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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: kidsharbor


Preschool vs Homeschool Below are mentioned the various reasons on why parents should consider homeschooling than pre- schooling: 1) A preschool always makes promotion of inconsistent discipline Kids always need a biblical and consistent discipline. Between preschool and home always the former makes a sharp distinction and a couple of rules. The workers working there does not actually have any eternal neither vested attention and awareness in raising up the kids going there and therefore quite obviously too many mischievous and bad behavior gets caught by the children. For the people who does not get convinced on these can make a try to the '30 second test' which will be giving you a view about how your children are playing outside the yard of where you have given them to be educated and disciplined. In just a matter of second you will be showed about how they actually learn how to bully others and such things how the workers out there are enjoying from the young goers. 2) The rules present there will be undermining the bond between a child and his/her parent A child comes up with immense emotional, physical and spiritual desire which can only be met up by the loving and eternal interest of a parent. A child is always required to try out their verbal skill with their parents who are actually going to be interested to hear those and will be cherishing all their life. They at the same time also need to be over attentive to their pronunciation skill and their all kind of silly questions. Addition to it sincere praise is all that your young ones is needed for their accomplishment of what they wanted and tried out for the rest of the time of their growing up days. This will be enhancing their biblical discipline that will be met by all their basic needs and getting pampered every time by their parent or other near and dear ones. 3) The rules of the preschool will be undermining the bonding between their siblings When the kid is growing he merely will be remembering his/her other friends. Instead their brother or sisters are the one with whom they will be bonding all their time. Giving them there can really kill their

bonding with their siblings and will be depriving him/her from the time which their parent was supposed to give them. A mother often gets back to work whenever their kids are all enjoying on where they has been admitted. Even when the child grows to near about five or six years then changing the lifestyle of a mother gets often tougher. Until and unless she really wants to she will never be getting her child when she is intended to be with them and such could be breaking the actual bond between a mother and her child. Although she feels the deep attachment to her kids, but much of their growing depends on how they are showing and showering on them. Kids Harbor commitment is to provide a nurturing environment enriched with opportunities to encourage every child to excel to his or her highest potential. Click here to contact Kids Harbor, or follow on: facebook This content has been taken from : homeschool/

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