Preschool & Kindergarten School Oak Ridge (973-697-4564)

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Information about Preschool & Kindergarten School Oak Ridge (973-697-4564)

Published on August 22, 2017

Author: Alpinemontessori


Slide2: The Montessori method is an approach to teaching and learning that recognizes the tremendous capacity of very young children to absorb the environment that is their immediate world . Slide3: Our schools are designed with safety and comfort in mind for young girls and boys. We focus on the critical social and emotional growth of each child. Slide4: The classroom environment is prepared so that children can experience the satisfaction of concentration and independent work and develop the intellectual, social and physical skills which make life engaging. Slide5: It is a non-competitive place which allows each child to focus on her/his own work. Slide6: Tenured faculty with many teachers with us for 10+ years. Low student teacher ratios enhancing the development of each child. Slide7: Visit our website

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