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Published on January 7, 2008

Author: Emma


Plant Reproduction:  Plant Reproduction Structure of a Flower :  Structure of a Flower 1. Pistil 2. Stigma 3. Style 4. Ovary 5. Stamen 6. Filament 7. Anther 8. Petal 9. Sepal 10. Receptacle 11. Stem Male Reproductive Structure:  Male Reproductive Structure The stamen consists of two parts: Anther and Filament The anther is where meiosis occurs to produce haploid pollen The filament is a stalk that supports the anther Female Reproductive Structure:  Female Reproductive Structure The pistil consists of the stigma, style and ovary The sticky stigma receives the pollen from the anther The pollen grows a tube down through the style Meiosis occurs in the ovary to produce haploid ovules Accessory Structures:  Accessory Structures The calyx consists of all the sepals, which protects the flower before it opens The corolla consists of all the petals, which serve to attract pollinators through color and scent Pollination:  Pollination Wind, insects or other animals transfer pollen from the anther of one flower to the stigma of another Flowers vary depending on pollination mechanism Pollination Animation:  Pollination Animation Pollination Vectors:  Pollination Vectors Wind Pollination: Dull, scentless flowers with reduced petals Bees/Butterfly Pollination: Bright color, nectaries, scent. They sip nectar, get pollen on coats, transfer pollen from flower to flower Slide9:  Bird Pollination: Nectaries, bright colors, tube-like flowers Moth Pollination: White petals, open at night Fly Pollination:Rank odor, flesh colored petals Fertilization:  Fertilization After pollen lands on stigma, a pollen tube grows down through the style to ovary Tube contains two sperm nuclei In ovary, there is one egg or ovule nucleus and two polar nuclei Double fertilization occurs: one sperm nucleus fertilizes the egg, the other the two polar nuclei Result of Double Fertilization:  Result of Double Fertilization The sperm nucleus and egg nucleus join to form a 2n (diploid) embryo The other sperm nucleus and the two polar nuclei join to form a 3n (triploid) endosperm. The endosperm is the food supply for the embryo. Seed and Fruit Development:  Seed and Fruit Development After fertilization, the petals and sepals fall off flower Ovary “ripens” into a fruit The ovule develops into a seed Seed Dispersal Mechanisms- Allow plants to colonize new areas and avoid shade of parent plant:  Seed Dispersal Mechanisms- Allow plants to colonize new areas and avoid shade of parent plant Wind Dispersal - Flight mechanisms, like parachutes, wings, etc. Ex. Dandelion, maples, birch Animal Dispersal - Fleshy fruits which animals eat, drop undigested seeds in feces or burrs which stick to animals’ coats Slide14:  Gravity Dispersal - Heavy nuts fall to ground and roll ex. acorns Water Dispersal - Plants near water create floating fruits ex. coconuts Monocot Seed Germination:  Monocot Seed Germination Monocots grow straight up with coleoptile sheath covering shoot One embryonic leaf Seed remains underground Dicot Seed Germination:  Dicot Seed Germination Curved stem comes up out of soil Two embryonic leaves Seed goes above soil Parts of the Embryo :  Parts of the Embryo Epicotyl - Grows into the leaves of the plant Hypocotyl - Becomes the stem Radicle - Becomes the root

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