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Published on March 25, 2012

Author: JTRourke



Power point presentation informing the reader about preparedness today.

PREPPING WHY WE PREPAREHoping for the best, preparing for the worst

PhilosophyCurrencyWater StorageFood / StaplesMedical SuppliesCommunicationsNeighborhood CoalitionBug in Vs. Bug outBug out Bag / Bug out LocationsEvery Day Carry or (EDC)SecurityElectronic DevicesAmmunitionForging Vs. LootingWeb SitesOther You Tube Channels of Interest

PhilosophyThis a complete mindset to survive what could be a simple power outage to something that is more catastrophic. In either case, everything you do must be looked at as a way to survive. It’s all about survival Family Friends Coalition

CurrencyIf you have not started yet, it is very important tostart now, now is the time to purchase Gold andSilver. These precious metals can be purchased inmany forms, Gold Bullion, coin or evenjewelry. The same can be said aboutSilver, however it is my opinion that the best wayto accomplish this is in “Coin”. The reason forthis, it will be very hard to forge smaller samplesof bullion during a time that you must be verydiscreet. Security is important in all aspects.

Currency-continued• How to get there! Inventory your jewelry. Take such jewelry to a jeweler to find out the percentage of gold / silver it contains and have it certified.• Go to a coin dealer and purchase coins of gold and silver, as of this writing Gold is at $1719.84 an ounce, Silver is at $33.565 an ounce. During a emergency or a economic collapse it is very possible that the current fiat currency will not be accepted, ATM’s will be out of service, the electrical grid is off-line. So, really the only other items that will be accepted as hard currency would be gold and silver, not to say ammunition or food to barder with.

Water Storage• Most people have not really thought about this at all, most families only storage is their hot water heater and their toilet tanks. This is not nearly enough for a “Bug In” situation at all. Each person it the house “Bug In” location should have at least a gallon of water a day if not two depending on local temperatures and humidity. Not only do you need to store water, you may need to purify the water after water capacity has been exhausted. Only you can know what is best for you for your Water Container needs in your “Bug In” location. It could be simple gallon milk jugs, rinse them well with hot water and flush with cold water, put a little bit of bleach in it and seal. You need to start Now!

Food / StaplesAs you know it is very important to have food on hand, in the home, your car and your office. Makeplans to furnish your “Bug In” “Bug Out” locations and your “Bug Out” bags first, then concentrateon the office, you will have your “Bug Out” bag in your car. During a time of a simple power outagethis is easy to overcome. However when something is more catastrophic this is what you preparedfor comes into play. Case in point Katrina, it was devastating to New Orleans and it showed that theFederal / State and local officials has told us, prepare for at least three days is a bunch of shit. Startwith two weeks and build from there up to at least a year of being self supportive. You can do thisby buying a little more than what you need when going to the store, remember the ten percentrule, couponing, buy one get one free….Take full advantage of this! During a Bug In situation, yourcalories are count and fats are not really important unless you are rationed to one to two meals aday. In a bug in situation, only buy stuff you normally eat. Rotate your stock as this will keep yourstock fresh. Purchase canned food (meats) and veggies, may also get canned fruit for the shortterm six months supply, anything longer than that look at long term items.Staples, these are bulk packages of Beans, wheat, rice, salt & sugar. You can find most of these atCostco or Sam’s Club, however you may have different stores within your area that are more costeffective. Don’t forget about yeast as you may need to bake your own breads.You should also consider mapping Food Distribution warehouses in and around your area, also mapsuch warehouses that supply both food and pharmacy. I f needed you can forge for both, be verycareful when forging, it may be considered looting .

Medical Supplies• This area cannot be talked about enough, you have your basic first aid to full blown minor surgery kits. What you do need to consider is your meds that you require each day or not. From simple headaches, band aids, gauze, ointments, cough syrups etc. To also include suture kits and maybe IV’s for dehydration….again a lot to talk about here but you can determine what’s best for you and your family. Also for your reference here is a link to Patriot Nurse You Tube channel, subscribe to her channel and send her messages about your medical needs / supplies.

