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Information about Prepositions and places 2

Published on February 22, 2014

Author: irinaferia


Places and prepositions By Irina Feria

Prepositions of place • In front of : en frente de • In: en, dentro de • Behind: Detrás de • Under: debajo de • Above: encima de • On: encima, sobre • Next to: al lado de • Between: entre (dos objetos) • Near: cerca de • Among: entre (varios objetos)

The man is in front of the ball The man is behind the ball The man is above the ball Imágenes tomadas de

The man is next to the drum The man is under the table The man is on the drum Imágenes tomadas de

The man is in the box The man is between the plants The man is near to the chair Imágenes tomadas de

Where is the television? Practice! The television is between the cat and the dog Where is the cat? The cat is on the table Where is the dog and the cat? The dog is behind and the cat is in the wardrobe Where is the picture? The picture is behind the dog

AT ON IN Prepositions of time Time of the day, Hour, • At 7:00am • At noon (al mediodía) • At night / at midnight Days of the week, Date • On Friday, Sunday, Tuesday… • On the 25th of December Months, Year, Part of the day • In November, January • In 2019, in 1990 • In the morning, afternoon

Practice! What’s the correct preposition of time? on She plays tennis______ Fridays in I was born _____ 1996 at The party starts ______ 7:30pm! in My birthday is ______ March in I go to work ______ the morning

Places in the city

Imágenes de lugares tomadas de

Imágenes de lugares tomadas de

Imágenes de lugares tomadas de

Imágenes de lugares tomadas de

Imágenes de lugares tomadas de

Imágenes de lugares tomadas de

Learning English is fun! Bye!

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