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Information about Preschool project for IATEFL Webinar

Published on March 16, 2016

Author: NivesTorresi


1. Play, Learn and Grow Together A Preschool English Speaking project by Nives Torresi

2. Aim of the Project ▪ Create a fun atmosphere for learning English ▪ Use of Games, Music, Colour, Movement ▪ Promote fluency and pronunciation ▪ Class rotation to promote engagement ▪ Motivation to learn a second language

3. Layout of dates, participating children, age group ▪ Dates of the Project ▪ One x 60 minute lesson per week in rotation ▪ Number of Children Total 62 ▪ Relevant age group ▪ Times 10am -12noon and 2pm - 3pm Dates Weeks / lessons Children Age 6/03/15 to 24/04/15 8 25 3-5 6/03/15 to 24/04/15 8 21 3-5 6/03/15 to 24/04/15 8 16 4-5

4. Project Syllabus Colours via Pallette, Sing a long Shapes, Colours, Sing a long Numbers, Shapes & Colours, Sing a long Zoo Animals, Parts of the Body, Sing a long Songs, Sing a long, Movement, Review

5. Play Activities carried out in a playful atmosphere

6. Games to create ‘movement’ Count the Numbers ▪ The children would have to move around the class by taking steps, forward or backward, according to the number & action mentioned by the Teacher (or another child). ▪ The children would take turns in small groups counting the numbers aloud. Find the colours in the room or on their classmates. ▪ The Teacher would call out the colours from the colour palette that had been completed by the children during the first lesson. ▪ The children would be asked to find a colour, point to it and ask another child to name it.

7. Songs and Dance Sing-along helped to reinforce the Numbers activity

8. Head & Shoulders Sing-along to reinforce the parts of the body

9. Jigsaw Puzzle Colouring in, glue onto cardboard and cutting out (with help) then putting the pieces together to form the image.

10. Learn Activities based on Learning the English spoken language

11. Learning Activities All the activities were based on a Photocopiable worksheet which then culminated into their own English Language Booklet at the end of the project. The activites ranged from colouring in to cutting out, glue onto cardboard and play a game. Filling in the number diagrams.


13. 1 2 3


15. 1 2 3


17. 1 3 2

18. Activity Sheets

19. Grow Together Final Book

20. Certificate Numbers Colours Shapes

21. Thank you Prepared by Nives Torresi for IATEFL YLT SIG Webinar online at

22. Reference Links ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Nives on YouTube ▪ ▪

23. 16 March 2016, 6pm GMT In this webinar, Nives analyses a project undertaken to help understand how to teach preschoolers a foreign language at such a young age. She will share the experience and knowledge gained from a special 8 week project undertaken with a group of 65 children aged between 3 and 5 years of age in a small town in central Italy. Nives Torresi is a Teacher of English as a language, English Literature, English drama, Business English, and English exam preparation (Cambridge FCE). She teaches for the English4U Regional Projects organized between Marches, Italy and Dublin, Ireland. Nives is originally from Australia but has been based in Italy for a number of years. Join the live event here Nives Torresi ‘Play, Learn and Grow Preschoolers’

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