Medical Supplies-continuedYou will also need to supply your bug out bagswith first aid kits, there are a wide variety ofthem and if you know a nurse or you are ingood graces with your doctor, they can helpyou with this….also don’t forget about yourdental supplies, again go to your dentisthe/she will be happy to help.

Medical Supplies-continuedOn another note about medical, something you might want to consider ismapping medical resources around your bug in / out locations.This is something I have done, as an example I picked up local maps of myarea and Identified on the map of every hospital / pharmacy within fivemiles of my home. Hospitals are marked with a “Red Cross” andpharmacies are marked with “Rx”. Along with this info, I have alreadygathered intel on entrances’ / exits to the buildings to include loadingdocks and roof top sky lights. It is very important if somethingcatastrophic happens, you need to get the “Antibiotic and PainMeds”. One way to do this without forging for this, is building your stockbefore it happens. i.e. When going to the Dr. Office and he/she gives youan Rx of Antibiotics or whatever, asked the Dr. to give you more than youreally need. This is why it is important to be in good graces with yourdoctor and dentist. If the situation becomes catastrophic these places aresure to be forged first, so build your supplies now and store them in theicebox.

CommunicationsIn a simple power outage, no big deal here. But something far worst youwill need some handhelds. Try to get something in the AM bands like CBRadio using SSB (Single Side Band) however this may not be particlebecause they require large antenna, so to counter this you can pick uphandhelds in the UHF/VHF bands that are only good for about a mile lineof sight. There are other radio’s out there (HAM) that I would recommendin the 2 and 10 meter bands where you can reach out to fifty miles ormore dependent on atmospheric conditions. Each member of the familyshould on one set to a specific channel and agreed secondary if theprimary has heavy traffic. Midland offers a wide range of radios in the notso expensive range. You will also want to think about a radio that supportsAM/FM and weather channels for each member of thefamily, granted, they plan will be that everyone will be together, but just incase you’re not….something to think about. Also if you have aNeighborhood Coalition you will want to make sure everyone is on thesame page.

Neighborhood CoalitionThis is really important, this is a bug in situation and neighborhoodsecurity. ONLY BRING IN MEMEBERS THAT ARE LIKEMINDED andhave built their stocks as you have, because if you don’t these samefamilies will be a major problem to you when their supplies havebeen exhausted. This means everything I have written above andbelow…..cannot stress this enough! You also want to have anagreement with the members of your Coalition that all memberfamilies will have their stocks inspected by each members personin-charge. This is to ensure that all members can be trusted and ifthe do not wish to allow an inspection they need to be droppedfrom the Coalition. This is up to you, remember President Reagan“Trust but Verify”! One other thing that you will want to consideris, members of your Coalition must have skills namely Outdoorsman, defense, communications, handy man, medical, gardeningskills, Civil Engineering. There maybe a few more that you want toconsider but this is the basics.

Bug In Vs. Bug OutBug In – In place sheltering. This is weighted very heavy and it’s allabout timing. Do we stay or do we Bug Out, is really big questionyou will be asking of yourself, family and Coalition. The dangers ofstaying in place would be people wanting what you have and yourunwillingness to give it up. The challenges that will face youbecause of where you live are very high, case in point is; escaperoutes are clogged and security of the family maybe high riskmovement. So to shelter in place maybe your only option untilyour food / water supply (Short Term) is exhausted, then movementis required. But, by all means you will need to go over this scenariowith your Coalition along with other scenario’s. Be very up frontwith all members of the Coalition, your survival will depend onit. There are a few video’s on You Tube concerning this subject andsome are scenario based….Do a search, and view the ones thatmeet your scenario subject matter.

Bug In Vs. Bug Out-continuedBug Out – Unlike sheltering in place, this oneis you made a best judgment to leave yourhome or Bug In Location. There are manythings to consider here and I’ll list a few, I’msure you and your Coalition will come up witha few more as this can be regional specific.

Bug In Vs. Bug Out-continuedBug Out Vehicles, your vehicle must be able totake you and your family and all your supplies asfar as your designated bug out location. Thiscould be as far as hundred miles away or more, toa location that only family and Coalition membersknow of. What will be best is, if a Coalitionmember has property that you can bug outto. This property must be able to support youwith water, food, farming and livestock and beingable to defend it. Will get to this later.

