Prerequisites for developing android app (4)

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Information about Prerequisites for developing android app (4)

Published on October 31, 2018

Author: jaffaateret


1. Essential Prerequisites for Developing Android App For any kind of app development, the essence of knowing the exact graph of its requirement and it makes the challenging task for a developer. Moreover building up of your android apps is associated with both advantages and disadvantages. In this programming world, if you create a successful app, then it is highly utilized in almost all the mobile phones available in the market. If it is not successful, then you have to concentrate on adding extra features that sounds attractive only. So, success is only depended on having the required prerequisites for developing android app respectively. Not only for a beginner, but also for an experienced programmer, he is required to write the specific code that matches the client requirement for creating and building up apps exclusively. Mostly these apps are the essential requirements for the available smart phone technology. Let’s focus on following things to know clearly in brief:  Initially before going to proceed on the prerequisites for developing android app, you have to aware of minimum skills. It is especially programming language namely java, XML is the most important languages to be known for creating apps. Just go through the concepts in brief. If you learn about it, make sure of connecting using these two languages appropriately.  Now a day’s mostly many people are going through YouTube videos or tutorials to learn and develop apps. There are no shortcuts available to learn java. You have to acquire good stuff on learning java completely.  According to research and reports, many experienced programmers advice the beginners to not to write code using other programming languages instead of java  You can alsodevelop an app by running you code in IDEenvironment is very easier.Here you need not worry about running your code is simply relied with touching button for compiling. It is only possible in IDE’s unlike other environments.

2.  Many app developers those who are beginners especiallyconsume months of time for best results to build up specific app. Hardly it might take around 2 to 3 months for developing apps.  If you are supposed to engage in any kind of problem during app development, then seek the help of your community being a developer. App development for the first time usually consumes more time and it is a real time project which takes more time to write code for better results and fast execution.  The beginners usually asked to prefer IDE (integrated development environments) for developing apps. So, finallyremember one thing, you have to attain sound knowledge on java and XML design concepts keenly for developing any kind of apps. Conclusion: Hence many people go through different resources or materials for reference to create and develop apps unanimously. Moreover they practice very wellto know each and every step of code that matches the android designing phase. Here both designer and developer mutually participate in developing the app. So, a beginner is also known to be a newcomer to android field. He has to keenly focus on every coded line with compiling it and if any error resumes, he can seek the help of professional developer as well.

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