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Published on July 9, 2013

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Slides to accompany a bite-size training session on how to prepare for an appraisal meeting. Full training materials including Session Leaders Notes, Delegate Workbook and any Activity handouts can be purchased licence-free from Prices start from £30 + VAT

Prepare for an Appraisal Prepare for an Appraisal

Prepare for an Appraisal Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2013 By the end of the Power Hour you will be able to: • State the benefits of performance appraisals for all involved • List what you need to prepare in advance of the appraisal discussion • Suggest what information should be gathered as evidence of performance, and why.

Prepare for an Appraisal Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2013 Benefits of Appraisals • Understand performance • Increase motivation and self esteem • Re-focus energy on things that make a difference • Understand how behaviour affects the business • Identification of strengths and development areas • Agree career development and future training needs For Individuals • Increase performance and confidence in the team as a whole • Frees up more time to manage and be pro-active • Able to plan the future work and team development • Lower staff turnover • Encourages open communication For Teams and Managers • Improved business performance/organisational effectiveness • A more engaged and motivated workforce • Aids succession planning talent management • Continuous improvement in all key areas For the Organisation

Prepare for an Appraisal Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2013 What to Prepare •Evidence – from a wide range of sources •Plan to talk about performance not personality •Make sure you have and are familiar with the paperwork •Write down what you want to discuss You •When and where the meeting will take place •The purpose and format of the meeting •Gather evidence from a range of sources •Assess their own performance against previous objectives or agreed measures •Prepare any questions they might have The Other Person •Give plenty of notice •Book a suitable room •Allocate sufficient time •Make sure that you will not be interrupted •Liaise with HR in advance if necessary Practicalities

Prepare for an Appraisal Train the Trainer Oct 2011 Gather Evidence Qualitative Evidence Quantitative Evidence

Prepare for an Appraisal Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2013 3 Golden Rules 1. Praise should be given and concerns should be addressed as soon as they occur, as 2. Performance appraisal is just PART of performance management, so 3. There should be NO SURPRISES at an appraisal.

Prepare for an Appraisal Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2013 Make it Work at Work What are you going to DO as a result of this Power Hour Session?

Prepare for an Appraisal Http:// – Bite Size Training Materials 2013 These slides have been produced as an optional resource to support a Bite-Size Training session on this subject. A full set of materials, including detailed Session Leader’s Guide, Delegate Workbook and supporting activities can be purchased from our Training Shop Our Training materials are licence-free, but are for use by the purchaser only. They CANNOT be passed or sold on.

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