.Alex: Hi Tracy. What are you doing? Tracy: Oh, I'm just watching TV. What are you doing?Alex: Well, I'm cooking dinner. Tracy: What are you cooking? Present continuous : Present continuous Alex: I'm baking some potatoes, boiling some carrots and grilling a steak.Tracy: It sounds delicious. Alex: What are you doing for dinner tonight?Tracy: Well, I don't have any plans... Alex: Would you like to come over for dinner? Present continuous : Present continuous Tracy: Oh, I'd love to. Thanks.Alex: Great. Mary and Jack are also coming. They are arriving at seven.Tracy: OK, I'll be there at seven, too.Alex: OK, see you then. Bye. Tracy: Bye. Present continuous : Present continuous Examples Usage What are you cooking?Tom is studying for his exams at the moment.It isn't raining now. We can go outside. Actions happening at the present moment. Present continuous : Present continuous What are you doing this weekend?I'm meeting Peter tomorrow morning.We're driving to Albany this weekend. Planned future events (usually in the near future Present continuous : Present continuous We're currently working on the Smith account.What classes are you taking this semester?We're studying Greek history this month. Actions or events happening around the present moment Present continuous : Present continuous Write the correct form of each sentence or question in the present continuous (progressive). Present continuous : Present continuous He (read) a book at the moment. We (visit) our friends this evening. They (work )on the Brown account this month. I (not/watch)TV, I (work)! What (you do) this evening? Where (she/stay)? Present continuous : Present continuous Choose the correct answer for each question. In Red Violine movie, listen to those people. What language __________? are speaking they are they speaking they are speaking speaking are they Present continuous : Present continuous At 79 years old, Richard Farnworth ____________________ (work, negative form) in any movie this summer. isn't working is not work is working is working not Present continuous : Present continuous The movie this evening _____________ (start) at 8:00. is starting is startting are starting is starts Present continuous : Present continuous Jim Carrey, is it true that you __________ (get) married next week? No, it isn't. are geting are getting is getting am getting Present continuous : Present continuous Question to Heath Ledger. What do you like to do when you _____________ (act, negative form)? I take photos, I love painting and art. not are acting not acting are not act 're not acting

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