Bug In Vs. Bug Out-continuedYour Bug Out vehicle should be havetools, oil, gas (Gas Cans) food & water. Dosacrifice space for your bug out bags as they maybe needed if your vehicle breaks down and youare required to hike to your finaldestination. Also there are many things toconsider here, make sure that you are not lockedinto one specific location and that you have atleast three different routes to get there withouttraveling major roads and freeways.

Bug In Vs. Bug Out-continuedMake sure that you are able to jump from oneroute to the other and back again if thesituation becomes impassable or the dangerto the Coalition is too high for the risk. Whileplanning this, make sure the you plant cachealso on the routes….cannot stress thisenough.

Bug In Vs. Bug Out-continuedA cache should have the following, howeveryou may or may not see the need for it;water, food, ammunition, knife, clothing, cordage, currency. The cache storage device canbe a simple 4” PVC tube 4’ long with caps oneach end. Be sure to mark each cache with away point on your GPS. More on GPS’s later(Electronic Devices).

Bug In Vs. Bug Out-continuedWhen bugging out, one of the scenario’s thatyou should consider is, do I want to be seen ornot. We have decided that we will only moveat night to give us the cover of darkness. If wewant to be seen in the event that we needhelp beyond what our Coalition canprovide, we rather take that option. This ismore of a security issue more than anythingelse, trust no one outside of your coalition.

Bug Out BagsA backpack that can sustain your needs from yourBug In location to your Bug Out location(s).Your Bug Out Bag must be able to carry the loadof all your needs. From Food(MRE), Water, WaterPurification, Clothing, Fishing Kit, Fire StartingKit, MedicalSupplies, Ropes, Knives, Ammunition, Sling Shot.It is not limited to this, however when supplyingthe inventory for this bag, weight is the biggestconcern.

Bug Out Bags-continued4 - pairs of socks3 - pairs of underwear3 – ACU T-Shirts (Army Combat Uniform)2 – ACU Bandanna’s1 - set of ACU1 – Set of ACU gloves2 – ACU Hats1 – ACU Poncho1 – Mess Kit1 - Medical Kit7 – days of food2 – three liters water bladders1 – Water Purification kit2000 – Rounds of 5.56 or .223 Ammunition1 – AR-15

Bug Out Bags-continued6 – 15 round Magazines (fully loaded)1 – Glock 194 – Glock 19 15 round Magazines (fully loaded)1 – Tarsus 9mm2 – Taurus 9mm 10 Round Magazines (fully loaded)1 – Remington 700 long rifle with scope, bipod & sling1 – 12 gage shot gun1000 – Rounds of 9mm100 – Rounds of 12 gage Shotgun shells500 – Rounds of .22 long1 - Universal gun cleaning kit1 – Sling Shot1 – Handheld Radio (Midland)100 feet of Mountaineering rope

Bug Out Bags-continued1 - Fire starting kit1 – GPS1 – Compass15 – Snare traps (food source)300 feet of 550 Cord2 Knifes (Skinning and killing)1 – Fishing Kit1 – Small roll of duct tape2 – 500’ of 6 lb fishing test line (Security)1 – Special forces survival bookBug in / out Maps

Bug Out Bags-continuedThis inventory should change for you and yourown challenges, but each family members bagshould be able to sustain them from the BugIn location to the Bug Out location in case youare not able to drive to such location(s).

Bug Out Bag KitsFire Kit – At least 4 ways to start fireMatches (weather proof)LightersMagnifying glass9v battery and 000 Steel Wool Also Consider the following;Striker / Magnesium, CottonBalls, Tampons, Alcohol Pads

Bug Out Bag Kits-continuedMedical KitibpuprophenTylenolAntibioticsAce band aid4 packages of Mole skinAntisepticBand aidsSun screenSuture KitQuick CloutScissorsThere is more to the kit, only listed what I consider must have.

Bug Out Bag Kits-continuedFishing Kit500’ of 6lb test lineVarious hooks and sinkers

Every Day Carry or EDCEvery day carry (EDC), what is it? These are toolsthat you carry on you every day. Some carry bagsthat help in their inventory of things theycarry. But in a Urban setting you and I do nothave this luxury. My simple EDS is a WeathermanMulti Tool and a very sharp 4” pocket knife andlighter….that’s it!I am sure you will put together your own EDCthat best fits your needs.

SecurityThis topic is near and dear to my heart and I takeit very seriously as any head of householdshould. This issue when selecting yourNeighborhood Coalition should be a main factorbecause, your bug in /out location may not beyour house, it maybe a member of the Coalitionthat is much easier to defend. One thing that is amust, everyone member of the Coalition must beable to shot and clean all weapons of theCoalition. Everything from knifes, pistols, longguns and battle rifles.

Security-continuedWhat your trying to do here and alwaysremember that every thought and plan forsecurity is around Combat multipliers. Whereevery member of the Coalition can pick up anyweapon and use it without failure to hittingthe target and being able to dispatch yourintended target. Jam clearing andcleaning, everyone must have the mindset tobe able to kill if the situation becomes veryserious or grave.

Security-continuedYou would want to use people that have militaryexperience and maybe police officers. One thing you doneed to consider, a good defense is a good offence. You willneed to take advantage of using patrols, DefensivePositions using overlapping fields of fire andcommunications with both units (Patrols & DefensivePositions). If you have enough members you will need tosetup a Command Post or (CP) that also controls the flow ofcommunications (Net Control). If you can find field phonesfor this great, because this will keep your communicationssecure within your protected perimeters. Your area ofsecurity should include all area ofresources, water, energy, food supply but not limited to.

Combat MultipliersThis is done with;Intelligence gatheringSurveillanceEarly warning devices – High Tech/low TechPatrolsNetworking with trusted groupsConcealment and cover positions

WeaponsLong Gun 223 – 7mm w/scope (Used forHunting and Sniping) Battle Rifle AR-15 / AK 47 (anything out to 400meters and Close Quarters Fighting (RoomClearing)) Pistols 9mm / 40 Cal, 45 Cal or larger (CloseQuarter fighting and Room Clearing, personalprotection) Knife(s) (Hand to Hand Combat and Skinning)

Weapons-continuedEach Household should have a Long Gunw/Scope (two if possible), Shotgun, .22 rifle.Each household member should have a BattleRifle, Pistol and Knife

Electronic DevicesHandheld GPSHandheld RadioPolice ScannerHand Crank Solar Power RadioCasio Pathfinder Watch

AmmunitionGeorgia Arms Bulk buying of ammunition I found the best in cutting cost in preparations, you should also search the internet that will meet you bulk buying needs. NOTE: Also purchase ammunition that you do not use. You can use this a currency when paper/coin monies are no longer accepted.

Forging Vs. LootingForging for supplies such as water, food and othertype of survival is consider a grey area. Makesure when forging that you leave notes as to whatyou took and make plans for compensation whenthe emergency becomes a non-issue. Forgingthrough someones home is consideredlooting, these supplies belong to someoneelse. Big difference from a home and abusiness, but in any case be very careful as somepeople do not know the difference. SECURITY is aMUST HAVE WHEN FORGING

Forging Vs. Looting-continuedLooting for supplies is when you’re takingmaterial that has nothing to do with yoursurvival and from someone’s home. Itemssuch as TV, DVD, Camera’s for example is a nogo! These people should be shot on site!

Web SitesMap ReadingSniper CentralRifle Scope GuideAR-15 ProEberlestockCamelbak

Other You Tube Channels of Interest Analytical Survival Bush Craft on Fire Engineer 775 Nutnfancy Safe Arms Review Southern Prepper 1 The Patriot Nurse

Closing StatementI think I beat this to death and gave you enoughinformation to start with. I hope that you findtime to read and do this, get the family involvedas this may become critical for all of you. Most ofall, if nothing happens during our life time, thatwould be okay, but we have to get our kidsthinking about it and getting them preparedbecause I strongly believe they will see it duringtheir life time……Pray for America and God bewith us all!

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